Chapter 36

Thinking of these, Madam Fu and Fu Shiyuan has almost reach seven itchy years1. If he really was a man that would cheat on their marriage then it was time to find the signs, Jian Ruixi decided to observe secretly for a while.

In face of Mother’s Jian concern, she couldn’t answer whether he has or not. And if President Fu really cheated in the end, she would not approved without knowing her status first!

So after a careful consideration, Jian Ruixi decided to give Mother Jian precautionary answer.

“Actually I don’t care about this kind of thing. Now that my relationship with Jayce is getting better and better and my in-laws were not as difficult as before and as long as Ethan doesn’t want to divorce me I don’t care what he’s doing outside.”

When Mother Jian heard what her daughter said she was silent for a long time and felt a lump in her heart as she began to think of how to comfort Annie if Ethan really had an affair outside their marriage. But when she heard that her daughter didn’t really care Mother Jian felt bad about it and couldn’t help but say.

“You’re really open-minded.”

Jian Ruixi was still heartlessly nodding while thinking that she could think more than that. It would be good if President Fu was really flying colorful flags2 outside then she would also find herself a little fresh meat.

After all, this was what usually rich couple do.

Jian Ruixi couldn’t help but stare at her, if she was her mother in her previous life then she would start pulling her ear now but in front of her was the elegant and noble Mother Jian. Of course she wouldn’t do such rude actions but would ask her calmly and rationally.

“Is Ethan really in that kind of relationship? What did you find out when you were in the capital?”

“No, I didn’t find anything I just felt something.”

Jian Ruixi was not going to let President Fu carry the unnecessary black pot3 so she realistically narrated her daily life in the capital.

“I have been both to the company and home, if there really a problem it is impossible not to have trace.”

Mother Jian sighed with relief and nodded.

“I told you Ethan wasn’t such an ignorant child.”

Jian Ruxi did not answer, after a while Mother Jian said painstakingly.

“Since Ethan doesn’t want to then don’t give birth for the time being. You are still young so there’s no need to be unhappy about small things besides, I used to worry since Jayce was brought up by her paternal grandmother he may refused to get close to you so I thought that it would be better for you to have two small ones. But now it seems that Jayce still depends on you—it’s a mother and son’s nature. As long as you don’t ignore him and cultivate your feelings between mother and son well your life would not be too bad.”


At 8 p.m., after Jian Ruixi and Jayce had dinner at her mother’s house and drank the fish soup that her child and father had fished, both mother and son returned home.

An hour later, the mother and son who had finished washing up, meet again and began their nightly routine—making video calls.

The first call was obviously to Fu Shiyuan which the other end quickly connected. Jian Ruixi saw that Fu Shiyuan had changed into a bathrobe with the hotel’s logo on it and asked not very unexpectedly.

“Is the summit still not over?”

“It’s not over until today, but I wanted to attend the branch meeting tomorrow so I’ll stay in Shanghai for one more night.”

Jian Ruixi’s eyes flashed as she remembered the topic with Madam Fu’s mother in the afternoon and wanted to find signs first. President Fu’s business trip was a good opportunity after all she had not seen any abnormality in the capital while she was there nor here in Hong Kong which was Madam Fu’s territory.

Then there was a big possibility that perhaps it was in Shanghai, where he was hiding the woman in the golden house?

So she asked in a not so obvious way and see whether President Fu had ‘activities’ in the past two days. If so many business leaders gathered together, wouldn’t they have a private appointment to eat, drink and of course have fun?

Usually after the phone was connected Jian Ruixi would hand it over to Jayce and she at most next to her son interjected one to two sentences but today she was to eagerly brushing her sense of existence. Of course Fu Shiyuan could feel something ‘amiss´ but even if he doesn’t know that was it was always easy to figure it out.

Fu Shiyuan smiled and said.

“It seems that Annie is really interested, and it’s also my negligence. Next time there will be such activities I certainly would not leave you and together we…..”

Hearing Fu Shiyuan, Jian Ruixi was embarrassed. What would she do in a summit or business meeting like that other than being a vase4? She shouldn’t torture herself, so she resolutely gave up her intention to continue testing Fu Shiyuan and just shook her head as she said with a smile.

“No, I just care about you.”

However instead the person who did not relent was Fu Shiyuan, he said on the screen with a lot of tenderness.

“Although it is not common to take a wife to attend in this kind of activity but it also a matter of words between husband and wife so there is really no need to be polite…..”

“No really there’s no need to.”

Jian Ruixi now felt like if you ride a tiger it’s hard to get off5.

Jayce on the other hand while listening was too young to understand what adults were playing at but he could see that his father was teasing his mommy and couldn’t help but ‘giggle’ when she looked embarrassed.

When the child laughed, Jian Ruixi immediately grabbed her ‘salvation’ and quickly decided to turn her attention the child who was laughing. She reached out and pinched the little one’s ear as she said.

“You still dare to laugh at mommy? This treacherous being, I will punish you.”

There nightly routine of video calling was also Jayce’s routine to cosplay. Today he changed into a giant panda one-piece suit with a hat on looking like a round baby giant panda, and what Jian Ruixi pinches was his cute panda ear. But pinching this ear was not painful nor ticklish so she was not happy and decided to put her hand in to pinched his warm little ears.

“Do you surrender huh?”

Jayce who was originally sitting on his Mama’s lap throw himself to his Mama’s arms and twisted his body giving a clear and crisp laugh.

“Mommy it’s ticklish.. haha..”

Fu Shiyuan was completely neglected by his wife and son but he has no complaints. Looking at his wife without any care on her appearance as the mother and son rolled into like a ball. He only raised the corner of his mouth into smile, looking carefully under his eyes could find a touch of intoxicating tenderness.



seven itchy years1– popular belief, sometimes quoted as having psychological backing, that happiness in a marriage or long-term romantic relationship declines after around seven years.

flying colorful flags2showing off to hook with a girl

carry the unnecessary black pot3

being a vase4a decoration

ride a tiger it’s hard to get off5– impossible to stop halfway

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