GTKWF 33.1


Chapter 33(2)

The account “Fusuoyi” has uploaded a few more HD pictures of the Huo Xi’s concert, the actual location was still excellent and the picture was taken professionally and the retouching was superb which instantly put a lot of station incomparable.

Xiguang fans have forwarded and licked the screen one after another:

[Here comes the po master again! The last picture was her best!]

[Why is she in the middle of the front row every time! jealousy and envy!]

[The main reason for this is that it is only for concerts. The previous post is still a refined picture of the last concert.]

[Is it a Xiguang or a passerby or professional agent?]

[Should be a roadside fan, ID is a blessing to lean on which has the character of Huo Xi ah.]

[This po master doesn’t make a list, doesn’t vote, doesn’t sign in, and doesn’t even forward Huo Xi’s weibo. What is her quality as a fan anyway?]

[Anyway, it’s not a black fan. It’s impossible for her to buy expensive tickets and take pictures of the baby so beautifully!]



After Sheng Qiao finished editing the pictures and post the pictures of each set of costumes, then read on the comments, she saw that everyone was questioning her quality as a fan so she quickly sent a post.

[I am a Xiguang, it’s just I’m usually too busy at work and can only find time to catch up on concerts, but I’ll try to get on weibo more often to vote for the baby to hit the charts.]

Immediately a fan replied to her.

[And do not do it later, vote now. The top ten live search, our baby has fallen to third place!]

What? Third? This can’t happen!

Sheng Qiao immediately clicked on the link that was sent to her by the fan. As expected the head portrait of Huo Xi was now ranked third. The first was Shen Junyi, another mountain in the entertainment circle, and the second was Zhao Yu, the goddess of singing and dancing. The popularity of these two people was on par with that of Huo Xi and every time they met on top live search, it’s life and death.

This list was very important and relates to next year’s popularity award. Apart from manually making the list, it was impossible to cast money for votes. Waiting for 2 minutes on the voting page would get 10 votes, so many fans spend the whole day on it.

It so happens that Huo Xi held a concert today and Xiguang all went to the concert making everyone distracted by the concert and the number of votes was soon drawn by the two big mountains.

Without saying a word, Sheng Qiao immediately joined the voting brigade.

And used the whole night to vote.

She really couldn’t stop herself. She was thinking that after voting another round she would go to sleep but soon two minutes passed so she voted again—it become a cycle, after two minutes she would soon again cast her vote.

Moreover, the voting data has been refreshing, she was always worried that if she don’t vote she won’t be able to catch up.

When it was almost dawn, Huo Xi’s vote finally surpassed the first two and topped the list. The Xiguang very happy with this result that they even screenshots one after another to boost their morale, so that they could make persistent efforts to open up the gap.

Sheng Qiao crawled up to eat breakfast and made up several hours of sleep after. At noon she picked up her phone and looked at it, Shen Junyi rose up on the rank again. She has lost in this award for two years in a row already with her family’s Huo Xi, and losing the third time would really be hard to retaliate.

So Xiguang who has won two years in a row wanted to win the third consecutive title for Huo Xi but how could they give it to him? The two fandom were holding their own momentum and the number of votes was rising rapidly. Zhao Yu’s fans who were gradually being pulled away from the gap said: You two fight, we’ll just stay here.

Sheng Qiao held the phone and shared the link with Zhong Shen while eating the takeout.

[Baby help me vote for Huo Xi.]

Zhong Shen briefly and concisely returned two words.

[No time.]

[Yingying1, vote for it, just click on the link using your WeChat account or Weibo, it’s very simple if you don’t believe it you can try to see.]

But Zhong Shen ignored her.

Sheng Qiao then send Fu Ziqing with the same message.

[Fufu, what are you doing? Do you have time to vote for me?]

[….you sent it.]

Sheng Qiao hurriedly shared the link to him and said.

[Every two minutes you can vote worth ten votes, so if you are not busy when eating or when going to toilet you can go ahead and vote.]


Fu Ziqing opened the link and saw that it was Huo Xi’s poll.

Fu Ziqing: “……”

Sheng Qiao sent the same message around again within her circle of friends when she saw a photo of Japanese food sent by Le Xiao a few minutes ago so she quickly sent a message.

[Xiao Xiao, what are you doing?]

[I found a super delicious Japanese restaurant! I’ll bring you to eat next time.]

[Yes, yes, by the way I just saw a vote on Weibo, Huo Xi actually ranked second!]

[Wow, who is so awesome to have defeated Huo Xi!]

[Shen Junyi, I cast a few votes for Huo Xi, if you have time vote for him it’s easy.]

[En, sent me the link.]



After two day of nursing her voice at home and casting her vote, she waited for Huo Xi’s rank to stabilize at number one. Sheng Qiao also started preparing to meet with remaining agencies.

Every day she would see an agent and take their respective contract plan for her, and compare them in various ways, weed out completely unfavorable ones and leave the ones to choose from.  She then would ask Fu Ziqing’s opinion and soon she could give her reply after the end of the year.

The last one she met was Zhongxia Media.

The one who came to meet her was actually a handsome and elegant brother wearing Gucci Haute Couture and had a very fragrant perfume. He was not too young, but well maintained at first glance he was the kind of elegant person with good taste and cleanliness.

He extended his hand towards Sheng Qiao, and on his fingers she could see he was wearing snake ring.

“Introducing myself my name is Bei Mingfan I an agent from Zhongxia Media.”

Sheng Qiao greeted him politely and after she took her seat, Bei Mingfan looked at her with a smile and said.

“Miss Sheng is really different from the rumors, it seems that his vision is not wrong.”

Sheng Qiao frowned and wanted to ask something when Bei Mingfan already pushed a document over.

“This is the contract conditions and packaging plan, you can read it first. I know that many companies have already contacted you recently but I can guarantee that none of them can give you the resources that I can give you.”

Zhongxia is really unyielding.

Sheng Qiao flipped open the document and looked at it carefully. Unyielding approach for unyielding attitude was a good approach, since it give her significantly higher treatment that the previous ones.

Bei Mingfan spoke again.

“If you think its okay we can help you move forward on the termination side, so you can sign up after the New Year and start the package plan.”

Sheng Qiao close the documents and said.

“Its fine, I will think about it and give you an answer after the New Year is over.”



Yingying1– calling of birds

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