Chapter 19(2)

And thinking that since Jiang Mian was a newcomer, she may be have some questions or lack of understanding on her role in the scene so if he could find that problems and point it out, hoping it could help each other.

Although he was not popular but his acting skills were qualified otherwise Zhang Zhixing would not directly handpicked him as the male lead.

He likes the profession as an actor and enjoys the joy that come with filming so he also prefers his co-actors to be in better shape so that a scene could be play at a superb level.

However Yu Ran was surprise when he play the scene with Jiang Mian, their actions was very smooth and even give Yu Ran a feeling that they were really officially shooting.

“Xiao Jiang, you have filmed before?”

At the end of their practice, Yu Ran couldn’t help but ask.

Jiang Mian shook her head.

Whether it was the original owner or herself, it was true that she didn’t officially film any scene, and this was not a lie.

Yu Ran complimented.

“Just now your performance was very good.

As a newcomer, naturally she couldn’t accept this compliment with a prideful attitude so Jiang Mian said modestly.

“I dare not call myself good in front of Teacher Yu, it’s because of your good lead just now that I quickly entered the scene.”

Yu Ran smiled, although this girl said modest words she could not hide the confidence in her eyes that he couldn’t help thinking it was really good to inject a batch of fresh blood into the circle.

On the other hand, Guan Xin who had finished her practice with Zheng Xiayu after counting the time came back and saw the scene of Jiang Mian talking with Yu Ran as she glance making her steps halt.

As the second female, she has a lot of confrontation scene with Yu Ran. She only not have confrontation with Jiang Mian but also with Yu Ran so earlier she went to Yu Ran to ask him to practice their scene and the other party agreed.

However, after their practice he said to her.

“Xiao Guan, you just pushed a little too hard in this part.”

Guan Xin’s face instantly turned red, she previously thought she could get into the role of the female lead and had been studying Li Wanjing’s character. But now instead she was place as the second female, Li Wanrong—even so she held her breath and made up her mind to act well.

Each scene, she watched it carefully and carefully remember it in her heart. She thought that Yu Ran would complement her after their practice but did not expect to get such comment and was both ashamed and uncomfortable.

The good thing was that after pointing out the problem Yu Ran also said her good points, which made her feel better.

Yu Ran was her senior so she believed the other party’s comment about pushing the scene to hard so she reflected on this point and felt that Yu Ran was right.

So she took Zheng Xiayu to play in a deserted place, she must not only crush Jiang Mian but also give everyone her good presence.

However, when they came back they saw Yu Ran and Jiang Mian talking and laughing both of them holding scripts in their hands and it looked like they had just finished practicing.

Because Jiang Mian was the female lead, he had to be so kind and friendly with her?

Or—she turned her gaze to Jiang Mian, what did the other party do with her money this time?

Guan Xin was in panic, but the more she was angry the more she was calmer. She withdrew her gaze and stopped looking at her.

The director’s side has finally done debugging and the actors finally enter the site.

In the courtyard, Guan Xin was holding a basin full of clothes while looking at the envelope in Jiang Mian’s hand. She raised her hand to wipe the sweat from her face and sneered.

“Yo, finally found out?”

Jiang Mian just looked at her and did not say anything.

Guan Xin put down the basin full of clothes and wiped off the water on her hand with the clothes she was wearing while approaching Jiang Mian and circled around her.

“Look at your appearance now, don’t you think about it? Song Yunan is from the city and went to a university, while you are from a village. Are you worthy to marry him? I just cut it off in advance.”

Jiang Mian was still looking at Guan Xin, at her oily face, her bloated figure and the mean face that lingered on then suddenly she wasn’t angry anymore so she slammed all her letter at Guan Xin.

“I don’t deserve him, so you do?”

She turned and took two steps then stopped and turn back, she then said while smiling.

“And at least I’m not married now, am I?”


Director Zhang shouted.

“Guan Xin what’s wrong with you, give the reaction ah!”

Guan Xin’s expression change.

“She just put the letter…”

Director Zhang expressionless said.

