Chapter 41

Hearing Xue Jiayue mention her rich boyfriend, Zhang Renyan’s face suddenly changed and warned Xue Jiayue with a stern voice.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Su Ziqiao and I are just good friends.”

Xue Jiayue stared at her and Su Ziqiao next to her and gave an “oh” at the top of her lungs then suddenly look at them with realization.

Su Ziqiao was made uncomfortable by that look in her eyes, and felt something wrong when he heard Xue Jiayue snort mockingly.

“Men and women can also be good friends, huh!”

“Xue Jiayue!”

Zhang Renyan snapped, hating Xue Jiayue so much.

“How are you better than me? You got married to Xu Yanwen but didn’t you schemed him! Xu Yanwen does not love you at all and Master Xu’s health is not good, even if he protects you—how long can he do that? When master Xu dies one day, you’ll be kicked out of the house by Xu Yanwen!”

Xue Jiayue coldly stared at Zhang Renyan’s disgusting mouth, and her heart suddenly dawned on her.

No wonder in the original book, Zhang Renyan would arrange for Su Ziqiao to approach Xue Jiayue and let him take photo of the two rolling the bed sheets and then exposed it at Master Xu’s birthday banquet.

It was all to put Old Master Xu in the hospital, in order to get Xue Jiayue kicked out of the Xu family!

Zhang Renyan has known for a long time that Master Xu’s health was not good, but also knew that Xu Yanwen does not like Xue Jiayue. She clearly knows that Xue Jiayue was nothing without Old Master Xu!

So she set up everything!

Xue Jiayue who understood the truth of the matter sneered at Zhang Renyan before she turned around with her bag and left.

Just as the elevator door opened again, Xue Jiayue walked straight in.

“Xue Jiayue…”

Zhang Renan still wanted to chase but was pulled by Su Ziqiao.

“Forget it, what’s the use arguing with her?”

“I’m arguing with her? Was I arguing with her?”

Zheng Renyan’s belly was full of anger when she said that and the resentment she had accumulated for years exploded at this moment.

“Ever since I met her, she has always acted like she was above me and she always overpower me. She’s just the adopted daughter of the Xu family but she really things she was the real young lady? What make her better than me? She just threatened me as if she was going to tell my boyfriend about our relationship so how can I let her go…”


When Su Ziqiao heard the last sentence he was immediately alerted and pulled Zhang Renyan as he said.

“You mean she’s going to snitch?”

Zhang Renyan paused for a moment, recalling the look in Xue Jiayue’s eyes when she left and said.

“Yes, yes, she should have meant that!”

“Then we can’t let her go!”

Su Ziqiao hurriedly pressed the elevator button and was about to go after Xue Jiayue.

But this time Zhang Renyan pulled him back and said.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? And you asked what’s wrong?”

Su Ziqiao was so angry that she reminded her.

“Have you forgotten our plan?”

Zhang Renyan reacted at once.

“I was just completely confused by my anger with her. Let’s go catch up quickly, we can’t let her go and tell on us otherwise our plan will be ruined.”

“We previously cheated on Zhang Chao to invest before, he has promised us to invest but the money hasn’t come yet. When we get the money we can fly away so we can’t fall short at this time!”

Zhang Renyan’s second generation rich boyfriend was Zhang Chao. Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao have been deceiving him under the pretext of wanting to invest on a project, cheating his money away and once the transaction of money was done the two people were ready to migrate abroad.

Su Ziqao gave Zhang Renyan a profound look.

“It’s good that you remember.”

At this time the elevator finally came, Su Ziqiao pulled Zhang Renyan into the elevator quickly and desperately pressed the close button, wanting to shorten the time so as to catch up with Xue Jiayue as soon as possible.

After Xue Jiayue took the elevator down from the upstairs she went straight to the parking lot to get in her car.

The parking lot was quiet, no one was there at all. Xue Jiayue had just found her car when she heard a rush of running sounds from behind her.

She subconsciously turned around and saw Su Ziqiao and Zhang Renyan catching up to her.

“Xue Jiayue I have something to say to you.”

Su Ziqiao ran closer first and stopped Xue Jiayue from getting into the car.

Xue Jiayue raised her eyebrows and didn’t think that he had anything good to say to her especially since Su Ziqiao, this person does not have a good heart. In the original book he lured Xue Jiayue into cheating and even took their pictures together for the purpose of money.

In her eyes this person, as long as there was money anything could be done.

“Jiayue listen to what I’m will tell you…”

During this paused, Zhang Renyan also ran closer to Xue Jiayue. She tried to reach Xue Jiayue and pull her towards her but Xue Jiayue stepped back to get away from her grasped.

“Just say what you have to say, don’t pull me!”

Xue Jiayue said with a frown.

Zhang Renyan could only withdraw her hand, showing a pitiful expression on her face and pretending to be very sad and aggrieved.

“Jiayue, I didn’t want to say it but now you have seen me and Ziqiao together so I will tell you the truth. Zhang Chao not only have me as his girlfriend, he was not faithful to me. Ziqiao and I are good friend, so he was only here today to take me to a break and persuade me. I also want to open up and will soon break with Zhang Chao. Just pretend that you don’t see us today okay? Just think of it as my last time to beg you.”

Xue Jiayue sneered coldly.

“Do you think others don’t know about what you two were doing? Zhang Chao is unlucky to have a girlfriend like you…”

With a bang, Su Ziqiao took advantage of Xue Jiayue’s inattention to go around to her side while holding a heavy object in his hand and knock it on Xue Jiayue’s head.

Xue Jiayue only felt pain in her head as her sight blurred and fell on the ground as she softness in her feet.



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