Chapter 16

“I will do it, you decide.”

Yan Zhen also does not know which one to choose that was good, so he simply directly let Tang Tang decide.

Tang Tang stared and thought for a few seconds then said.

“Then let’s use the first option and let’s move the other two together.”

She paused, and frowned.

“But now there are only two wooden bed boards left, and there are three of them…..”

“That’s fine, let Qin Zhang and Qi Mu squeeze on one board and I’ll take care of it then you take care of Jiang Zhu.”

Yan Zhen said, as he think this was not even a big problem.



Tang Tang answered resolutely but her heart was actually a little weak.

She only thought of this method in her mind and doesn’t know what kind of effect it would have if carry out.

However the current situation obviously does not allow her to hesitate. Now that she has determined the plan, she immediately took the fruit knife and ran to the other bed.

When they were ready to unload the wooden board, she suddenly stopped again and move her gaze towards Yan Zhen’s side.

“Do you have a fruit knife?”

She shook the fruit knife in her hand to indicate.

“Don’t worry, I have a pocket knife!”

Tang Tang was frozen by the size of the knife, wasn’t it too small and thin? Forget it, she’d better unload the wooden bed on her side and let him borrow her knife.

Two people were busy and took it only took a few minutes to unload the wooden beds.

When the two wooden bed were place one after the other in the center of the room, the two wiped the sweat from their foreheads.

The coats they were wearing had been washed by the rain because they continued to fend off the zombies at the window. At the moment, there was no rain in the room so the sticky uncomfortable feeling was heighten.

Tang Tang let out a long sigh.

She wanted to take a shower!

I want to take a hot bath so badly!

Though she understand that this was only a luxury, so Tang Tang could only imagine about it.

“And then what?”

Yan Zhen asked.

“Then we’ll cut the sheets into long strips then use it to tie the three of them.”

Tang Tang said as she pulled the quilts, and cut it into strips first.

She previously thought of putting two thick quilts on the wooden board first and then tie the three of them firmly on the wooden board and also tie them from head to toe. Then put another two layers of quilts on top and tie them again with the cloth strip.

In this way, even after rushing outside unless the board was turned upside down, these three people would still be okay.

Yan Zhen followed Tang Wanwan’s action, and completed the task step by step.

When all the preparation were done, they place the strip cloth neatly next to each other and began to prepare to move the three people.

At this point, Yan Zhen suddenly thought of something.

“Is this going to be dragged as we ran later?”

Tang Tang nodded.


“But there are no wheels, can you pull it?”

Yan Zhen was obviously referring the slender and thin Tang Tang.



Tang Tang was about to cry from her own stupidity, she lowered her head anxiously to think with a solution.

Tang Tang’s turned her little head and got an idea.

She clapped her hands together, and scuffed her way to the table taking the bottle of water on top that were still unopened that she packed.

“We tie these water bottled with tope under the board, although it may not have a good effect, it should be a little faster!”

She said this with confidence but Yan Zhen was a little….


Yan Zhen admired the woman in front of him, thinking what kind of brain does she have? And how come her ideas just came out one after another? Though were all weird ones.

“Really, trust me!”

Tang Tang also did know if it would be effective but she could oblige to deceive him and herself.

Yan Zhen looked at the pair of bright shining and confident eyes, and couldn’t say anything. He himself had no better idea so of course, he could only do what she just said.

Forget it, I can just fight!

It was a dead end to continue guarding here anyway!

Yan Zhen held the determination that he might be bitten by a zombie as soon as he left the room, while he finished all the steps with Tang Tang.

Finally he looked at the two beds wrapped in layers, completely unseen by anyone inside. Seeing this he was a little worried.

“The quilt was tightly covered, won’t they die of lack of oxygen, right?”

“….I don’t think so? I just tied their quilts, I also specially leave some space above the abdomen ah.”

Tang Tang was a little guilty so she squatted down and poked where Jiang Zhu was.

Making sure that the space left on this side of the head was quite large and the quilts used to lay on top were light in texture which should be breathable.

“But to be on the safe side, let’s find a room as soon as we can after we rush out later.”

Yan Zhen nodded.

“Okay, then I’ll take the lead and you watch out for the zombies that follow behind.”

The two took up the long and thick strip of cloth to the board, tied it on their heads and wrapped in all the way to their chest in a diagonal pattern.

Tang Tang thought of something and said.

“By the way, I…”

As she said that, she searched in her hidden space while preparing to take out two helmet and other equipment she thought she needed.

After the current situation was critical—what it was like outside and how many zombies were there and in case they run into other students who have awakened their abilities and fight them mistakenly that would be a big problem.

Under this difficulties, it was not important that the hidden space was exposed and the most important things was to keep life as much as possible.

Just after she said the first words they heard a sudden sound of agitation rang outside the room.



When they heard this sound, their hearts immediately sank.

They hurriedly look back and found that the original blocked window has been broken, at the moment the big hole on the window was were the zombie came in one after another.


Tang Tang hurriedly shouted, she did not know where her strength came from but she held the table that used to bind the three people with her hands as she gritted her teeth and pushed hard blocking the balcony.

She looked at what she did and was shocked with her strength.

But now was not the time to be proud.

Tang Tang looked at the zombie who were blocked suddenly by the table and found that they couldn’t understand why they couldn’t move forward. They just bumped into the table that was half a person’s height.

She was slightly relieved, then hurriedly waved her hands at Yan Zhen to open the door.

After all, she didn’t know how long the table would last.

Yan Zhen was also shocked by her quick reaction, while admiring her he also felt full strength.

Since she was such a delicate person but was able to muster her strength while in danger, he should also at least be strong like her!

Today, they have to take them to a safer place no matter what!

Not one person missing!!!



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  2. Did she also have super strength? Even if I was made with rage, I wouldn’t be able to move a table forcibly alone.. 👀


  3. Did she also have super strength? Even if I was mad with rage, I wouldn’t be able to move a table forcibly alone.. 👀


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