Chapter 154

This scene was photographed by a paparazzi, this person was not dragged down by having a family to feed, and he was also self-employed so he was completely unafraid of capital forces at all.

If he was banned, he could change his name at most, so he would dare to get exclusive take pictures and post them as long he could rub of their heat.

The problem was that although he was far away from Jiang Hengshu today, when he took their video Jiang Hengshu seems to have notice him and decided to change their sitting position and directly blocked his wife.

And since he was using mobile phone to take the video, the pixels were not as good as the camera. In addition the lighting was not very good, so in the video he could not see clearly and could only watch Jiang Hengshu’s movements.

Seeing their interaction, the only one who could make Jiang Hengshu treat her like this was mostly that lover of his. The paparazzi has a little follower on his Weibo, so soon after the pictures and videos were released, some netizens belonging to eating lemons1 opened it and made noises

Because the distance was too far, they could barely see anything in the video but this does not prevent the dog from smelling the food that almost spills out of the screen.

[Too spoiled, too sweet, I’m dead, I believe in love again!]

[I am now a fish with pickled vegetables, which is unnecessary sour.]

[Lemon tree on top of lemon fruit and we are both under that not to mention hand in hand we’re eating dog food.]

[If you can get rid being single just by going on the road, who wants to hold hands with you and why are the hell are they so sweet? I am going to die of sourness.]

[I thinks this Madam Jiang’s structure is like a man? The height it too tall ah, almost one meter eight, right? Why have I never heard of the Jiang family having a weeding and when exactly did Jiang Hengshu get married?]

[The focus of my curiosity, is I think Madam Jiang’s sportswear is pretty (although I didn’t see it clearly, I only saw the sleeve)]

[The link of the sportswear is here, for both men and women are available. It has a set of 43, 000, so upstairs please.]


Fu Zhen only knew that they had been secretly photographed on the second day after the video was sent out. Most of the comments on the internet were really friendly now but Fu Zhen still doesn’t like the feeling of being secretly photographed especially when he was still pregnant.

Jiang Hengshu reassured him and said.

“When the baby is born we will change our place and those people who are secretly filming should not appear again in the meantime.”

Fu Zhen asked.

“We are moving again?”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmm, if they were only the two of them living here that would be fine but if they had a child, they have to change to a larger house.


Tang Wanwan on the other hand finally accepted the invitation of “Spite Me First”. The show was not about casually complaining since the script would be checked by the guests before the show were officially recorded, so when the guests feel that there was nothing wrong with the script only then it would be finalized.

The guests who came to participate in the show were not too concerned about the harmless jokes, black spots and so on, and just thought that it would enough as long as the audience laugh.

And since the program team would not go too far, this was a win-win show for them. There was no need for the guests to gnash their teeth when the matter was mentioned after they leave the show.

But Tang Wanwan just couldn’t do it, after reading the script she directly give it back for the writer to change. She completely banned any jokes that might cause black spot to her.

“You’re not funny like that.”

If she couldn’t make the audience laugh, the whitening effect would be greatly reduced.

Tang Wanwan said back with dignity.

“I don’t want to be funny.”

If you don’t want to be funny then what are you doing in our show? Go to other shows like Today’s Story!

After hearing this, the personnel wanted to get Tang Wanwan out but they couldn’t get rid of her now, it was not easy to invite her.

Spite me first, was just a network variety show compared with those variety shows in the TV that has backstage backgrounds. The only investors of their program has was Qin Zhao, a good brother to them.

Tang Wanwan was Qin Zhao’s apple of the eyes, and if they let Tang Wanwan suffer here the program would not only hurt their tendons but also their bones.

The program team originally wanted to rub Tang Wanwan’s remaining heat at this time but they didn’t think Tang Wanwan would not agree, now the program team had a headache.

If they follow Tang Wanwan’s plan, the netizens would blame their program team for watching a staled dish.2

And the tricky part of this show was not only they couldn’t troll3 Tang Wanwan but she also has no close friends in the entertainment industry and the famous ladies who used to be good friends with her couldn’t possible come to their little show.

And since they already parted ways after Tang Wanwan got married, so finally the team had no choice but to find two newcomers in the entertainment industry as fans of Tang Wanwan and invited them to the show.

They could already foresaw that this would be a lousy show making the program team swore that they would never invite Tang Wanwan to participate in the future.

She used to be very good and has a good temperament but now– how could they be so blind before? The personnel himself who talked to Tang Wanwan was her fan for a long time and because of her he almost broke up with his girlfriend.



eating lemons.1- envy

staled dish.2- something they already know

troll3- A troll is Internet slang for a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community. … Trolls often use inflammatory messages to provoke emotional responses out of people, disrupting otherwise civil discussion.

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  3. “I don’t want to be funny.”
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