“Jiang Mian’s on the spot adlib is very good, as an actor it’s instinctive to pick the scene. Just now your position is also good so Jiang Mian’s next move was good but you, why can’t you follow?”

Guan Xin bit her lips, she just walked towards Jiang Mian’s direction. It was clearly different intention and approach but she knew that she had lost on this point.

She was also indeed stunned by Jiang Mian’s sudden action of slamming the letter, this action made her slowed down a bit and she could not react in time.

“I’m sorry director, it’s my fault.”

Guan Xin took a deep breath and honestly admitted her mistake.

However, the momentum of this action has already overwhelmed her subconsciously, she was like a drum that missed its beat.

Guan Xin itself intends to crush Jiang Mian at the beginning but as a result she was the one falling down and was instructed by the director a few times with so many people watching. For various reason the scene was shot three times.

In these three times, Director Zhang did not make comments on how Jiang Mian should perform and was obviously satisfied.

The reason why they have to shoot three time, was all because of Guan Xin making mistakes.

After filming, director Zhang called the two of them to the monitor and asked them to watch the playback, pointing out Guan Xin’s mistakes in front of Jiang Mian.

This was his play, no matter who was behind these actors he should shoot his play according to his requirements. He won’t lower his requirements because the other party has a backer, in terms of play he always has one thing to say.

Good was good, and bad was bad.

Guan Xin’s eyes were red, her fingertips were fiercely pierced her palm but she looked like an open-minded listener. Seeing her like this, Director Zhang’s was softer.

“You’re filming for the first time, it’s normal to have some problem. Take your time to hone.”

“As for you.”

Director Zhang turned to looked at Jiang who also had the appearance of listening open-mindedly.

Director Zhang carefully looked Jiang Mian and began to doubt whether Qin Jingrun had taught her privately. Jiang Mian’s performance in this scene exceeded his expectations.

For the actor he admires, Director Zhang would not spare his praise so he patted Jiang Mian’s shoulder and smiled.

“Good, keep it up.”

Jiang Mian does not need to say anything, she just stood there obediently and with only just Director Zhang’s reaction and words were enough to slap Guan Xin in the face.

The eyes of the crowd looking at Guan Xin made her face hot so badly that she wanted to burrow into the crack on the ground.

She gritted her teeth fiercely, and thought that it was just one scene and was just caught off guard by Jiang Mian.

What could one scene say?

There still has a long time to go, she must not admit that she was inferior to Jiang Mian because of a mistake.

After shooting the scene with Guan Xin the next scene was with the male lead. And since Jiang Mian had a practice with Yu Ran before they officially start shooting they had no problem with the rhythm on their character and went through it directly.

So everyone looked Guan Xian with even profound gaze.

Jiang Mian had to take the scene three times because of her while with Yu Ran, Jiang Mian only had to act the scene once. Whoever was good or not was clear at a glance.

“Mian Mian I cooked some mug bean soup. Would you like some?”

During the break Chen Xueyi the third female lead took the initiative to talk with Jiang Mian. There were only three young actress in the play, and she didn’t want to talk to Guan Xin—they didn’t like each other so she chose Jiang Mian and show her kindness.


Jiang Mian took it and as a courtesy she returned a cup of watermelon smoothie made by Xie Siyuan.

Chen Xueyi also receive the watermelon and compare the two, she then suddenly felt that her bowl of soup was very shabby. However when she saw Jiang drank the mug bean soup without any hesitation, her favorability rose.

Jiang Mian did not say a word or move to size up Chen Xueyi—

Chen Xueyi was the second female lead in the original plot, playing as Li Wanrong. She has a lot of scenes and has been blocking Guan Xin. Finally Shen Shiqing made a move to collect her black material and mix some truth and false information, forcing her to quit the entertainment industry.

This was not enough, late in the original plot a prize that supposed to be for Chen Xueyi, because of Shen Shiqing was given to Guan Xin instead.

Chen Xueyi harboring the grudge, drugged Guan Xin and tried to create a scandal but of course she did not succeeded.



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