ECM 33.2


Chapter 33(2)

When he arrived at the training room the next day, the drink was still there.

Someone asked.

“Whose didn’t drink this?”

Somebody lowered his voice and said.

“Cen Feng– forget it. It been there overnight, take it and to throw it away.”

A new day begins again with the scorching sun and cicadas singing from outside the window.

What this group of trainees didn’t expect was that at noon, the sister from yesterday brought nine more cold drinks over. Today it was replaced with strawberry cocoa ice, although it was still very sweet.

Now even the dance teacher was surprise.

“Since when did our company have this kind of treatment?”

The trainees don’t care about these, and drank as soon as they were given and were happy to have another cold drinks.

Every time Xiao Xiao came she said it was from the company, so everyone kept thinking it was really arrange by the company. Until the trainee Fang Wenle went out to asked around and came back with excited eyes.

“I asked! No other training room has this treatment, only us!”

So they were treated differently.

But what was in their training room that they have different treatment from the company? Everyone was puzzled, and it took several days of free cold drinks in succession before Xiao Xiao’s identity was discovered.

“Crap that is Zhaon Jinjin’s assistant.”

A group of people gathered around.

“Which Zhao Jinjin?”

“Who else can it be, Zhao Jinjin! The nation’s first love! Isn’t she practicing dance at our company recently? She went to dance variety show with Ango, they were practicing in that training room right at the elevator.”

Now everyone was dumbfounded.

“From Zhao Jinjin? Why would Zhao Jinjin send us drinks?”

Everyone looked at each other for a while, and a terrible thought came up.

She doesn’t have her eye on one of them, does she???

Was actress nowadays, this unrestrained???

But thinking about it, Zhao Jinjin was good looking, her age difference was not that big for them and she’s popular—but to be able get her attention, then that person should also be good looking right?

A group of people were gossiping excitedly when a cold voice suddenly came in next to them.

“Which company is she from?”

Everyone froze and turned back in unison.

Cen Feng who had never said a word to them in a long time now, actually took the initiative to talk to them!

One of the trainees who used to have a good relationship with him immediately said.

“It seems to be from Chen Xings.”

Cen Feng eyes were cold.

At noon, nine cold drinks were delivered again as usual.

The trainees were dancing when she came, smiling she left the drink at the door. Cen Feng who had been sitting on the ground against the wall stood up and walked out the training room, he then picked up the nine cold drinks and went out under the gazes of the trainees.

Xiao Xiao who thought she had completed her task walked back happily, not noticing Cen Feng had followed her up with the drinks .

Xu Zhaixing was still waiting at the door when she first saw Xiao Xiao and before she had the time to speak, the next second she saw the ice cold face of Cen Feng.

Frightened, she jerked backwards and hid behind the wall in the corner.

Xiao Xiao walked to the door and was about to push the door in when a cold voice came from behind.

“Tell Zhao Jinjin to come out.”

She turned back with a frightened looked on her face and her words stuttered.

“Who are you….you?”

Cen Feng frowned, and his eyes were full of impatience.

“Tell her to come out.”

Not many people could stand the oppressive aura of Cen Feng. Xiao Xiao quickly succumbed to his chilly aura and shivered as she pushed the door open and quickly shouted.

“Sister Jinjin can you come out for a moment?”

Zhao Jinjin was lying on the floor like a big resting figure1, hearing Xiao Xiao shouting at her, she said unhappily.

“What’s the matter? Come in and say it. I’m so tired.”

Xiao Xiao was on the verge of tears.

“Come out for a moment, someone is looking for you.”

Zhao Jinjin stood up reluctantly, asking as she walked.

“Who’s looking for me?”

When she was at the door, Zhao Jinjin looked up and was stunned after meeting a cold gaze.

Cen Feng raised his hand and threw the nine cups of cold drinks into her arms and expressionlessly said.

“Go back and tell you General Manager Xu not to play these little clever tricks again.”

Zhao Jinjin: “?”

At the corner, Xu Zhaixing who was hiding behind the hall: “…….”

It’s over, I’m busted.


big resting figure1– like this 大


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