Chapter 153

At the end of June, the Shazou Chronicle that had it’s hiatus for more than two years was once again started updating for more than two months now. This time, they played three episodes for the fans, one at a time making the fans sing and dance happily for a moment as if they were celebrating New Year.

However this happiness did not last long, when the fans rushed to buy potato chips, cola and fried chicken to enjoy it with the new episode. They opened the latest update of the Shazou Chronicle, and after watching three episodes in a row the fans no longer look like they were happy. One by one they were dejected, like an eggplant beaten by the frost.

Who was it? Where am I? Why did someone die again? What’s more the death was really irrefutable, screenwriter you think they’re rabbits.1

Unfortunately no matter how the fans roar, the story that has happened would not be repeated and changed.

The dead characters would not come back to life, luckily the guru who analyze the following plot on the forum of Shazou Chronicle guessed that there might be a character dying so they were able to psychologically prepare themselves ahead of time.

But even if they were mentally prepared, the fans were still had it hard accepting the death of a character since they were also a fan of that character for a long time.

And now that it was time to kill them, they couldn’t help but ask if there was a king or was this really the heavenly order?

While feeling sad and angry for the character’s death the fans also have admired the writer’s control over the plot and characters of the Shazou Chronicle so although so much blood has been sent out, so far there was no collapse on the characters.

Their deaths were reasonable and could stand scrutiny. The latest episodes of Shazou Chronicle were gradually fitting in with the well-known events in history, it could be seen that the screenwriter and director were very attentive.

However, even if with that said the heart could not hide the fact that he was an executioner, so crazy fans began to start the topic #I killed the old thief Fu Zhen which topped the top ten weibo hot search.

That Luo Pingingping who doesn’t really check her weibo and people from the studio all know about it. They also tease Fu Zhen on WeChat and ask him if he was going to be killed when <<White Castle>> was released.

Fu Zhen returned it with a meaningful emoji smile.

Ever since Jiang Hengshu showed up at the conference as the current head of the Jiang family, he has been receiving a lot of attention.

Some unknown 18-line stars and even well known stars and internet celebrities always like to rub his popularity in private. However, because Jiang Hengshu said that he already has a lover in an interview, their intention of rubbing popularity was not particularly obvious.

In addition to be the talked of the town by the netizens by a few sentences, it has no effects on Jiang Hengshu.

Now there were paparazzi who follows and photographed Jiang Hengshu but his daily routine was very regular. It was impossible for paparazzi to sneak into the company building nor at Jiang Hengshu’s home to take pictures.

So there has been no exclusive hot news, many paparazzi have changed to secretly took picture, they followed Jiang Hengshu for 10 days hoping to get an inclusive big news.

Fu Zhen’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger, in addition to his leg injury he couldn’t do any strenuous exercise so Jiang Hengshu would left early from work every afternoon to accompany Fu Zhen in the neighborhood street to walk and talk.

The sunset reflected in the western sky with fish scaled and colored haze piece of clouds were painted brilliantly with color of layer.

Fu Zhen who has been out for some time sucked in a breathed of cool air and stopped, Jiang Hengshu hurriedly turned his head to look at him. Frowning, he asked.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Zhen lowered his head and looked at his sneaker that he has just bought when he was shopping with Madam Jiang a few days ago. He moved his feet and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“The shoes rubs my skin.”

Jiang Hengshu directly squatted down to check and found that the back of Fu Zhen’s has been rubbed red in circle and the some skin were torn but since the shoes had a buckle and rope belt it was a bit cumbersome so take off.

It took a little longer for Jiang Hengshu to help Fu Zhen take off his shoes.

“There are chairs there, so sit down first.”

Fu Zhen went to sit down while Jiang Hengshu knelt down in front of front of Fu Zhen and helped him untie all the buttons and take off his shoes, he then put his feet on his thighs and helped him pinched the swollen calf.

“Remember to apply some ointment when you go home later.”

Fu Zhen tilted his head and hmm, Jiang Hengshu got up and sat beside Fu Zhen. There was no shopping mall and supermarket in the community so it was impossible to buy a pair of shoes for Fu Zhen now.

And Jiang Hengshu was reluctant to let him walked home like this, fortunately it was not too far away from home so he could carry him home.

It was still early so Jiang Hengshu accompanied Fu Zhen to sit there for a while, when he vaguely perceived in his line of sight something behind him so he looked back but only saw the shaking branches.

Jiang Hengshu hesitated for a moment before he took off his jacket and draped it over Fu Zhen then sat down in a different position.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Zhen asked him.


The sky gradually darkened and the street lights on both side of the street lit up in unison. Since Fu Zhen’s stomach was now very big, he had to take his time getting up. Jiang Hengshu followed after and bent down picking him up.

Fu Zhen froze for a moment before reacting what Jiang Hengshu intended to do. Although he like Jiang Hengshu hugging him, but they were still outside and still has a long way home.

Jiang Hengshu did not want Fu Zhen to be in pain, but Fu Zhen also did not want Jiang Hengshu get tired, so he grabbed Jiang Hengshu’s arm and said to him.

“My feet are better, I can walk by myself.”

Jiang Hengshu smiled and said.

“It’s okay, it’s not far.”


screenwriter you think it’s a rabbit.1- I don’t know also what is the relation with rabbit


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  2. IndiraIsReading Avatar

    Also, cute.


  3. Aku menunggu kelanjutannya

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  4. why the hell are they so cute??? they are the most stable, cutest, respectful couple i’ve ever seen ❤


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  6. Aaahh, did they walk home like that? Slowly getting to their destination as the sun sets, with Jiang Hengshu’s jacket on Fu Zhen’s, him on his husband’s carry? Hehe, so full of sweets.

    Translator, maybe the connection to the rabbit is soft, delicate, prone to danger and easy to die(kill).

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  7. The rabbit part probably meant along the lines of how easily they were killed since rabbits look cute and many easily become fond of them but at the same time they are killed as food pretty heartlessly

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  8. Rabbits die easily. I am guessing the characters in the Anime were quite powerful however, they are now being cut down one by one just like rabbits.

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