Chapter 26

He kept his head down, afraid that if he looked more than once he would not be able to resist the urge to take it apart and fiddle a little, so he could only keep looking at the grain of light on the brown word floor by his feet.

“Don’t like it?”

Ye Susu looked at him like this and got worried.

She was a little unsure of the little cub’s preferences.

She herself prefers the furry series.

But these days, in addition to story book and a few small cars she did not see the little cub took other toys.

Ye Xun doesn’t know Ye Susu’s predicament.

I don’t like, it’s not fun…..

He gritted his teeth and pinched the corner of his shirt to say it but for some reason he couldn’t say it again.

He stole a glance at the box.

He still…. likes it a bit.

In case….the family has money in the future, he also wanted to bring it to the kindergarten to share and play with everyone like Xiaopang.

But now, the family almost doesn’t even have the money to buy rice.

He knows.

“Mommy, you take it and sell it to other uncles and aunts.”

Ye Xun raised his head and spoke seriously.

He knows that mommy sells things online so that she can use this money to buy things.

The next moment, he puckered up and stretched his little hands and dragged the shopping bag with toys gift box out of the corner again.

The small hand dug inside and found the shopping receipt,

Then gave it to Ye Susu.

“Invoice Mommy…”

“It’s unopened and ready to sell.”

He had heard Ye Susu say it more than once.

Don’t remove the tag on the clothes and keep the invoice for things as much as possible so that it could be sold at good price for resell.

His previous miniature car toys, Ye Susu told him not to break it otherwise they would not look good and could not be sold in the future.

So, Ye Xun always paid attention.

“This box has no broken corners.”

Listening to Xiaopang, Lego was very expensive. If they resell it for money they should be able to have money enough for a month, right?

Ye Xun frowned a little.


Ye Susu waited for half minute, not expecting this answer.

For a moment, she didn’t even know how to speak.

Selling the little cub’s toys.

The gift she just received?

She immediately searched her memories and found that the original body had really done something similar.

In the past, gifts from relatives by Chinese New Year, the little cub’s toys were sold by the original owner as long they were not used for a while.

Sweat. (Perspiring.)

She looked up again, to see the expression on the little cub’s little face—pitiful, stoic, reluctant but also a big righteous strong little look.

Her heart was feeling sour and sad at how the little cub say “Do not want it so take it so sell it”, because obviously this words was against his will.

He was too miserable. When she was little, she plays with whatever she wanted, she also use the wardrobe of the shiguan1, and as a cat she would climb on the wall to sharpen her claws when he was unhappy.

Only when she was wondering that she was worse experience.

She sighed and reached out to take the gift box.

Ye Xun was relieved.

If he take one more look, he was afraid that he couldn’t give up the toys to his mommy.

But now that it was taken away, he had some empty regrets at the bottom of his heart.

[Oh my god! Oh, no! Is this mom really selling the kid’s gifts?]

[How difficult is this family’s life? Grip a big grass!]

[Look, his little hands are hanging down, ahhhh, how sad this child could be!]

[This kid…is so pitiful. As for Lego? Would she really sell it for money?]

[Don’t tell me that the pencil looked bald is because there is no money to buy new one? No this is so heartbreaking!]

[My salary is 3,000 my husband’s salary is 4,000 but we we’re able to have our child enrolled in piano classes, save money and saying nothing is difficult to our child ah! This mom….I’m convinced!]

The live room was once again in chaos.

The two sides of arguments just now were as if they had never existed.

The people who said the child should not do live streaming, at the moment was enthusiastically giving rewards.

[There are only 3,000 silver melons left, all for the child. Crowd funding, please do not sell the Lego!]

[Only two hundred gold melons left, buy a smaller Lego for your child to play with.]

[6662 silver melons and then give the child a new pencil, please mother!]

For a while, the room soared in popularity.

And Ye Susu knows nothing about it.

She picked up the Lego and soon saw the somewhat dropping shoulders of Ye Xun, the cub.

She really wanted to put this little boy in her arms and squeezed it hard then rubbed him. She wanted to ask him what was going on in his little head!

But fortunately she was able to hold back and spend the very violence way she could to tear the Lego box.

Tear apart!

The kind of tearing the cannot be recovered!

With a wave of her hand and as she lift her eyes, her voice was crisp and sough.

“Child play!”

“We will not sell it!”

Was she still a decent old cat if she would sell the baby’s toys?

No, it was impossible to do that.

She tore the box, and tearing was quite addictive as her fingers continued to pop up the small plastic bubbles that was covering the Lego.

After playing for a while, she finally stopped herself and put the Lego pieces inside and stuffed them into the cub’s hands.

“Take it and just play!”

Ye Xun was dumbfounded.

At first he was frightened by her violence appearance but when he heard her words clearly, his little heart beat wildly—he was happy and uneasy at the same time.

“This block….”

Ye Xun’s feet were like floating as he said in small voice.

“Play once….. and not break it.”

Blocks take up space and accumulate dust, but also take time to clean. Ye Susu never bought him, but also do not like him to play with these.

“You play with it once, that’s the honor of the toy.”

Ye Susu pulled his tender cheeks as she narrowed her eyes.

Soft and elastic to touch, exactly as she imagined!

Ye Xun’s cheeks turned red.

Pulled my cheeks!

His heart was instantly like dipped in honey, it was sweet and he does not feel any pain in his face.

The sound of everyone screaming for pity in the live room stopped abruptly.

A bunch of scattered flowers, crying and screams interspersed with ‘crowd funding’ reward came one after another.

And a pleasant voice rang out in Ye Susu’s ears.

[Complete today’s task!]

[Cub’s current mood: Pleasant.]

[Reward Puppy Value: 1]



shiguan1– excrement shoveling officer is the literal translation, this is how Ye Susu call the human who was taking care of her when she was a cat

6662– You’re doing amazing sweetie

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