Chapter 19(1)

The name of Director Zhang’s drama was called <<Green Onion’s Love Language>>, the original book of this drama was released and won several awards due to public praise. Guan Xin won the Best actress and was nominated as Best actress award on another award.

And all of this was because of Shen Shiqing, because she loved Gu Qiwen. So while she couldn’t refused Shen Shiqing’s help, she was also very guilty to Gu Qiwen.

Later, when Gu Qiwen married the original owner, with the help of the latter he gradually gained power and the Qi family. After the original owner’s four fathers received lunch boxed one after another1 followed by the original owner Gu Qiwen then officially rose and got to know about Guan Xin and Shen Shiqing affair.

Guan Xin painfully confessed everything to him, Gu Qiwen of course forgave her and then began to fight with Shen Shiqing.

Jiang Mian: “……..”

This plot really gives her goose bumps. The original author also spent a lot of effort and writing to get the male and female together.

Going back to the topic, the <<Green Onion’s Love>> mainly tells that in the last era. A city boy came to a village in Dashan to teach, there she met the heroine but he had to return to the city because of the national policy.

When he left, he told the heroine that he would come back to marry her so the heroine waited for twenty years and only after meeting him did she know they had missed each other by mistake, and that the man suffers from a serious illness, and has not married. And after twenty years the woman and the man finally got married before the man died in the arms of the woman.

The heroine’s parents died early and she lives with her uncle, who has two sons and daughter so with her living with them they have one more mouth to feed and one more burden. Her uncle’s family was not good to her, but the heroine was optimistic and loved life, like a green grass in the corner struggling to grow up against the wind.

The heroine’s cousin, that was the second female lead had love the same man—the male lead. When the male lead left the village and went back to the city, the female lead and the male lead would often exchange letters but these letters were secretly cut off by the second female lead, resulting the female lead not receiving any reply.

The female lead waited for the male lead to marry her, so she never married and instead serve her uncle’s family. At this time, the second female had married someone from the neighboring village.

Because of the poor conditions at home, they have been living in the same room. All the letters that was cut off by the second female from the female lead were all pressed in the cupboard, while the female lead was cleaning up the room she finally found the existence of the letters.

Jiang Mian’s first scene was after twenty years when the female lead Li Wanjing found the existence of these letters under the cupboard and took the letters to confront the second female Li Wanrong.

The confrontation was at Li Wanrong’s home after her marriage. Twenty years later, the 15 year old girl of that year has entered middle age. With the help of makeup artist and their magical hands Jiang Mian and Guan Xi changed into the image of a village women.

But because the female lead of the play did not marry, her long hair was still braided into two large braids and her style has not change although not as beautiful as the seasoned flower but compared to Li Wanrong she was way better.

Li Wanrong has married and given birth to three children, her figure bloated and her face was now oily—Guan Xin playing the role has to be wrapped with layers of clothes around her waits to set off and looked bloated. And then through the makeup artist and stylist, she became someone who was in line with Li Wanrong’s image.

Both were equally beautiful and fresh young girls twenty years ago. And twenty years later, the married Li Wanrong has gradually age and was no different from the other women in the village. Li Wanjing who has never married, still maintains that girlishness but has experience a lot vicissitudes.

It has been twenty years, even if Li Wanjing knows the truth, it has been so long that it won’t make any changes. Li Wanrong knows this too, so she was bold and even sarcastic with Li Wanjing’s wishful thinking.

In this scene, Jiang Mian and Guan Xin’s lines were almost similar. It depend on them on how they could grasp of the scene, whether they were on equal footing or whether one side would be dominant than the other side in all round.

The director was still letting the staff set up the site and prepare for debugging. The actors were around the scene waiting for the director to officially start shooting.

Jiang Mian took a small bite of the watermelon smoothie made by Xie Siyuan. Xie Siyuan was worthy of being one of the three nutritionist of her film emperor father. The costume she was wearing keeps her from breathing normally and since the weather was stifling it was making it more hard to breathed, but with a mouthful of watermelon smoothie she felt quite refresh.

She was topped with two large twisted braid, her white and tender skin was covered by the makeup artist with a dull foundation all over. She was also painted with wrinkles on her face and even on her hands.

Despite all of that details, she was still beautiful.

Tang Anan thought to herself that Jiang Mian has beauty both inside and out, even if the makeup artist and the hairstyle were making her old and ugly, but her inner beauty could not be hidden at all.

