Chapter 19(3)

After this move, she was forced to quit the entertainment industry Shen Shiqing then found someone to drug her. In the original plot, it was not describe in detail it was only said that Chen Xueyi’s ending was also very bad but at least she was still alive.

Chen Xueyi found Jiang Mian was looking at her with some….sympathy? She looked down and inspect herself with a puzzled look.

Chen Xueyi debuted not long ago, and has only played small supporting roles. Her family conditions were not too good so the only reason she got into the entertainment industry was for only one purpose—to earn money!

Jiang Mian retracted her gaze. According to the description in the plot, Chen Xueyi was a vicious woman who envies and hates the female lead in short she was the exact opposite of how good the heroine was—it could be said that her actions were used to set off the heroine’s goodness, tenacity and simplicity.

Chen Xueyi’s eyes were clear, her features were beautiful. It’s really not like what was describe in the book—maybe her character changes because of her relationship with the heroine in the later stage but so far, she seems to be a bright girl with a big heart.

“You acted so well just now, everyone looked dumbfounded.”

Chen Xueyi said.

“Can I come and practice with you later?”

She was straightforward and quick.

“Of course you can.”

Jiang Mian soon became familiar with Chen Xueyi, through her she learned that Guan Xin continued to study her script and make adjustments every day after work. Sometimes she asked Chen Xueyi to practice scenes with her, as if she was bewitched.

“I often hear her assistant talking behind her back.”

Chen Xueyi couldn’t understand it.

“They had a bad relationship in private and even scold her boss behind her back, I wonder why does she continue to employ that kind of assistant?”

Chen Xueyi came to Dashan alone, the company did not give her an assistant and she could not afford to hire one for herself so she was particularly curious about the relationship between Guan Xin and Zheng Xiaoyu.

Jiang Miang smiled and said nothing.

Zheng Xiaoyu was hired by Shen Shiqing for Guan Xin after all.

Although Shen Shiqing was not a good person but since he was cloaked with money and has handsome face with a domineering president aura, of course women would naturally like him.

Zheng Xiaoyu knew about Guan Xin and Shen Shiqing’s relationship, so wouldn’t she be jealous?

“Whatever they do, we’ll just shoot our scene.”

Jiang Mian was picking wildflowers on the roadside to make a wreath and said carelessly.

After it was done she put in on her head, looking at the finish product Chen Xueyi looked stunned.

“Mian Mian you’re so pretty.”

Jiang Mian was not wearing any costume, she only has a simple and elegant dress. Her hair was scattered while wearing a beautiful wreath, she stood there with a smile on her face looking like an elf who fell into the mundane word.

Chen Xueyi really couldn’t find good words to describe her beauty, she was only in awe.

Director Zhang has been preparing to shoot <<Green Onion’s Love Language>> for a long time now. After several days of continuous shooting, several leading actors had already shot their photos for the promotional pictures of the movie. After taking the promotional pictures, the official Weibo posted the pictures and announced the leading actors of the movie.

As a well-known director, Director Zhang’s film has always attracted everyone’s attention. People who pay attention to his news know that director Zhang has been preparing for <<Green Onion’s Love Language>>, and now that he official announced the cast everyone was looking forward to who was the heroine.

As a result, it turned out to be a new face. This was the routine operation of Director Zhang and his supporters were not really that surprised.

Looking at the picture, they only have common comment; hell the newcomer looks a bit pretty.

The entertainment industry was a place to see good-looking people and these people were usually treated more favorably.

“For this look, I think she’s going to be on fire.”

“The photo was Photoshop really well, it’s so beautiful.”

“When I saw her, I saw the taste of first love.”

“Eh? Does everyone feel that this girl looks a bit like Brother Qin at a first glance??”


It was such a casual comment but then someone violently oppose.

Tang An’an registered a weibo account for Jiang Mian, while she was busy forwarding the official weibo post a group of people commented without saying a word a just start cursing.

Most of them were saying that Jiang Mian was not like Qin Jingrun, scolding her to be honest and not presume to rely and rub on Qin Jingrun’s popularity or else the female fans would tore her up.

Jiang Mian: “…”

She didn’t do anything, but she’s the one taking the blame?

However, just after she carried the pot in less than half an hour Qin Jingrun’s post changes everything.


she carried the pot1– just after the incident


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