Chapter 35

Jian Ruixi’s mother let Jian Ruixi relax first before she talked about having a second child.

There was no family planning in Hong Kong, though Mother Jian only had one child it was because her body was not in good condition. If her health permits she was willing to give birth to two more children, and not necessarily a son.

She don’t care whether it would be a girl or a boy as long as the home was lively, anyway they could afford to raise them.

Therefore Mother Jian inwardly did not approve of the fact that there was no good news after her daughter give birth to her eldest son. However she loves her daughter and knows that she has a lot of disappointments in her husband’s family.

Old Madam Fu let Madam Fu brings Jayce around but refuses to let the mother and son get along well, and that’s just one of the problems.

She and her son-in-law may not have notice it themselves but the couple was getting more and more polite with each other after marriage and that’s the most difficult problem.

Mother Jian couldn’t bear to put pressure on her. Fortunately she figured it out herself and went back to the capital the other day to ask his opinion about the second child.

She wanted to talk her daughter first and have a serious discussion before going back to the capital, and what could she have said to her daughter? Of course it’s recommended to have two more while they’re young.

No matter how capable Old Madam Fu was, she was old and has not enough energy. She could only concentrate on Jayce at most, if she has one more little grandson and granddaughter then she won’t have enough energy.

Annie then doesn’t have to be unhappy for not being close to her husband and children anymore.

Mother Jian felt that their Annie was coming to the end of her suffering so she was looking forward to her return from the capital to bring them good news.

The good news here, of course, does not refer to the pregnancy. Mother Jian refers to Annie coming back to tell them that she and her son-in-law, Ethen were ready to start preparing for pregnancy.

Although Mother Jian did not think her son-in-law had any reason to object, because it was not like he was the carrying the baby until born but having a child was a matter between husband and wife, and the process of joint discussion still had to be followed.

But things were hard to predict, Annie was willing but Ethan should be least likely to object. And he doesn’t really agree it would have for Mother Jian not to doubt what she said.

“Are you sure Ethan says no?”

Jian Ruixi then said that she was not mistaken, that President Fu really didn’t want to have another child yet.

If it was the original Madam Fu, she would not tell others that her rich husband does not want to have a second child with her even if the one who ask were her parents.

Again Madam Fu was most afraid that other would think her days in the rich family were not good so she would not show any timidity.

But now that Jian Ruixi crossed over, although she has good face and and being sought and envied which she enjoys, the most important was she was really beautiful. So she wouldn’t let herself get a swollen face or fill herself with fat especially in this kind of situation.

If she doesn’t pull President Fu out of the pan maybe Mother Jian would pester her more, at that time she would have to recite the Buddhist Scriptures every day—how could she stand it.

So she nonchalantly pushed Fu Shiyuan, and felt that she didn’t wrong him in anyway.

Mother Jian sniffed and sighed, as she evasively asked.

“Ethan outside… is there someone else?”

Speaking of this, Jian Ruixi also wants to know. She vaguely remembers the specific plot in the novel, at that time the female lead and the male lead had been married for some years.

Once the husband and wife attended a grand banquet, during the walk on the red carpet, Madam Fu and President Fu who had been compared to them all the time were being interviewed.

So even if the female lead didn’t mean to compete with her, it was hard not take notice with the two of them present in one event and with a press at that.

One of the reports asked Madam Fu about what she thought of the ‘tryst’ between President Fu and a beautiful woman.

Because President Fu and Madam Fu were only supporting characters in the novel—more so President Fu don’t have many scenes like Madam Fu.

There were no details on his tryst with a young beautiful woman in the plot. Even the author doesn’t explain whether the couple divorce in the end, and only writes how the female lead viewed Madam Fu as elegant and decent.

But it soon changed after Madam Fu heard the question. The expression on her face changes, she was embarrassed and angry especially the anger in her eyes—it was deeply imprinted in the female lead’s mind.

At the end of the party, as they were going home, the female lead express her emotions regarding this matter. The main idea was that it was not easy for the rich couple to stay together, however she and her husband were lucky.

Although there were occasional friction after marriage, but still love each other deeply, blah blah blah, in short this made the female lead and male lead prove that there should be tacit understanding and love—and the two of them both have those qualities without a doubt.

It was not difficult to see that the female lead in the novel tends to be the cause of problems between President Fu and his wife.

Recalling about it, if President Fu did not cheat Madam Fu shouldn’t be angry and rebuke the little reporter instead of being embarrassed and overwhelmed.

Therefore when she crossed over, Jian Ruixi never wanted to cultivate feeling with President Fu and be a couple creating a great family with love and kindness, after all her rich husband would sooner or later cheat so why invest her feelings.

But recently after Jian Ruixi crossed over she began to waver, she and Fu Shiyuan were close but not close to like him yet—close as there were understanding and trust between them.

Not to mention President Fu was a rich husband which was very rare even in her previous life, he was also a young man with integrity, though he does not necessarily love his wife but he was definitely a good father who values family and responsibility.

So it was hard for Jiang Ruixi really to believe that Fu Shiyuan who has three views and integrity would always be outside to pick up young girls.

Or does this one of those things that just because it won’t happen now, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen later?



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