She thought that the female artist she served before were already beautiful enough but now she realized that there was still a mountain to climb.

Jiang Mian saw that Tang Anan has been standing, so she gesture her to sit down next to her.

“Why are you standing?”

When Tang Anan was working on her last female artist she barely had time to sit down and rest, the other party would always asked for to do this and that to her.  While Jiang Mian barely let her do anything, and she was not used to this.

She sat down smoothly, and after thinking about it she said.

“I just saw Guan Xin pulling her assistant over there to the scene.”

Hearing what she said Jiang Mian let out an “Ah” sound and just continued to drink the watermelon smoothie while playing with her tablet—the signal in the mountain was not stable so she could only play one game at a time.

Tang Anan hesitated before she said.

“Mian Mian do you want to practice with me for your next scene?”

The second male lead had work so hard, and from the perspective she has been in the entertainment industry for so many years so Guan Xin wanted to crushed Jiang Mian in all round rather than playing the role well, and make it look like she had played well.

However, intuition were most unique especially on women.

Jiang Mian looked up at her and answered.

“You don’t believe in me?”


Tang Anan hurriedly shook her head, although Jiang Mian looked confident she had never seen her read her script so of course it was inevitable that she was worried.

Jiang Mian smiled and lowered her head again—she looked like she was playing a game but in reality her mind had split into two, acting the female and the villain out in the scene. This was a skill she had learned after nine deaths in a secret realm in the world of immortal cultivation.

If the cultivation was high enough, one could use this skill to split incarnation. The former Jiang Mian could split up to 6 at once and each incarnation has her own seventy percent strength.

If not, she would not have killed several Great Demon Kings in a row, and the strength of each of these Great Demon Kings was no less than the Mahayana2 stage.

In this world, this skill has become a chicken rib3 and she could only split two person in her consciousness to help her practice—this was better than nothing.

“Xiao Jiang.”

A voice rang out.

“The next scene is our confrontation scene, do you want to pair up?” (practice)

Jiang Mian looked up and the visitor was Yu Ran who played the first male character.

Yu Ran was veteran actor, he was an elder of Jiang Mian in the circle. Calling Jiang Mian ‘Xiao’ was neither being too distant or intimate, he has a good sense of propriety and would not offend people.

Yu Ran debuted years ago, has not been popular and only until <<Green Onion’s Love Language>> only did his career slowly took off.

In the original plot, Yu Ran and Guan Xin worked again together after <<Green Onion’s Love Languange>> and fell in love with Guan Xin but because he learned that Guan Xin had a boyfriend, he hid this love in his heart.

Later, when someone on the internet hacked Guan Xin, he always showed up to support her at critical moments and was a good friend of Guan Xin in the circle.

But his character was pitiful, he only had few appearances throughout the plot and then disappeared. The original author was estimated to have forgotten to write something for this person.

Jiang Mian’s impression of Yu Ran was once of the countless cannon fodder suitor of Guan Xin.

“Teacher Yu.”

Jiang Mian politely agreed to Yu Ran request and stop the practice in her consciousness.

Yu Ran has been her senior although not popular but he already has experience and opinions when filming.

It was great opportunity for newcomers to play against their senior before they official start filming. Many former actors rely on their own understanding of the play and won’t easily play their opponents point, as long as they finish filming on their own way.

Jiang Mian was now a newcomer, and Yu Ran was a senior it was reasonable to say that even if they want to get the correct rhythm and emotions being portrayed on the scene, Jiang Mian should go and asked Yu Ran to practice. But the instead it was Yu Ran who came over and took the initiative to practice the scene was with obviously good intentions. And good intentions were accepted by Jiang Mian.

Yu Ran originally wanted to wait for Jiang Mian to come to him but Jiang Mian never came and thinking that she was a newcomer, she may be embarrassed so he take the initiative to come over.



received lunch boxed one after another1– death

Mahayana2– formerly known as dà shèng), is a sect of Buddhism. It includes both practical and theoretical aspects, emphasizing “self-interest, altruism, and benefiting all sentient beings”, and advocates the practice of “Bodhisattva Way” focusing on the “six degrees”. … Mahayana Buddhism says that everyone can achieve the same wisdom as the Buddha, hence the name ” Mahayana “.

chicken rib3– little value

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