Chapter 24

Xia Ningmeng immediately clicked on it and read the message with a smile on her face.

“Ah, the emails sent by the big boss comes with a scent~”

It’s a pity that Ye Susu had already moved away and didn’t see this familiar name at all.

And after Xia Ningmmeng read the email again, she threw her phone back to her bag.

“Say, that landlord of yours hasn’t been around? I haven’t even seen him.”

“The rent of this high-class location and high-class house is one thousand. Susu although it is cheap but pay attention to safety to that guy, understand? You are a beautiful woman with a child, what if he has evil thoughts about you—do you want me to move in to accompany you?”

On the second floor at the corner of the living room on the sofa, a certain man heard their conversation and couldn’t help but frown tightly as his face gradually turned cold.

However Ye Susu with boldness and carefulness said.

“No need.”

Making the man’s brow loosened.

However the next moment a delicate voice resounded softly.

“He should thank god I don’t think ill of him.”

The certain man in the second floor: “…”

The corner of the man’s mouth twitched as he walked into the study while pinching his brow and quickly dialed on his phone.

“Liu Zhen, keep an eye on the nearby idle dining establishments.”

There were women who must be given something to do.

Lazy and poor, but also thinking about getting something for nothing, and hooking up with strange men—was how he viewed her.


On the other hand, after Ye Xun went upstairs, he squatted down in front of his small school bag and took out his small phone to continue experimenting.

Just now halfway through, mommy called him to eat.

Now, after picking up his phone again, looking at it he realized that he seemed to have turned on ‘live’ correctly.

Although he couldn’t read, he can see the numbers: 1with 1393.

Is this the aunts and uncle who are watching?

1, does this mean that only one person is watching?

1393 is the number of fans that mommy have?

Ye Xun tilted his head, with his little head he still could not figure out the meaning of the numbers. Getting out from his deep thought what he saw on the phone screen was his own red little face.

Because just now he ran in a hurry both of his cheeks were a little pink and he was also nervous for secretly doing bad things.

“Bang…” (sound of the object falling on the ground)

He was startled that he loosened the grip on his hand and the phone feel to the ground.

Mommy said he couldn’t be in front of the camera, if he was seen everyone would know he didn’t have a dad and would be ridiculed by everyone.

Ye Xun cried as he urgently picked up the phone, fumbling to the buttons to adjust the shot to the rear lens. He finally adjusted the camera and successfully it was facing the floor.


He breathed a sigh of relief and raised his little hand to wipe the cold sweat that had come out on his forehead.

Fortunately, not many aunts and uncles should see his face now.

“Show you’re most real self on live broadcast, but you have to be cute and act pampered appropriately.”

Ye Xun did not know how to act on live but he firmly remembered what Ye Wan his mommy’s cousin once said.

The thought made him scrunch up his little face.

He would not act pampered much less be cute.

So what would he do?

Ye Xun bit his lips and sighed in a less old fashioned way like an old adult.

After the sigh, his heart gave a jump, afraid that the aunts and uncles heard his sigh.

The audience was here to relieve their boredom, not to see his sad face… he have to show them the most comfortable and happy look.

Yes, he couldn’t show to the aunt and uncles he was in misery, he have to be happy.

But Ye Xun even with this thought, while standing in place with the phone his small face still stiffened, completely unable to smile.

After all, he was the happiest when he was with mommy…. but he couldn’t let his mommy know about this, in case she gets angry.

He won’t even dare to think what would happen if in case that happen.

Ye Xun was frustrated as he hang his head and his small hands because of nervousness squeezed his small fist to lose the tension.

Like what his mommy said, he was young and not smart, unpleasant at that.

He had no other choice but the be clumsy bird that flies early.1

With that in mind, he gritted his teeth and carefully rested the phone on the table.

Again from the small school bag he took out the storybook and carefully spread it out, he then found a wooden pencil from the case.

The tip was written bald long ago, as if it has been dropped and the quill inside was broken leaving only a circle of wooden edges.

But the tip seems to have been rubbed often and has been made smooth and round.

Ye Xun then flattened the first page of the story book, he didn’t think there was anything unusual on what he did. Leaning over he holds the pen and began to stroke the drawing above.

It was a little bear with round body, round eyes and round ears….

He did not know any words, and his mommy did not teach him much so he did not dare to write any. He could only follow the lines first secretly by himself.

The phone was set up on the side of the pencil case, pointed at the desktop and took a clear picture of his short fat, white little finger.

He was seriously tracing, and unbeknownst to him the number of viewers on the live screen started to double!

[What is this? A live stream of little a baby?]

[What is the kid doing? The pen is unusable.]

The comments pop-ups.

And with two rewards!


The author has something to say: The ML: How can you get something for nothing? Well, give her a shop and let her work!

Assistant: So, it this job called ‘boss lady’?



clumsy bird the flies early.1– to work had to compensate for one’s limited abilities.

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