ECM 32


Chapter 32

Father Xu now has long since stopped treating his daughter as spoiled and silly little girl who only knows how to eat, drink and play.

He already receive the dividends on his investment to Xu Yan and he also already tasted the sweetness of real estate industry and was now already studying hard to learn more—all because of these were credited to Xu Zhaixing.

After all his daughter has always been smart since she was a child. She was always the first in every exam, when others were still memorizing the multiplication table she could already do mental arithmetic and when others began to learn practical problems, she was already doing Olympiad mathematics.

And today, her daughter awakened her amazing business talent when she was still in high school and Father Xu didn’t feel anything out of place as he gladly accepted the unconventional setting.

Who let his daughter follow after him, she was so excellent!

So as soon as he heard Xu Zhaixing say this, he knew she must have some thoughts again.

He actually does not want to give up his company, Xu Zhaixing was right that was his decades of hard work. He started from scratched and went step by step, when it comes to letting go it would be hard to accept it.

But there was nothing he could do about it. They started to lose money last year, and this year’s projects have been taken away by the new company. The company has also laid many employees, up to now only few old employees were still supporting them and some of them already handed in their resignation a few days ago.

He was powerless, but seeing Xu Zhaixing’s determined face he sat down patiently and asked.

“Then tell me, how could I rescue it?”

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes twinkled.

“I want to go to cousin Xu Yan’s place for a month during this summer.”

“….you have not said the way yet, and you already began to talk about the conditions?”

Xu Zhaixing looked like then ‘what can-you-do-without-me’.

“Just say that you agree and I will promise that I will help you recover the company.”

Father Xu raised his hand and knocked her head with feigning anger.

“Am your father or your enemy? Speak up!”

She pouted and sat cross-legged in the old man’s chair organizing her words before asking.

“Dad, do you know how many dramas are in the entertainment industry every year?”

Father Xu asked back.

“Where would I go to know?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“According to incomplete statistics, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, every day, there are newly produce drama group. We don’t even count those with small investment and no sponsors, what we are counting were those with big productions with big stars and millions of investments, there are at least twenty of them every year. And even if we watch TV at home every day, how many can we watch in a year?”

Father Xu was surprise with this data, and he became more serious.

Xu Zhaixing continued.

“This is only the TV series, not including movies, variety shows, music programs, talent shows, news, and even if there are only so many TV stations there are only a few popular provincial stations. How many films and TV dramas compete every year to get popular and what can be seen by us in the end is already a natural choice. The domestic entertainment industry will only become more and more prosperous, according to this trend how many works can’t be release by the producers every year?”

The mist under Father Xu’s eyes gradually dispersed,

“What you mean is….”

Xu Zhaixing nodded.

“They must, and will certainly look for new platform—a new media video is the only way out.”

Father Xu pondered for a while.

“I understand what you are trying to say but there are too many video platform on the market now. It’s not like our company didn’t want to keep pace with the development but the impact and competition are too big. Many platforms have already established themselves, If I start to develop one now. It will be too late…”

Xu Zhaixing smiled.

“When an industry breaks up and reorganizes to redevelop it is bound to blossom everywhere like a spring but the area and nutrition is limited and now the whole video industry is too chaotic and intense, and in a few years it is bound to go oligarchic.”

She slowly said.

“Why is the whole industry now into new media? Because there is no cost, as long as it is a person who can make website he can fish in the water. Let’s say the audience wants to watch a TV series, they can watch it on this platform they can also watch on that platform. Once they search for the title of the drama the nest is full of them, it all depends on the mood of the user to choose which platform. But what if, only this platform can watch it?”

Father Xu looked at her in surprise while Xu Zhaixing shrugged her shoulders.

“So at the end of the day, it’s still a matter of copyright. The awareness of copyright in China is so weak that many people do not realize that it is against the law to commercialize other people’s work for free. And only those who are aware of the copyright issue and are willing to spend money to maintain the copyright can finally stand firm in this industry.”

She coiled her legs that was a little numb after being on the same position for a period of time and change to another one. The tone of her voice also changed into a lot more relax one.

“In addition to this fundamental reason, the key to the development of the platform lies in the divergence of new ideas. For example, adding real time comments, live broadcast and blu-ray HD quality that other website don’t have. We can also add drama by introducing Thai, Korean, Japanese and even anime, also British and American drama, buy all the rights. Refine the board, divide into different categories to give users the best viewing experience. In another two years when there are popular drams and variety show in China, we will take the exclusive rights to broadcast them on the internet without saying a word. At that time what we will worry about are the users, but once the business would be stabilize by then.”

