Chapter 25

Ye Xun drew lines in the story book.

This was the drawing that the kindergarten teaches him, the only difference was that the kindergarten has paper and crayons which they don’t have at home and even if he have he only has little stock so he simply did not bother to use them.

Colored crayons, a whole box 16 colors.

He needs to use them a little less.

Since few of the most commonly used colors were more likely to run out early.

In order to save paper and pencil also, Ye Xun came up with the idea of tracing the storybook—assuming he was drawing.

He usually does it often, after all when his mommy was doing live, he could only play alone.

And at home, there would not have been many toys.

So, he traced and traced. He then found his usual playful state and gradually forgot that he was doing live.

The original tension in his heart also gradually dissipated.

The pencil he was holding with his small hands became more and more stable, as he follows the lines on the picture book whether it was round or curved.

He enjoys it and could play like this for an hour or two and every time he would be engrossed.

On the other hand the popularity of the live broadcast was from 2….3….13…..16…..34—was actually climbing up.

Afternoon weekends, where afternoon tea time was leisurely spend especially for those someone who were lazy and has nothing to do. They would casually open a few new live, looking for fun.

Slowly, the screen went from cold comment whiteboard1 to more and more comments.

[ This live, is it really just a kid? ]

[ This storybook looks familiar to me! I seem to have bought it for my daughter, hahaha~ ]

[ The little guy’s hands are cute ah, ow, everything is cute when it’s reduced in size. ]

[ I came in when I saw the room called ‘Beautiful Girl’, I didn’t expect it to be baby, surprise! ]

[ What is the little guy trying to do here? ]

Although it was nearing autumn but winter the sun was still shining, directly into the south-facing rooms on this second floor.

Ye Xun sat on the ground, lying on the side of the round glass tea table and from time to time he would touched his dark little head with his left hand as if he were thinking, then continue to fill the line.

The table was small, and the spread-out storybook takes up almost half of the space.

His upturned little nose, from time to time looks at the mirror when bending down to go through the small school bag that’s when his dull furry little head would appear in the camera.

All of a sudden, there were a few more pop ups comments.

[ The host is the baby? This baby’s nerdy hair grows on my cute spot! Follow! ]

[ Ah, I want to see the little guy’s face. Little nose and little hands are so beautiful, this head has soft black hair so want to touch~ ]

[ Please show you face~ ]

[ It’s not good for children to show their faces, right? It’s a little dangerous, the child’s parent should be careful. ]

[ Not quite in favor for kids to do live streaming, it was like using kids to make money. ]

[ Don’t be a saintly mother, commenter above, maybe the child has bodyguards at home. You shouldn’t worry about that! ]

[ The family has bodyguard at home—certainly the commenter above is not married and without children, did you not see the book? This is old, I have this story book and it costs only 25 yuan for ten of them. ]

The live broadcast on the comments section instantly divided into two camps, making it into a mess.

The popularity value on the other hands, keeps rising.

Ye Xun did not know this.

And even if he sees the comments, he could not read so many words.

But fortunately, the arguments on two sides soon quietened down.

“Baby how are you playing alone?”

Ye Susu who had been chatting for a while downstairs pushed the door open.

She was a little uneasy about Ye Xun, the cub, so she came up first to see.

Hearing someone talked, the noisy live room quietened down.

Then came more outburst on the comments section.

[ This little guy doing live, is he hiding it from the parents? ]

[ His mother didn’t even know that the kid is doing live! ]

[ Wow, did you guys see that? Did you see the little guy panic when the door was pushed open? The little guy’s hand jump in fear, he seemed to be trying to cover the camera! ]

[ Sneak live….awesome, how old is this child? The size of the little hand should about elementary school? ]

[ Five or six years old, right? I just saw him take out the school bag, there are no books inside, it could be kindergarten, right? ]

[ Kindergarten streamer? ]

The whole live room was shaken!

And as for the mother and son, they had no idea on what was happening yet.

“Child, you’re reading a book? Why aren’t you playing with the new toy your Aunt Xia Ningmeng gave you?”

Ye Susu came in, and at a glance saw the little guy seriously lying on the coffee table tracing a book.

While the gift he received were stacked in the corner.

The little cub is still depressed and still not cured?

She was suddenly reminded with her daily task.

Without the little cub’s answer Ye Susu pulled a big and warm smile, she took the toy and squatted down like she was kneeling on the ground trying to keep the child’s line of sight and wanted to check some clues on the child’s face.

“Don’t like this?”

She then handed the toy towards the little cub’s small arms.

[ Huh? Lego series? Rich! ]

[ This is at least 500 right, it’s big! ]

There were a lot of knowledgeable people in the room, and just by seeing the corner of the box they could already deduce one or two facts.

“Child, open it and play.”

‘These are building blocks right? Should I play with you?”

Ye Susu made her voice as soft as possible.

But Ye Xun just bowed his head and didn’t say a word.

The first time he saw the gift when Aunt Xia gave it to him, he knew it already.

It was Lego.

In the kindergarten, his friend Xiaopang had these many little Lego people inside his car and showed it off to him several times. He even said that it was a pity he doesn’t have a father, and his mother could not afford it since she only works alone. So sadly he couldn’t play with this kind of toys.

Ye Xun thought about it and pursed his lips as he pushed the set of boxes forward.

“I… don’t want play….this.”

He doesn’t want it either.

“Mommy, here you go….”

He then turned his head to look away from it.

The box was painted with several small Lego people, as if they were fire uncles, and next to it was the fire truck.

It seems to be more fun than the Lego that his little friend brought to kindergarten.

But he didn’t want it.

He kept his head down, afraid that if he looked more than once he would not be able to resist the urge to take it apart and fiddle a little, so he could only keep looking at the grain of light on the brown word floor by his feet.



TL: okay guys had some correction from unnie, Ye Susu is calling Ye Xun most of the time is CHILD and not baby, so there was one scenario that the Ye Xun was feeling down because his mommy stopped calling him baby but went back to child. I will correct that, sorry….

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