ECM 33


Chapter 33

Cen Feng took his eyes away from the window.

Obviously was feeling very hot, and everyone was obviously sweating and panting with a wretch look, but when such appearance fall on him it shows contradictory than the others.

Although his personality was eccentric he still respected the teacher who had taught him, so when he heard the teacher calling him he leaned down and put the mineral water bottle in his hand walk over.

Xu Zhaixing secretly hid herself to the side.

But Cen Feng didn’t even look at her way and just walked to the wall mirror waiting for the teacher to replay the music, and began dancing alone.

Xu Zhaixing really didn’t want to blink for a second, looking fixedly at the figure that seems to be glowing.

When she used to chase his activity when he was an idol she was also like this, there were always many fans around to take picture and video but she never did. Every second he was on stage was unique and fleeting, she would record it down with her eyes and then save it forever in her brain.

After all with the technology when couldn’t she watched the video! What was important now was this scene, this moment!

If this practice solo was filmed, it would definitely become one of the top 10 live videos of her brother in the future.

How can his presence be so good, he casually turning a mundane practice room into a stage.

And to think that in the future his position would always be at the edge of the stage, Zhongtian is blind! Let such a stage king not the center, but let him the gentle little prince instead?!

The two-minute solo quickly ended, Xu Zhaixing felt was a flash that was instantly gone. Cen Feng has walked back to the window right after and picked up the mineral water to take a sip.

The teacher clapped his hands and focused the attention on the students.

“Did you see how Cen Feng danced? The consistency, rhythm, and style of this dance. He has mastered it most accurately! Come on, let’s do it again!”

The teacher praised him, but his expression never changes. After he finished drinking the water he sat against the wall on the ground and took the hat in his head to cover his face, and began to doze off.

The practice room started another round of practice.

Xu Zhaixing slowly backed up and walked back to Zhao Jinjin’s dance classroom.

Near noon, the weather was getting hotter and hotter although the rehearsal room was air conditioned but since they were constantly moving it couldn’t stop the sweat coming out and drying their mouth. After practicing a series of movements, Zhao Jinjin sat on the ground and waved her hand.

“No, no let me have a rest ah. I really want to drink cola.”

Her mouth has been craving for more foods now, but since she was more and more popular now that her requirements for herself were also getting higher and higher. She doesn’t want her agent to supervise her so she quit drinking coke.

The newcomer she was partnered with was probably trying to impress her, as he smiled while saying.

“I’ll buy you a drink.”

He took out a hundred from the bag on the ground and reached out towards Xu Zhaixing.

“Little sister, go buy a few bottles of ice coke.”

He presumably took Xu Zhaixing as an assistant of Zhao Jinjin. Hearing what he said Zhao Jinjin immediately became discontented and her violent temper erupted.

“Who are you ordering?”

The newcomer’s hand that was stretched out didn’t know whether to continue stretching his hand or pull it back, and a for a moment there was an awkward atmosphere. Xu Zhaixing hurriedly ran over to take the money and smiled kindly at the newcomer.

“It’s okay, I’ll go buy it. Do you two teacher also drink coke?”

She asked for the cameraman and the dance teacher.

Which both said it was alright.

Zhao Jinjin stand up and pulled her back, calling out to Xiao Xaio.

“Xiao Xiao you go.”

Outside was like a steamer for dimsum1, she couldn’t let the miss run the errands.

Xiao Xiao was still checking the playback of the cameraman to see if there was a picture from Zhao Jinjin’s angle that was not good, and was about to come over but before she could response, Xu Zhaixing said.

“It’s okay you go busy yourself, I’ll go and buy it.”

Zhao Jinjin wanted to say something else but was glared by Xu Zhaixing, she could silently sat back.

Xu Zhaixing took the elevator down to the first floor and walked out the door, meeting the strong sun outside. Fortunately there was a convenience store nearby, however she didn’t go there instead she ran across the street and walked under the sun for a while, to the cold drink shop on the next street.

Pushing the door in, the air conditioning inside the store dispelled the stifling heat. The boss smiled and said.

“Welcome, what do you want to drink?”

Xu Zhaixing walked over and said.

“Large cup of kumquat and lemon lactobacillus with ice and ten percent sugar.”

The owner asked.

“One cup?”

Xu Zhaixing replied.

“Nine cups.”

The nine large cold drink were a little bit heavy, so when the boss handed over the order he worriedly asked.

“Can you carry them all? Do you want to call someone to help you?”

Xu Zhaixing picked up the cups and said.

“Yes I can carry them all, thank you boss.”

When the she left the store, the heat poured in again. She quickened her pace and when she walked near the company’s convenient store downstairs she went in and bought a few bottles of coke. The weight was heavier now, causing her fingers to bruise.

The security guard even came to help her press the floor when couldn’t free one hand to get on the elevator.

Xu Zhaixing thanked her and walked outside the dance room where Zhao Jinjin and his male partner were already dancing again. She stood outside the door and shouted.

“Xiao Xiao come out for a moment.”

Xiao Xiao answered and rushed out, seeing Xu Zhaixing she was shocked at the sight of what she was holding.

“Miss, why did you buy so much?”

Xu Zhaixing put all the bags on the floor and gave the nine cold drinks to Xiao Xiao, instructing her in a low voice.

“Take this to the training room at the end of the corridor, if they asked who sent it just say it’s from the company and don’t say anything else. Just come out directly after delivering, understand?”

Although Xiao Xiao didn’t know why she was doing this, she nodded and walked over with the cold drink.

When she knocked on the door, a group of energetic boys inside were sitting cross-legged on the floor resting, and when they saw someone enter they all looked over curiously.

Xiao Xiao was really a little embarrassed, after all it was someone else’s company and it was her first time here and she didn’t know anyone. But Miss request still had to be completed, so she put the cold drink of the floor and said the dance teacher who came over.

“This is a cold drink for you.”

Everyone was sweating and felt very hot that they immediately happy seeing someone give them a cold drink. The dance teacher asked.

“Who gave them?”

Xiao Xiao remembered Xu Zhaixing’s explanation and said.

“It’s from the company.”

And ran away after saying that.

Several trainees have happily run over to share the cold drinks with everyone, even the teacher has a share. Finally there was still a cup left, the teacher looked at Cen Feng who was sleeping with his hat covering his face in the corner, so he put it next to him.

Once the cold drink touched their mouths, it was simply the ultimate pleasure in this hot summer day and one of them even said.

“Wow, it’s so sweet! This is too sweet!”

“It’s good to have something to drink, when has the company ever been so good to us.”

“Is that sister just now a new employee of the company? I haven’t seen her before.”

“I don’t know either, I guess she’s new.”

At the end of the day’s training, the trainees were walking in pairs. Cen Feng waited for the people to finish walking before he took off the hat on his face and stood up slowly.

He didn’t notice the cup beside him, and accidently kicked the drink that had melted ice.

He stared at the cold drink and frowned, wondering who had put it there. He leaned over and put the cup back, then walked out.



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