She finally concuded.

“When we get back, you can eat the little fish and shrimps in the market and the one you can’t eat will merge. Once the market share is stable, who can move you?”

After Father Xu heard her out, he didn’t say anything for a moment.

Xu Zhaixing was not flustered either, she was holding the plate full of fruit waiting for him to digest slowly what she said.

For a long time, Father Xu looked at her with incomprehensible words.

“How can you put so many things in this head of yours?”

Xu Zhaixing proudly winked at him.

“Of course, the whole universe is inside my head.”

Father Xu smiled and patted her, the light that was originally extinguished in his eyes finally re-lit at this moment.

He mused.

“You’re right, it’s not too late. The platform has to be done up in a hurry.”

Xu Zhaixing took out her phone and opened a web page, she then handed it over to her father. She smiled and hide her merit and name.

“Not necessarily. This entertainment video is going out of business and recently I was anxious to get rid of this, you want to take over?”

She has been paying attention to the news in this area. This video platform was the most in line with the requirements of the current stars in terms of scale and technology.

Father Xu stared at her for a while before he finally asked.

“You dropped five place on the final exam this time, it’s not because you’re doing this, is it?”

“How can it be?”

Xu Zhaixing said.

“That’s because my language essay went off topic.”

Father Xu: “…”

To Father Xu he was not as ignorant as when he was dealing with real estate. Xu Zhaixing makes it so clear that he doesn’t know not how to do it, he doesn’t deserve his position as the ‘general manager Xu’ if that was the case.

Within two days, Father Xu negotiated the acquisition plan with the head of Le entertainment and went to B City to sign the contract.

If Xu Zhaixing told her plan, the payment was that her summer vacation destination would be Xu Yan’s place, she could play there for a month. And right now, she happily follows her father getting into the plane flying to B city.

Xu Yan has not seen his uncle for almost a year. After meeting them at the airport, he arranged food and accommodation. But since Father Xu had to talk about acquisition, Xu Zhaixing still live in Xu Yan’s place. So the next day, she went to the company with him.

After a few months of not visiting the place, the prestige of the first lady gradually faded. Only Zhao Jinjin thought about her every day, so when she hears the news that the first lady had come to the company she rushed over.

When she arrived at the company, Xu Zhaixing sat in Xu Yan’s office looking at the schedule of the company’s artist in recent months, to see if there were any projects that were destined to flounder so that they could be pulled down in advance.

Halfway through, she heard Zhao Jinjin asked Xu Yan’s assistant through the office door.

“Is Miss inside? I bought milk tea for her.”

As soon as the door opened, Xu Zhaixing made a good embrace gesture in advance and looked at her excitedly.

“Ah, my money is tree is coming!”

Zhao Jin: “???”

Am I just a money tree in your eyes?

The two hadn’t see each other for a long time, and Zhao Jinjin said.

“You seem to have grown a little taller.”

Xu Zhaixing also said.

“You seems to have tanned a little.”

Zhao Jinjin crossed her arms.

“Didn’t you watched how many variety shows I have joined every day! How can I not get tanned?”

Xu Zhaixing gave a squeeze on her shoulder and said with a smile.

“Our money tree has work hard. Haven’t you always wanted me to be your makeup artist? I’ll follow your schedule in the next few days and make you look super pretty!”

Zhao Jinjin brightly lit up with joy and then thought of something, and then withered.

“In the recent half month, I do not need hair and makeup on my schedule.”

She also regretfully added.

“I took part in a dance variety show from Zhongtian, they approached me with the condition that the male partner should be from their company’s newcomer. And practice dance for a half month in their company, that’s means I’ll be sweating all day so there was no need for makeup and hair.”

Xu Zhaixing was surprised.

“We’re actually working with Zhongtian?”

Zhao Jinjin cleared her throat and followed Xu Yan’s tone.

“There are no eternal enemies, only eternal win-win benefits. Since they threw the olive branch naturally there is no reason not to take it.”

“…you learn to imitate my brother quite the same.”

Zhao Jinjin triumphantly said.

“That’s for sure, after all I was influenced.”

Xu Zhaixing’s little mind began to activate and asked as if she really was not interested.

“Where is the address of the dance practice? I heard that they have several branches.”

Zhao Jinjin told the address, which was the practice building for trainees in other words the place where Cen Feng was located. Thinking about it, Zhongtian only has room spacious enough and well-equipped dance practice there.

