Chapter 152

Tang Wanwan was wearing a long black dress, she was holding a red wine in her hand and her eyes were staring in the direction of Jiang Hengshu.

Qin Zhao came over and asked her.

“What are you looking at?”

“I think that guys looks a little familiar, like I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

Qin Zhao didn’t take Tang Wanwan’s words seriously and only said.

“I’ll be jealous if you stare at other men like that.”

Tang Wanwan glared at him.

“I mean it.”

Qin Zhao then followed Tang Wanwan’s line of sight and frowned as he stared at Jiang Hengshu’s profile for a moment before slowly saying.

“It does seem like I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

Jiang Hengshu stayed at the party for less than an hour before taking Fu Zhen out using the back door.

Fu Zhen sat on the passenger side playing with his cellphone and laughed at the the netizens’ comments.

The video clip of the morning launch has been released. Probably because Jiang Hengshu’s face was more handsome that the heat was not low compared to other business news, since after a few minutes there have been thousands of comments.

[Are all the presidents so handsome nowadays? I like this Jiang Hengshu!]

[The reported and his boss is too funny, I cut several expressions. I am not happy attack X I have no brain, I stand for this cp.]

[The commenter above, you do not have a chance. Did you not hear, he said he has a lover?]

[Qin Zhao’s marriage was broadcasted live for a whole day and netizens were able to see their story unfolds so how can Jiang Hengshu do everything quietly?]

[This is the real nobleman, knows what low key is while Qin Zhao is just the nouveau riche.]

[Commenter upstairs, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. The Qin family is not a nouveau riche, their ancestor was in the capital for three generations further more they died for the Qing dynasty, if they’re not noble then what are they?]

[Compare to the Jiang family’s heritage the Qin family is indeed considered nouveau riche. Upstairs if you do not believe you can go to baidu to look up and see the origin of the Jiang family.]

The netizens ended up arguing over whether Qin Zhao was a nouveau riche or not, making the whole thing awfully mystical.

On the other hand the topic of the discussion, Jiang Hengshu was busy kneading Fu Zhen’s legs while thinking of ways to increase Fu Zhen’s calcium since during this period of time Fu Zhen always had cramps on his legs.

After returning home, Jiang Hengshu would start working again, after kneading for a while Jiang Hengshu suddenly raised his head and asked Fu Zhen.

“How about I build you a studio?”

Fu Zhen raised his eyes with a questioning look in his eyes.

“Isn’t there a studio already?”

“In the future if you want to make a movie you can’t be in the Shazou Chronicle studio.”

Jiang hengshu said to Fu Zhen and after a pause, he continued.

“The Jiang family also has two entertainment companies and you can also put your name under the company.”

When Fu Zhen was shooting the Chun Huashan in those years, Fu Ting helped him with the investment in the early stage.

Later, Fu Ting didn’t involve himself. At that time Zhao Jin came to him and asked if he needed assistance, and since he really lack experience he nodded and agreed.

“It’s better to build a studio, I can help you under one of our companies so that it could be more convenient for your future casting in the public.”

Fu Zhen did not know about these, but he trusted Jiang Hengshu unconditionally and since Jiang Hengshu decided to do this, this must be the most suitable solution for him. He nodded.


The movement of Jiang Hengshu’s hands kneading Fu Zhen’s legs did not stop and after a while he asked him.

“Does it feel better?”

“Don’t press anymore, you also rest for a while.”

Fu Zhen put his legs back and move closer to Jiang Hengshu’s side to hug his arm and asked him.

“Do you hope it’s a boy or a girl?”

Jiang Hengshu did not think so much about this, as long as the child was born from Fu Zhen whether it was girl or boy he would like it very much.

He raised his hand and touched Fu Zhen’s face.

“I’m ok with both, what about you?”

Although it was forbidden to know the gender of the time while it was still a fetus but the Jiang family has ways to know this without getting caught but Fu Zhen was not particular curios about the child’s gender.

Regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl, it was a treasure sent down from heaven so they have to love and take good care of it—also might as well save the surprise for last.

Fu Zhen’s head was rested on Jiang Hengshu’s shoulder.

“I also okay with both, but is time to think of a name for him?”

Would the child surname be Fu or Jiang? Fu Zhen does not care much about the last name and he believes that Jiang Hengshu was the same but they still have to choose one.



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