Chapter 56

Dream Chocolate’s action was fast, the next day they officially announce their spokesperson and asked Li Xin to send a short video of her eating chocolate on a popular video live stream software.

Zhou Ruo was angry when she watched it, she didn’t show the video to Shen Yan at all and just let her concentrate signing the contract.

As long as Shen Yan’s endorsement advertising officially announces or broadcasted their spokesperson, anyone who knows the event that happened, would treat Li Xin as a joke.

Shen Yan’s caffeine level was really low, but the good thing was that the staff of Sweet Chocolate knows how to do their business.

They don’t flatter nor target Shen Yan, if she don’t like the contract they would accommodate Shen Yan appropriately and discuss the clause before changing it.

The one talking about cooperation and the contract was Zhou Ruo and Shen Yan’s only responsible for signing the contract.

Although Zhou Ruo astute, but once she thought that Shen Yan was going to endorse Sweet Chocolate the whole person was so excited that she forgets to asked who she was working with.

It was only after Shen Yan reminded her that Zhou Ruo asked the question.

“Which artist are we working with?”

Hearing this question the staff member enviously glance at Shen Yan. Who made Shen Yan have a good relationship with Lu Yunchen’s agent and surprisingly let her cooperate with Lu Yunchen’s endorsement.

But envy was envy, this staff member still did not forget to answer Zhou Ruo’s question.

“Lu Yunchen.”

Lu Yunchen’s agent said that he had a good relationship with Shen Yan and had considered her. Since he couldn’t say that Lu Yunchen wanted to cooperate with Shen Yan, so he could only say that he has a good relationship with Shen Yan.

And since Lu Yunchen was an artist he brought along, he could also gave Shen Yan a hand (since their close).

“Lu Yunchen, surprisingly the one you will collab with is Lu Yunchen!”

When she came out Zhou Ruo was so excited that she didnt notice the people coming her way.

At this time when Zhou Ruo was mentioning Lu Yunchen’s name, Lu Yunchen and his agent was walking towards her direction. Zhou Ruo collected herself, while Lu Yunchen and his agent hearing Zhou Ruo don’t blame her excitement, after all one of the popular artist she had brought up was a third tier actor Zheng Shu.

But now Shen Yan would cooperate with the top and first tier star, so how could she not be excited.

After Lu Yunchen nodded slightly at Zhou Ruo, he extended his hand towards Shen Yan.

“I hope we have a pleasant cooperation.”

As he spoke, a bright light shone under his eyes.

Shen Yan politely shook his hand also and the two had a tacit understanding, to pretend that their relationship was a normal one, not that of a star with a black fan. On the other hand Zhou Ruo was exchanging pleasantries with Lu Yunchen’s agent.

Shen Yan wanted to go out with Zhou Ruo right after when Lu Yunchen sidled up and lowered his voice as Shen Yan walked past him.

“I’ having a concert in A city next week.”

After saying that he stuffed Shen Yan with concert ticket.

Zhou Ruo said.

“Yanyan why are you still not coming?”

Shen Yan responded and continued to walk forward, Lu Yunchen then took a step back as he continued.

“I’ll wait for you and sing for you so you don’t become a black fan.”

Shen Yan quickly said.

“The endorsement will be paid next time.”

After saying that, she ran towards Zhou Ruo.

Just now Shen Yan felt that Lu Yunchen was the reason for her to get the endorsement from Sweet Chocolate and seeing Lu Yunchen this time, it was not only felt it was Lu Yunchen but it was Lu Yunchen.

Right now, Shen Yan needs this endorsement and it would be a little hypocritical to refuse his goodwill so she’d better give Lu Yunchen an endorsement next time.

Lu Yunchen continued to back away, his voice pressed lower.

“My concert.”

Until Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo got on the elevator Lu Yunchen’s agent only then snorted and said

“Just now I helped you get Shen Yan to sign, how come you’re not thanking me ah?”

“Ah, to sign the endorsement contract.” (this was being sarcastic, after all Lu Yunchen refused to sign the contract with Sweet Chocolate but changed his mind)

Lu Yunchen’s agent: “..”

After signing the contract, Zhou Ruo looked Shen Yan a lot softer than before. When she thought that Chen Fei was being broadcasted she invited Shen Yan to watch it together.

But her inviting Shen Yan was not about watching a drama but for marketing, such as what the audience like so they could bring the rhythm and what they don’t like it so they could change it immediately.

After that Zhou Ruo remembered that Chen Fei was a web drama which means rhythm was not necessary.

Shen Yan was still thinking about Lu Yunchen’s concert and casually asked.

“Sister Zhou, Lu Yunchen is going to have a concert in A city?”

“Yes, Lu Yunchen wants to hold a concert in City A, the ticket are speculated to be particularly high, that is why it will not be easy to buy those tickets. Why, you want to watch Lu Yunchen’s concert?”

Zhou Ruo thought Shen Yan also follows stars and like Lu Yunchen after all many stars in the circle who were asked who their idol was, they would most likely answer Lu Yunchen.

“Although you are now working with Lu Yunchen, don’t ask for concert tickets or anything to Lu Yunchen. Just an autographed is fine.”

“I’m just asking.”

Zhou Ruo had lunch with Shen Yan and went back to the company directly with the latter. The Sweet Chocolate endorsement has a confidentiality contract, they also do not officially announce their spokesperson nor Shen Yan’s side could tell others that she was the spokesperson of the Sweet Chocolate.