She was simply overwhelmed with joy but still said in a steady voice.

“It’s okay, even if you don’t need hair and makeup I will still accompany you to help you buy water and run errands for you. It’s my way of repaying you for your hard work making money for me!”

Zhao Jinjin was overjoyed.

“That’s fine! Tomorrow morning I’ll pick you up first and we’ll go there together.”

The next morning, Xu Zhaixing cleaned herself up. The little girl who always been plain faced, and rarely puts makeup was not drawing an eyebrow and put on some light lip gloss then sat in the living room waiting for Zhao Jinjin to pick her up.

Xu Yan who came out from the kitchen with breakfast swept her a look for a few times and suddenly said.

“I suggest you don’t let Cen Feng see you with Zhao Jinjin.”

Xu Zhaixing almost spit out a mouthful of milk.

“Who… said I was going there to see him!”

Xu Yan ignored her and contined.

“His attitude towards Chen Xing is so repulsive, once he knows that you are related to Chen Xing he may suspect that you previously approach him with ill intention.”

Xu Zhaixing froze, and really did not expect this thought.


Her suddenly appearing in front of him was already an unfathomable mystery, although she did have the purposed of signing him to Chen Xing she couldn’t tell him that it was because he would die if he stayed in the Zhongtian so she came to save him, right?

Xu Zhaixing was so lost that she didn’t want to eat her breakfast.

While Xu Yan smears peanut butter on the toast while saying leisurely.

“Don’t go, go with me to the company to do your homework.”

At this time the phone vibrated twice, and it was a message from Zhao Jinjin saying that the car had arrived downstairs and that she should come downstairs.

Xu Zhaixing had a depressed face for a while now, as if she was having a war with a celestial being but finally she convince herself at the end.

“Just don’t let him see me right?”

Xu Yan: “….”

She jumped up from the sofa and went out happily.

Since Zhao Jinjin was there to practice dancing, she only brought with her an assistance, Xiao Xiao. Xu Zhaixing took a look while putting the hat on her head and to Zhao Jinjin.

“In a while, you will say that I am also your assistant.”

Zhao Jinjin thought she was playing some little assistant role-playing game and just nodded in response.

When they arrived at Zhongtian the person in charge came to pick them up. Today Zhao Jinjin was not as popular was when she was the first love of a new generation but her popularity was faster than of a rocket. Everyone was polite when they see her.

After entering the familiar building, Xu Zhaixing didn’t dare not to look up in the whole time for fear of encountering Cen Feng and being hit on the spot but what she didn’t know that at this time trainees were already sweating like rain in their respective training rooms. So they were able to walk without any hitch all the way to Zhao Jinjin’s dance rehearsal place, and the male newcomer who was her partner was already waiting inside.

After introducing each other, the dance teacher began to line up the dance for the two.

The dance rehearsal process would also be edited for the variety show, then they started to shot inside the practice room. Xu Zhaixing did not want to be captured so she hid away and watched Zhao Jinjin’s uncoordinated limbs twisting and turning everywhere. After watching for a while, Xu Zhaixing got bored and decided to slip out of the back door.

When they came over just now, she could hear music from the corridor, and the person in charge introduced that there were trainees training on this floor.

She crossed the corridor gingerly and cautiously in through the glass window.

And there she saw Cen Feng in that training room at the end of the corridor.

When Xu Zhaixing saw him, he was standing sideways near the window. He was wearing a black undershirt and was carrying a bottle of mineral water in his hand while his neck and arms were sweaty.

He looked indifferent while looking out the window with a blazing sunlight as his eyelashes slightly trembled.

Xu Zhaixing’s heart began to beat wildly.

This time, he finally didn’t get thinner but looked like a little fleshier. It may also be because he was wearing less, showing his shoulders and arms, those well-proportioned muscle line making the whole person look like an air.1

In simpler terms, it’s as if he was nothing.

Xu Zhaixing felt that she had to hurry up, it was not worth it to die here.

However it was good to know which training room he was in so next time she could try to sneak in and bring something warmth secretly!

As she was turning to leave, she heard the the teacher inside say.

“Cen Feng you dance again.”

The teacher raised his voice and added.

“Look at Cen Feng’s movements! One and two—you can’t even find the beat!”

Xu Zhaixing: “?!”

My old swan! Gus dancing solo in a practice room, it’s a shame not to watch!


air1– best condition


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