Chapter 42

Xue Jiayue fainted and fell on the ground, Zhang Renyan was shocked to see this she pulled Su Ziqiao’s arm and said.

“Why did you knock her out?”

Su Ziqiao’s face was ruthless.

“Didn’t you hear what she said? She knows everything, if she tells Zhang Chao about us what hope do we have?”

“No, I’m trying to persuade her aren’t I?”

“That persuasion of yours is of no use!”

Su Ziqiao scolded.

“What are doing hurry up and help!”


Zhang Renyan froze for a moment.

“Make a haste, do you want people to find out?”

Su Ziqiao sunken his face to scare Zhang Renyan.

“If we fight now people will find out that this was done by the both of us, do you think you can run away?”

Zhang Renyan’s heart panic and was suddenly unable to think.

“Then, then what should we do?”

“Hurry up and carry her to our car.”

Su Ziqiao ordered Zhang Renyan and said.

“Oh, oh okay.”

Zhang Renyan returned to her senses and hurriedly went over to help.

Su Ziqiao carried Xue Jiayue’s two arms while Zhang Renyan helped carrying her two feet, together they directly carried Xue Jiayue to the car.

“What do we do now?”

Zhang Renyan had no idea now, so she listened to Su Ziqiao’s arrangement.

Su Ziqiao was already calculating a plan and said expressionlessly.

“Get in the car first.”

Zhang Renyan followed and get into the car, eyeing Su Ziqiao at her side she then asked nervously and apprehensively.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll know when you get there.”

Su Ziqiao backed the car out of the parking space and rushed out as soon as he stopped on the gas.



In the office, Xu Yanwen called Xue Jiayue several time but there was no answer. He wondered if she was angry like before, if she didn’t answer her phone she might be on the way to the company now.

Thinking that she might be on her way over, Xu Yanwen’s mood was a little subtle and it was unclear whether he wanted her to come or not.

Just thinking about everything in disorder there was a knocked at the door. Xu Yanwen retracted his thoughts and said ‘come in.’

Assistant Feng pushed open the door and walked into the office, he said to Xu Yanwen.

“The representative from Gu Group for the cooperation is here, does President Xu want to go over and meet them now?”

Xu Yanwen thought for a while, the cooperation between the Xu’s and the Gu’s was very important so it was better to see him personally, so he told Assistant Feng that he would meet the Gu’s representative.

He stood up and came out from behind his desk, when he was at the door he thought of something again. He stopped and said to Assistant Feng.

“When Jiayue comes, take her to my office and give her some food and drink. Don’t make her unhappy.”

Assistant Feng has been with Xu Yanwen for several years now and of course he has seen Xue Jiayue come to the company for Xu Yanwen. Obviously she looked beautiful, warm and nice but maybe good looking appearance would only confuse people.

Beautiful women have the capital for capriciousness and willfulness.

Xue Jiayue was easy to talk every time she come over when was she in a good mood but if she was not it would ber her necessary routine to quarrel with Xu Yanwen in the office, the most serious one was when Xue Jiayue smashed everything in Xu Yanwen’s office.

The chaos looked like a typhoon, Xu Yanwen was really angry at that time but at the end he endured it and only asked Xue Jiayue to leave. The latter really left at that time crying, later she never came back to the company again.

Unexpectedly after an interval of one month, Xue Jiayue would come again. According to Xu Yanwen’s instructions, Assistant Feng must ready to welcome Xue Jiayue and prepared everything she liked to eat and drink. And wait personally for her to arrive.

Linda was preparing her tea when she saw the snack that Assistant Feng was preparing. She had seen that brand of snack but had not bought it yet.

They were all imported brands, and the price was a little expensive. She asked curiously.

“Assistant Feng is this the snack you bought for your girlfriend? This chocolate is very expensive, you are really generous and so good to your girlfriend!”

Assistant Feng put the chocolates and small cookies on the fruit plate before turning to Linda.

“This is not something I bought for my girlfriend, this is something President Xu prepared for Madam Xu.”

Linda’s expression changes slightly.

“For Madam Xu?”


Assistant Feng sighed and said.

“President Xu said that Madam Fu is coming over later and asked me to prepare something for her to eat and drink.”

When Linda heard Assistant Feng sigh, her mind immediately recalled the rumor that President Xu and his wife didn’t get along. Just now she answered the phone call from Madam Fu for President Xu and coincidentally Madam Fu was coming over.

Was she just coming over to check on her? And does President Xu didn’t want to see Madam Xu so he asked Assistant Feng to received Madam Xu?

This could be totally possible!

Linda couldn’t help imagining a big scene in her mind about Xu Yanwhen and Xue Jiayue not getting along.

She thought excitedly that almost unable to contain it. Maybe now she could see what Madam Xu looked like in the rumor. She heard from her colleagues that Madam Xu was very good, so she also wanted to see how good Madam Xu was.

Then that good Madam Xu must also have a bad temper and maybe she could also now witness her fight with President Xu in the office. If they quarrel at that time, she as a good secretary shouldn’t just sit still and do nothing, right? At least she be there to persuade her.

She thought about it and think it would be better for her to do that when the time comes.

En that’s what I should do!

With her mind made up, Linda sat back on her table while glancing at the door from time to time expecting Xue Jiayue to arrive early.



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