But even if they couldn’t announce it publically, their were others ways to tell people more so it would it would depend on who to tell this.

And Shen Yan knew what was on Zhou Ruo’s thoughts just by looking at her excited look but didn’t say anything, on the contrary she felt that it was not necessary to announce her collaboration with the brand.

But when they arrived at Zhou Ruo’s office, Shen Yan directly told the former of her thought in which the Zhou Ruo agreed.

Shen Yan hasn’t been in the company for a long time now. When she came back last time, she was still an 18th tier star but this time she has a name in the entertainment industry. The difference was that many people she doesn’t know greeted her.

“Shen Yan your back.”

“The last time you participated in the audition I also voted for you.”

“Sister Zhou, Shen Yan is getting more and more beautiful.”

The corner of Zhou Ruo’s mouth curled hearing this praises.

“Thank you for helping through vote, as for being pretty our Yanyan’s face has not been that beautiful mainly because it has a bit fat.”

All the way to her office Zhou Ruo has been the one answering this kind of praises, Shen Yan was only relieved with they arrived at Zhou Ruo’s office. Compared to those false compliments she prefers to catch up with the drama.

“You stay in the office, I’ll see if Wang Peng is in the company because if he is we’ll invite him to dinner later. Didn’t you say Wang Peng sent you back after the audition last time and asked Zheng Rou to accompany you.”

“Okay Sister Zhou, go ahead.”

When Zhou Ruo went out, Shen Yan took a deep breath and picked up her tablet and began to watch on the drama. Waiting for Zhou Ruo whom she doesn’t know when would return, might she as well catch up on watching the drama while waiting.

Wang Peng’s office.

“I succeeded in my audition, the audition is successful!”

Zheng Rou said excitedly.

Zheng Rou also auditioned for an endorsement, it was an endorsement for mask. Although the mask was just a general brand the advertisement would be broadcasted on TV so Zheng Rou was excited, after all her plays were all on internet.

“Yes, the audition was successful. Their staff just called me and let you sign the contract.”

Wang Peng asked.

“By the way, will Sister Zhou come back for Xianlu audition draft next week?”

Why is Sister Zhou not in the company? It would be great if she’s here.

Just when Wang Peng was thinking about this, someone knocked on his office door. Wang Peng directly invited the person in and then saw Zhou Ruo came in, at once he and Zhou Ruo, these two people face each other with a happy smile on their faces.

Wang Peng said first.

“Sister Zhou, you are back. I was going to tell you about Shen Yan’s audition, Dream Chocolate. Zheng Rou also went to audition and was accompanying her when we happened to see Shen Yan going to the same audition. I chatted with Shen Yan about the Dream Chocolate’s spokesperson, it was decided by the company to have Li Xin as their spokesperson.”

Zhou Rou nodded.

“I know, I came to thank you since you helped send Shen Yan back home after the audition.”

“What do you think our relationship is.”

“But I still want to thank you ah. Did Zheng Rou received any endorsement? I happen to have an endorsement here, why don’t you let Zheng Rou try?”

Wang Peng was even happier, he was still thinking about how to talk to Zhou Ruo about the success of Zheng Rou’s audition when she open the topic.

“No, no let Shen Yan go to the audition. Our Zheng Rou ah just auditioned successfully for a mask endorsement, it’s the peony mask.”

Speaking of which Wang Peng said.

“I also saw the advertisement of this mask on TV last time although the brand is general but at least the advertisement is on TV.”

“A successful audition for peony mask endorsement ah?”

“Yes, so you can just have Shen Yan on the audition opportunity you have.”

Zhou Ruo praised Zheng Rou with a few words making the latter somewhat embarrass. After praising her for a while Zhou Ruo then said.

“I’ll invite you to have dinner together tonight.”

Invite to a dinner, if she wanted to have dinner Wang Peng thinks that it should be him inviting them since Zheng Rou’s audition was a success.

“My treat, I’ll treat you to a dinner. You call Shen Yan ask her what she likes to eat.”

After Wang Peng remembered the last bet he hurriedly said.

“When I saw Shen Yan to the audition last time, I told her we could have dinner if she get the audition but who knows that Lin Xin has something to do with the staff of Dream Chocolate so they chose her instead of Shen Yan, though I still invited her to dinner but she refused. And sine you’re back let’s go eat together.”

Zheng Rou brought a tea, Zhou Ruo took a sip and said.

“No please. How to say this, although our Yanyan didn’t get the endorsement but we signed an endorsement with Sweet Chocolate and worked with Lu Yunchen to endorse it, so I think I’ll invite you to this meal.”

Hearing this, Wang Peng directly froze.

“Sweet Chocolate?”

The best chocolate in China, an endorsement that no first-tier actress could easily grab but have Shen Yan endorse it and a collaboration with Lu Yunchen?

“Sister Zhou, are you serious—the best chocolate in China have Shen Yan endorse them and a collaboration with Lu Yunchen?” Are they crazy?

“They probably think our Yanyan has a lot of potential.”

After saying that Zhou Ruo did not say anything for a moment and just provided the address for their dinner and went straight out.

After a long silence, Wang Peng shouted.

“Shen Yan is the spokesperson of Sweet Chocolate and not just that, she will collaborate with Lu Yunchen?”

Zheng Rou swallowed her saliva.

“En, Sister Zhou just said so. Sister Yanyan will have a collaboration with Lu Yunchen for Sweet Chocolate.”



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