Chapter 17

Yan Zhen’s eyes were red as he focused his eyes on the door, and as soon as the door opened a hideous looking zombie pounced on him.

He lifted two corners of the wooden bed with both hands and pushed it sideways, the zombie that was hit by the wooden bed was knocked off the wall on the opposite side before it stiffly moved.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, he beckoned Tang Tang to hurry up and follow him.

Fortunately there were no ability users outside the door.

It was obviously not convenient to drag two large wooden beds down the stairs. According to their previous discussion, Yan Zhen was leading the way while the other one followed behind as they went to the tenth floor corridor.

Tang Tang was used seeing the zombies these few days she had encountered them but their various ferocious expression still makes her a little uncomfortable.


A zombie was about to claw Tang Tang and it was too late for her to intercept it with her iron bar so she could only bent over to avoid it. While the zombie’s reaction was slow, she lowered her head and dragged the wooden bed.

Such a great tool, what a pity I can’t use it!

She commented as she moved swiftly and took the cloth that was used to drag the wooden bed in front of her towards her body with her other hand while her other hand raised the wooden bed as she stepped her other foot before using the other foot to kicking it forward.

Kicking it, hurts.

The wooden bed moved forward with a fast pace tripping several zombies to the ground. However there was a disadvantage in this method, Jiang Zhu’s head which was not tightly tied was hitting the wooden bed with this action making a “bang bang” sound.


A mistake, mistake.

Tang Tang listed to the crisp sound and felt sorry.

She was about crouch down to check if Jiang Zhu’s head was still okay but she suddenly paused her movement, the zombie that was tripped and fallen to the ground got up again looking at her and wanting to scratch her.

She did not dare delay, and seeing that Yan Zhen was already far ahead of her she hurriedly tugged the long cloth and ran forward. For the time being she could only first ignore the head of Jiang Zhu.

It’s alright, it’s alright, Jiang Zhu is the male lead, his life shouldn’t be endangered because of this!

And the head is also padded with a thick quilt, certainly he will be fine!

Tang Tang could only soothed herself.

The width of the corridor was not big so when the wooden bed was placed in the middle both side could only accommodate one. If Tang Tang ran slowly there would be one or two zombie pushing and attacking her from both sides, just like how the previous zombie wanting to scratching her.

But as long as she drags the board forward quickly the zombie attacking her from the two ways needs to run quickly but as of the moment the zombies doesn’t have this kind of ability right now.

And since Yan Zhen was the one responsible in front, she shouldn’t worry for any zombie coming after her in front. Tang Tang only need to ensure that the zombie behind her could not follow her and Yan Zhen.

But some of the zombie behind them were fast and eager to catch people in front of them that they even learned to step on the wooden board trying to grab the people in front of them.

When Tang Tang turned around what she saw was this scene making herself almost tripped.

She quickly squatted down and did the same trick she did earlier constantly making small movements, and shaking the wooden bed to let those who have stepped up on the wooden bed completely unstable and all together fell backwards.

Tang Tang was relieved and was proud with this achievement.

See, see, see my method is just simply amazing.

Yan Zhen on the other hand passed by a bedroom with its door wide open, he noticed that it was clean and tidy, there were no zombies either and the balcony window was not destroyed. Of course there were no zombies climbing up on the window, so he quickly stopped and called out Tang Tang.

“This way, this way, there is a good room here. Let’s choose this one!”

When Tang Tang heard this, she trusted his judgment and hastily raised her hand to indicate that she agreed.

Yan Zhen then pushed the wooden bed forward with a few steps and he was able to enter the room while carrying two boys.

At this time, Tang Tang also ran after him.

Yan Zhen moved the wooden bed to the innermost edge then went to pick up Tang Tang.

But that’s when an accident happened.

They don’t where it came from but a sudden gust of wind blew in the corridor, it was even more stronger than the wind outside.

Tang Tang was stunned by the sudden gust of the wind, while the several zombies who chased after her all flew out.


Why is it too strong?

The weight of these zombies was not light, when she was using her iron bar swinging their body she felt pain in her hand so she did not expect the wind to be so powerful that it was able to blow them out.

She was able to breathe for a moment, but not long after.

That several zombies were all blown out regardless of their weight, then she who was much lighter than them wouldn’t be in danger?

Tang Tang was clear headed so she hurriedly drag the wooden bed to the bedroom.

But unfortunately, even if she was worrying about her own safety she was still blasted by the wind.


The wind is too strong to stand!

Tang Tang hurriedly ran the bedroom door trying to cling.

While Yan Zhen was also blown by this gust of wind and was sent a few steps backward, he raised his arms to block his eyes and also followed Tang Tang grabbing the door frame.


The wind was so strong that they almost couldn’t hear each other.

Tang Tang who heard him say something asked Yan Zhen opposite to her, in a loud voice.


“I said—where—does—the—wind—come—from!”


The two were clinging to the door resisting to be blown away by the strong wind but the wooden bed where Jiang Zhu was lying were little by little was being lifted, since there was only a long strip of cloth connected to Tang Tang’s body which looked like it’s about to rip.

Tang Tang could vaguely hear the sound of the cloth being ripped to shreds.


She looked down, and squinted her eyes as she looked at it.

Damn! The cloth was already ripped into half!

Now there were only two options left, one she and Yan Zhen would hold the wooden bed with one hand each to stabilize it. Two, leave Jiang Zhu and let him fly.

Tang Tang don’t know what would happened in the end with the first option but to choose the second option, when the man comes back she would most likely be pushed into a zombie pile. And new and old debt would settle together.

With that in mind, she held the door frame and slowly squatted down.

At the same time she called out Yan Zhen.


Yan Zhen quickly understood what she meant and hurriedly squatted down to help her.

Two people were holding the wooden bed each side with one hand, and was able to maintain up to two minutes. Fortunately also the gust of the wind was strangely ceasing.


The two then sat down on the floor with a long sigh of relief.

Their palms have been sweating, if the wind did not stop they were afraid they won’t be able to grasp the doorframe anymore.

The of them struggled to move the wooden bed with the zombies swarming them, fortunately the wind blew the nearby zombies away so they just had to concentrate on moving the wooden bed without worrying about being attack by the zombies.

Tang Tang smoothly wiped her sweat, ready to take advantage of the zombies not being around and hurriedly went into the room, and close the door.

But at this time, the strange wind suddenly blew up again.


Tang Tang subconsciously went to grab the door frame but this time her hands were already numb and could only see her outstretched hands gradually slipping away from the door frame.


I can’t believe I didn’t catch it?

I can’t believe my hand didn’t grasp it?

I don’t believe it!

Let me down!!!

Tang Tang who was blown by the wind with her feet off the ground said in a silent cry.

Yan Zhen then noticed the situation, quickly turned around and grabbed her hand while his other hand was firmly grasping the door frame.

Tang Tang felt the she stopped flying backwards. She looks at Yan Zhen and saw that he holding her hand but before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she notices that there was a zombie on one side of the corridor. The zombie was resisting the wind and was walking rigidly in her direction?

And the hand that was grabbed by Yan Zhen, felt like it was about to break because of how strong the wind pulling her body. It was like tearing her heart and lungs.

So, again here comes the multiple choice question.

One, if Yan Zhen does not let go of her hand then she would surely break her arms and then with the zombie coming her way, it would bite her and Yan Zhen so both of them would turn into zombie or die..

Second, if Yan Zhen let go of her and hurriedly close the door then her arm would still be intact and the two of them would not be bitten by the zombie but she would be bitten instead.

Now the question, should she let go or not?



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