Chapter 43

Today at the poetry club, there were some young men who don’t have good relationship with Chu Qing and seeing that Jiang Liangchan didn’t come, they deliberately make fun of Chu Qing.

He was just helping Song Xinrui reach a plum blossom that she wanted but couldn’t reach when some gentleman saw the scene, and decided to come and tease him.

“Yo young master Chu, since your fiancée didn’t come today, it was less fun in the poetry club.”

Then another person added unkindly.

“It’s said that there’s someone in Young Lady Jiang’s manor, and it look very handsome but you should not blame Young Lady Jiang to indulge on a soft and tender land1 hahahaha.”

The hall was full of laughter.

Jiang Liangchan who even if she did not come, still lost her face.

Although he dignifiedly helped Jiang Liangchan to cover up and save her face but his head was full of annoyance.

Now, seeing Jiang Liangchan here Chu Qing’s first reaction was that Jiang Liangchan should have something to do today that’s why she couldn’t come but now she really was still chasing after him.

In fact, at first he did not even recognize that it was Jiang Liangchan.

He subconsciously held his breath as the two slowly approached from across the street.

Everything looks a bit dull in grey and dismal hues of winter.

But the pair of jade walk over and effortlessly broke the later that has been masked by winter with grey.

It was as if everything has come alive where they were going, the green-gray stone roads, the green-gray brick walk, the cold leafless branches sticking out form the behind the brick wall and the pale sky—all seemed to have been redefined in color.

At that moment, in front of these two people he secretly rose up a sense of humility.

And desire.

It wasn’t until the two took a few more steps closer and the woman opened her mouth to speak that he suddenly noticed—

This woman was surprisingly Jiang Liangchan!

At that moment he could not say what he felt in his heart.

The humility and longing in his heart just now shattered into countless pieces and fell to the ground.

And it was replace with subtle sense of unspeakable complacency.

Behold, because such blooming beauty was still his own.

Moreover she has always despised this small garden saying that it was worse than half of the garden of her own manor so she never visit this place.

But her coming here despite her hate while he was here, what does this mean?

She was clearly following him.

Because of the image he saw just now, for the first time he wasn’t disgusted with her. He just raised his chin, got of the horse and walked slowly waiting for her to say hello to him first.

He was also wanted to wait until Jiang Liangchan routinely pounce on him again this time before he would talk to her to not follow him all day as he still has business to do.

As result, after he pulled the reins and held his chin up she just glanced at him indifferently and turned to talk to the man she was with?

Though she looked at him again but it was a casual nod as if he was just a passerby.

What does she mean by this?

A new trick?

To try to catch him?

On the contrary the demon-like man beside Jiang Liangchan swept him a faint glance.

This man looks vaguely familiar, but the man’s presence was so strong that he shouldn’t be unimpressed if he’s seen him before.

It must be a man of honorable status, perhaps even a son of the royal family. This kind of identity, he naturally has never seen before.

He suddenly understood that perhaps Jiang Liangchan was indifferent to him was because she was pretending in front of him who looked respectable so as to not embarrassed herself?

Tsk, so she could also think.

Seeing that Jiang Liangchan was about to pass by him in such cold manner, Chu Qing finally did not care about anything and raised his voice to call her out.

“Jiang Liangchan.”

He wanted to call her “Chan’er” as usual but he didn’t know why, maybe the impact of the scene just not hadn’t dissipated yet making him subconsciously feel that she was like a stranger at this time, so the intimacy of the calling out the name was not spoken for a while.

And since called her so, Jiang Liangchan stopped in her tracks.

She looked back at the young man standing in front of the horse, not remembering for a moment who it was.

But those who call her name, she must have known them as well.

And since he did not call her intimately he must be just an ordinary acquaintance.

Afraid of losing her manner, she moved near Chen Fang and whispered in a quiet voice.

“My eyes are not good today, I can’t see clearly, who is he?”

Chen Fang looked at her deeply and his tone has uncertainty.

“You’re asking me, who is he?”

Jiang Liangchan felt that he also does not recognize the person.

So she decided to take the matter into her own hands and searched in her head for a person she could compare him to.

After looking at them man a few more time, she finally recognize him!

Wasn’t this the man he was with who asked to be on the same table with her when she first went to the brothel?

What was he called again? Ah, she couldn’t remember for a moment.

And this person called her Jiang Liangchan, it seems that she told someone her real name at that time.

That would be so indiscreet, she thought she was supposed to say her fake name.

But because she did not recognize the person just now, Jiang Liangchan was embarrassed.

In order to make up for the indifference she showed just not, Jiang Liangchan very deliberately and enthusiastically waved hello to the person.

“Ya, so it’s you.”

That was a bit odd, but the fact that she was so enthusiastic it comforted him a little.

Chu Qing mulled over what he was going to say.

When Jiang Liangchan had enthusiastically picked the next half of the sentence.

“Brother2 is on a date?”

Chu Qing: “…….”

Song Xinrui: “……..”

Chen Fang: “….”



soft and tender land1– someone else or to a man servant ( this is describe in a derogatory way)

Brother2– the brother here is not Geh like older brother but brother for someone your age and is your friend

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