Chapter 1(2)

Tang Xinyu did not expect to catch the wild mandarin ducks here. She didn’t know which maid and male servant were having secret feelings for each other that their passion was hard to repress.

They even used the interval of work to make out with each other, it seems that the butler here was not very good at supervising and harnessing the skills of the employees.

The sound of the fabric being torn could already be heard over the flower wall.

The female voice whimpered.

“Ah! My stockings!”

Hearing that the two mandarin ducks really dared to continue what should be done in private, Tang Xinyu ears could not help felt hot.

Embarrassed to stand and listen to it any longer, she slowly turned around and quietly leave when she heard the female voice shouting a name.

The name was incoherently said a few times before it was blocked by the lips of the male mandarin.

But Tang Xinyu still heard it clearly, her foot that was raised paused mid-air.

“Lanqing… Qing….”

Tang Xinyu gently put her foot on the ground. She didn’t think that this man would dare to be so unbridled!

Standing behind the flower wall was the fiancé praised by the elders. Her fiancé who was too busy meet her but had time to meet with his wild lover.

Oh, it wasn’t right to say wild lover, after all in the original plot, these two people were lovers who was deeply in love with each other.

At this time, the voice of the scum man whose lust was quench rang out again.

“Well, that’s great! Wanwan you’re so beautiful…”

The corner if Tang Xinyu’s mouth hooked up into a mocking smile.

It really is that bitch!

This novel in Tang Xinyu’s memory was considered dead, for no other reason than the plot was too fucking disgusting!

The heroine of the novel was Tang Wanwan and the male lead was called Mo Lanqing. The male lead also has a fiancé who has been engage due to pressure of the elders at home, called Tang Xinyu.

The author focused on describing the male lead’s deep love for the heroine. Under the elders pressure the two of them was forced, and helplessness they got married even without love.

And the male lead and the heroine would still see each other, as they loved each other. Ignoring and leaving behind the legitimate wife.

Finally the two despicable people embezzled Tang Xinyu’s family company, and was forced to die. While the scum male lead was proclaimed as a brave warrior who fought for his love.

And the best part was that the heroine, Tang Wanwan was the best friend to cannon fodder wife.

Tang Xinyu was speechless with the author’s way of whitewashing when she read the synopsis.

At the beginning of the novel, she already notice that the name of the cannon fodder’s fiancé was exactly the same as her.

Tang Xinyu once again looked at the flower wall that was mentioned in the novel.

And once again listened to the other side of the flower wall, of those cheating man and woman whispering each other’s names, finally confirming the reality that she really crossed over and not just that, she crossed over on the most disgusting book.

She raised her hand and rubbed her face which was already cold due to the wind. Tang Xinyu resisted the urge to curse openly.

Heavens! Are you upset that I criticized the new secretary until she cried the other day?

Did you take offence to my bashing to the logic of the novels or the idiocy of the supporting charcters?

So now you throwing me here for punishment?

When Tang Xinyu thought about the future life of the original owner, she felt unhappy again. Since she had replaced the original owner, there was no reason to walk according to the plot of the original owner.

She was not someone who would suffer beating and still suffer a loss.

Tang Xinyu touched her pocket, she had no phone with her. Seeing that the voice recording was impossible, she couldn’t help sighing for missing such a good opportunity.

“Miss Tang, why are you standing here?”

A voice as clear and as deep as the mountain cold spring suddenly rang out from behind Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu’s body shook, she slowly turned around and look.

A man wearing a white casual shirt and light almond colored casual pants. He was smiling slightly at her, this smile on his original cold face looked soft and gentle. His arms and elbow were propped on the handrail and his slender fingers were clasped and hung idly on his chin. There seemed to a cold gaze in his eyes while looking at Tang Xinyu faintly giving her an invisible pressure.

Tang Xinyu first wanted to scold Mo Lanqing, prior to hearing his scandalous scene. But seeing that many people were coming to the flower wall she got annoyed but seeing the handsome man in front of her was sitting on a wheelchair she felt sorry and pity.

At this point, that side of the flower wall was suddenly quiet for a moment.

Tang Xinyu curled her lips and a light smile appear on her face.

“I just arrived.”

The man in the wheelchair tapped his finger on the armrest before he slowly move forward and his low voice, as if pressing Tang Xinyu with pressure said something that the latter had hard time hearing.

The man said.

“I didn’t expect Miss Tang to have a hobby of listening in the corners.”

Tang Xinyu stared at the playfulness under the man’s slightly curled eyelashes and an image immediately presented itself in her mind.

On this side of the wall she was talking closely to a strange man while on the other side of the wall, his fiancée and her best friend were half naked.


It’s so exciting!



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