TMBAM 12.1

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Chapter 12

The last time the original owner went to Yan’s company, she sat directly at the bench chair. Without Yan Chao speaking no one pays attention to her at all, finally the original owner left in rage and kicked the door on the way out.

And right now, Chen Yujin got of the car and entered the building followed by her, the receptionist was momentarily baffled and suddenly did not know how to address her.

Chen Yujin glance at her.

Gu Xueyi herself came less and more likely they did not recognize her.

So Chen Yujin whispered.

“This is Madam Yan.”

The receptionist came to a realization and hastily called out.

“Madam Yan.”

Gu Xueyi nodded slightly and entered the elevator together with Chen Yujin.

The elevator door closes and their figure quickly disappear from the lobby while the receptionist was not yet able to return to her senses.

It…it was the same person? She isn’t Miss Gu, is she?

Jian Changming was sitting in the small conference room on the tenth floor.

From the tenth floor up involved more secret so no matter how many people in Yan’s family know that Jian Changming was a good friend of Yan Chao they still did not invited him upstairs.

At this time, another secretary of Yan Chao was also sitting in the small conference room and was accompanying him for a small chat.

“Mr. Chen is already downstairs.”

The secretary turned back around and said with a smile.

Jian Changming nodded.

As soon as he finished nodding, they heard the sound of footsteps in the corridor outside the door and then followed by clamored of human voices.

Immediately after, the door was pushed open.

“Mr. Jian.”

Chen Yujin’s voice rang out first.

Followed closely by Gu Xueyi faintly saying.

“Mr. Jian.”

As the words fell, she raised her eyes and scowled at the man inside the conference room.

Every part of this building makes Gu Xueyi couldn’t help but marvel.

The ‘technology’ of this era was really remarkable compared with the western style decoration at the Yan’s mansion that makes her feel ‘cheap’, everything here makes her respect from inside and out.

In contrast, the man sitting on the sofa was not so eye-catching.

The man wore a gray suit from this era, a pair of rimmed old-school glasses and a fountain pen pinned at his breast pocket. His figure was tall, he was sitting upright, his features were the definition of elegance and handsomeness, and his age should around thirty five or thirty six.

Not much bigger than Jian Rui.

But he should has a higher seniority.

“Mr. Chen.”

At the end, Jian Changming slowly stood up and extended his hand to shake hands with Chen Yujin before parting his gaze a bit for Gu Xueyi.

“Who is this?”

“Gu Xueyi.”

Gu Xueyi directly reported herself.

Jian Changming was surprised for a moment.

But it was just for a moment.

After all, what in the world has he not seen yet, he quickly returned to business as usual.

“Where is that niece of mine?”

Jian Changming asked.

“Yan Wenjia is receiving Ms. Jian.”

Jian Changming nodded and did not asked anymore questions.

All three quickly settled around the small round table and the secretary earlier brought over a coffee and tea before closing the door to the small conference room.

There as immediate silence after the door was closed.

Jian Changming glanced at Chen Yujin, who looked pale and did not make any other moves. The former immediately understood that Gu Xueyi could stay here.

Since this was the case, Jian Changming also would not delay. He directly opened his mouth.

“Jian’s family has gone to Niger, that area has perennial terrorism and terrorist. The group …. Organizational activities did not able to find Yan Chao, only little clue was found and it’s likely that Mr. Yan has gone to Mali.”

“Thank you for your hard work Mr. Jian.”

After hearing these words, Chen Yujin’s expression didn’t change much.

“It was supposes to be what I should have done.”

When Jian Changming said this, he suddenly looked in Gu Xueyi’s direction, his gaze were cold and unhurried.

“I’m the one who owes it to Mr. Yan.”

Jian Changming said.

Gu Xueyi: “?”

What else does she have to do with this?

When Chen Yujin heard such words he did not show any doubt or curiosity, he always uphold the professionalism of a secretary.

“The search and rescue teams and mercenaries raised by the Yan family are also continuing their search within Africa. With Yan Chao’s ability, he should be definitely be safe and sound. The rest we can do is to keep the situation at home.”

Chen Yujin said without haste.

Search and rescue teams, mercenaries.. These people raised by the Yan family itself, presumably equivalent to the private soldiers like the ancient time?

It looked like the business of the Yan family was even bigger than she had imagined.

The choice to be a quiet listener now was really the right one.

Jian Changming asked rhetorically.

“You mean the stock price of Yan Chao?”

Jian Changming smiled shallowly.

“Yan’s foundation is strong, and the decline is only temporary. Soon they will react that even if the Yan Chao the president is abroad, the Yan Family can still maintain the normal operation. At that time the stock price will go up. Secretary Chen should be very experience in dealing with these matters, I’ve heard about it in Haishi and some of those who are trying to make a hostile acquisition are all suppressed.”

Stock price.

Stock market.

Gu Xueyi silently digested these new words again.

Chen Yujin said indifferently.

“The stock price of the Yan would not be turbulent, and the stock market will be even less turbulent. Naturally there is nothing to worry about.”

“You said Baoxin?”

Jian Changming seemed to have some interest at this point.

Chen Yujin nodded.

“A mess.”

Jian Changming said after a pause.

“This matter has to be handled cleanly. I’m afraid Mr. Chen will be inappropriate.”


That should be the name of the company.

Gu Xueyi said silently in her mind.

Is it a subsidiary of Yan?

The concept of ‘subsidiary’ was something she had just read about in a book.

Jian Changming followed and opened his mouth.

“I can only play a very small role in this mess, the best way is to share out his risk….”

Chen Yujin nodded lightly.

“Baoxin’s loss is not a significant amount for the Yan’s. But the hidden risk it poses is huge, it is best to have other equally large business to share the risk.”

“Then it would have to be the …. Jiang family? The Song family?”

Jian Changming named several families in one breath.

The looked as usual and talked openly not minding Gu Xueyi was listening to them, probably because they felt that even if Gu Xueyi heard she would not understand.

“The roots of the Yan family are still overseas after all.”

Only then did a bit of helplessness appear on Chen Yujin’s face.

Jian Changming nodded and commented.

“This is not the right time to introduce overseas companies, but the Jiang family’s Jiang Er, the Song family’s Song Jing…. Seemed to be very difficult to deal with.”

It’s more than just dealing with it.

If Jiang Er is really wearing Yan Chao a green hat it’s too damn hard to deal with!

Chen Yujin thought and couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Gu Xueyi.


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