Chapter 37

After chatting with Fu Shiyuan, she immediately called her rich father-in-law and mother-in-law. This time Jian Ruixi did not brush her existence just like what she did in front of Fu Shiyuan and focused the limelight on her son.

And since she could cultivate the husband and wife’s feelings why couldn’t she try and cultivate her relationship with her rich mother-in-law?

Jian Ruixi was very self-conscious and gave her phone to the child, only sitting behind him and watch.

When Jayce was talking, it was natural that he showed his new bedroom to his grandparents.

“….the furniture that mommy and I bought yesterday were decorated at home this morning….”

Old Master Fu and Old Madam Fu were still on vacation in London, England. It look like it was still 2 or 3 o’clock in the afternoon, as the old couple were leisurely drinking their afternoon tea in the garden.

After a half day’s leisure, seeing the panoramic view of the bedroom shown to them by Jayce Old Master Fu who usually don’t express his opinion on his daughter-in-law smiled and nodded his head, with a rare satisfaction evident on his face.

“Ruixi arranged the room with Zonglin? That’s good, it could help Zonglin cultivate his practical ability. Originally your mother and I were worried that if you took Zonglin to live there for two days you would spoil him with everything but now, we’re relieved.”

Jian Ruixi did not expected that the small ‘creativity’ could make the rich father-in-law who has no opinion on her praise her. She was very proud but on the surface she has to maintain a modest look.

“Mother and Father taught Jayce to be sensible, I haven’t done anything now more than dragging him here for two days and since he was with me the least that I could do is to not let him develop bad habits.”

Old Madam Fu nodded with satisfaction.

“That’s right, we’re going back tomorrow. Remember to send the child home.”

Jian Ruixi obediently responded and asked.

“Will Mom and Dad be back in the morning or afternoon?”

“Afternoon, what’s the matter?”

Jian Ruixi seemed to inadvertently pull out Jayce’s claws on the panda outfit he was wearing to sell his cuteness as she smiled and said.

“Well Jayce has been in school for so long and I haven’t pick him up from school yet also I want Mom and Dad to rest at home. I’ll pick him up and drop him off, just in time to have dinner with Mom and Dad in the evening, is that okay?”

Speaking of this, even if Old Madam Fu and Old Master Fu love their grandson so much they won’t personally pick him up and send him to and from school every day.

There were so many drivers and bodyguards at home that they really don’t need to work hard on themselves.

However their daughter-in-law spoke well and smiled like a flower and his grandson’s festive appearance was more or less liked by the Old Master Fu. And Old Madam Fu was fascinated with the cute appearance of her baby grandson’s paws.

Old Master Father Fu didn’t turn a blind eye and nodded with agreement and pointed out.

“I’m not at home sometimes, you can come back more often to accompany your mother, that’s also good.”

Old Madam Fu came back to her senses and just glance at her old companion not opposing him.

Of course, Jian Ruixi agreed. She thought that robbing her child back would worsen the relationship between her and the rich mother-in-law but didn’t expect to be able to narrow the distance between her and her parents-in-law instead.

After all if she could please her rich parents-in-law without having two children, three and four children why not do it?

So, with father-in-law’s approval and mother-in-law’s acquiescence Jian Ruixi dressed up the next day and picked her son from school and went straight to her in-law’s house.

Old Master Fu was busy as he said. When the old couple went back to Hong Kong together, as soon as they got home he went out and take care of some business while Old Madam Fu doesn’t know whether she was tired or wanted to wait for her grandson as she was sitting on the sofa with boredom evident in her face while watching TV when Jian Ruixi arrived.

Jayce pulled his Mama’s hand while entering through the door when he saw his grandmother that he hadn’t seen for a while. The child miss the grandma who brought him up and his cute little face was almost painted with happiness as he ran with his small short legs towards his grandmother, fortunately the flowers in his hands did not crumble.

Old Madam Fu also affectionately hugged her grandson for a long time, after getting tired of it only did she saw the flowers on his little grandson’s hand, she asked.

“How come you have flowers, after coming back from school?”

Jayce said sweetly.

“It’s for grandma.”

Jian Ruixi also timely came forward and said with a smile.

“A newly opened flower shop was next to Jayce School. The flowers look really beautiful so he bought a bunch, Jayce picked it himself.”

And there was no woman who does not like flowers so when she heard that her little grandson picked it himself for her, Old Madam Fu’s smile deepened she then immediately asked someone to get a vase.

She then lovingly touched her grandson and said.

“Go to study room and do your homework, Mr. Li should be here anytime now.”

Jayce was not like those children of his age who make excuses when adult mention study, he was a sensible kid. He carried his small school bag and said goodbye to his grandmother and mother before climbing upstairs with his short legs.

Seeing this scene, Jian Ruixi sighed as she was a little emotional. Old Madam Fu loved Jayce very much, which was good but she never overindulge in spoiling him so Jayce grew up very sensible but a little painful to look at.

But she could only think about it and not dare to comment and for her son’s sake, she should be more filial to her rich mother-in-law. A smile then appeared on Jian Ruixi’s face, as she was thinking of a topic to enhance their relationship when Old Madam Fu was already looking at her and said with a pleasant expression on her face.

“I brought a gift for you when I came back, sister Ying, go to my room and bring it here.”



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