Chapter 40

Xue Jiayue came out of the X.W studio, after the interview she wanted to share her success with Xu Yanwen but when she called the phone was not answered by him but a by a sweet woman whose voice gave her goose bumps so she didn’t bother with her and hung up the phone after saying nothing.

As planned, she wanted to Xu Yanwen to have a big celebration but she couldn’t get in touch with Xu Yanwen so she changed her mind and decided to have a big meal to celebrate by herself.

Xue Jiayue came out of the building where X.W studio was located, this building was newly built building next to two residential buildings under construction. There was a newly built commercial street in front of it also.

The shops facing the street have basically started business but there were few customers, there were several newly opened popular restaurants on the second floor and third floor, most of which were still waiting to be opened, and was deserted.

Today was the first time Xue Jiayue came to this side, she feels a little odd while looking at the new stores on the street and strolling around the commercial street.

After visiting the clothing and skin care store on the first floor, she takes the elevator upstairs and plans to find a delicious celebrity restaurant.

The elevator went up to the third floor, Xue Jiayue then walked out of the elevator and saw a ‘Legendary Spice’ signage in front of her. The store was newly decorated, and has a high-end atmosphere.

A very distinctive store with a large red pepper as a signboard at entrance that especially attracted the eyes.

This shop looks good.

Xue Jiayue walked into the ‘Legendary Spice’ with her bag. The waitress was very enthusiastic and greeted her with a smile on her face.

“How many ladies, please?”


Xue Jiayue said.

“Then please sit over here.”

The waitress led Xue Jiayue to a seat near the window and took out the menu for Xue Jiayue to order.

Xue Jiayue flipped through the menu, and there were many samples each with its own characteristics.

“What is the best dish in your restaurant?”

Xue Jiayue looked at each one, and all looked delicious. She didn’t know which one to choose.

The waitress then recommended Spicy Dry Pot Fish to Xue Jiayue, hearing the name Xue Jiayue thought the name sounded good an nodded in agreement.

“Just that one then.”

“Okay, wait a moment.”

The waitress took the menu and went to the kitchen to arrange the dishes, Xue Jiayue then waited while looking outside the window.

It didn’t take long for the spicy dry pot fish to be served.

Xue Jiayue picked up the chopsticks and tasted a bite, numbing her tongue with the spiciness. It was like her mouth was on fire.


Xue Jiayue ate happily that she almost finished eating the whole bowl all by herself. After eating her lips were red and her face was stained with redness, her eyes were also teary due to spiciness.

“It taste good.”

Xue Jiayue said to the owner handling the bill, as she settled the bill.

The owner gave her a voucher and smiled happily.

“Welcome to come back next time.”

Xue Jiayue then said, sure. She would soon work near the area so of course she could come often to eat.

Walking out the ‘Legendary Spice’ Xue Jiayue also did not intend to shop again and was ready to go straight home.

As soon as she reach the elevator, the door open with two person inside, men and women came out hand in hand.

When Xue Jiayue raised her eyes, she saw that it was surprisingly Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao.

Zhang Renyan and Su Ziqiao who came out of the elevator did not expect to run into Xue Jiayue here and both of them froze for a moment when they saw her.

Three people just stood there at the elevator door.

Xue Jiayue coldly swept a glance at the two people linking their arms together, and the corner of her mouth pulled as she prepared to leave.

The contempt in her eyes were so obvious that made Zhang Renyan greatly irritated. She suddenly took a step to the side and blocked Xue Jiayue’s way, she raised her chin to look at the askance Xue Jiayue and said.

“What did you mean just now?”

Xue Jiayue faintly returned to her senses and replied.

“Nothing meaningful.

“What do you mean nothing? You give me a clear explanation.”

Zhang Renyan stepped forward and force her way closer, her finger was about to poke Xue Jiayue’s face.

Xue Jiayue frowned, she did not want to say anything more to Zhang Renyan but the latter was too aggressive.

“Zhang Renyan.”

Xue Jiayue glance at her before she turned her gaze at Su Ziqiao who was next to her. She hooked the corner of her lips and said.

“Does that rich boyfriend of your know about your relationship with Su Ziqiao?”

When Zhang Renyan and Xue Jiayue were friends, the former would always follow the latter to a lot of receptions and banquets to meet some rich people to strength her influence.

And Zhang Renyan meet her boyfriend at one of the banquet she attended, although a second generation rich kid has an average look and far worse than Xu Yanwen, his family own a department store and he was the manager.

He was very attentive with Zhang Renyan but unfortunately Zhang Renyan do not know how to cherish her, and wanted to look for a bigger mountain.



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