TMBAM 11.2

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Chapter 11(2)

In that instant, he almost thought he had heard it wrong.

Jian Rui hurriedly put down the fruit and stood up after her.

“Madam Yan is also going? No need. Let’s stay here and talk, I still have a lot of things I want to say to Madam Yan.”

If she let Gu Xueyi disturb his meeting with Chen Yujin won’t her uncle be angry with her?


Gu Xuemin’s voice sounded to the drawing room.

Jian Rui suddenly cried out for a headache.

How did the situation become so chaotic?


The original owner’s mother, Zhang Xin walked in front but when she got closer and saw Gu Xueyi’s appearance Zhang Xin choked. It took her a few seconds to let out some words.

“…Are you doing okay lately?”

“I’m fine.”

Gu Xueyi lifted her eyelids and saw her parents, unlike how she welcome Jian Rui, she looked at them with a cold and subdued atmosphere.

She paused and said.

“The younger brother of Yan Chao are very considerate.”

Yan Wenjia who had just walked near the drawing room halt in his steps when he heard this.

Did he mishear? Or did Gu Xueyi say it wrong?

In the drawing room.

The corners of Chen Yujin’s mouth twitched again.

Even Zhang Xin could not continue the conversation.

Who doesn’t know that Gu Xueyi and the Yang’s don’t have a good relationships? So, how could they suddenly get into a ‘considerate’ relationship?

But it was a good to look at the big picture.

Chen Yujin thought.

Much better than before… no to be precise, they don’t grow much like the same person anymore.

“It’s getting late, and it’s not good to keep Mr. Jian waiting.”

Gu Xueyi said, not sharing any more extra glances to Mr. and Mrs. Gu Xuemin, and just turned her head to look at Chen Yujin.

“Let’s go first.”

Gu Xueyi then said as she looked towards the door.


No one has even called Yan Wenjia like that.

In the entertainment industry they called him ‘Yuan Ge’1, while Yan Chao calls him with his full name and his father calls him second child. In short, this was the first time he was called this.

The relationship between the two people seems to be suddenly drawn closer. It was obviously calling his name but after excluding the surname, it become inexplicably intimate.

Yan Wenjia clenched his fingers and did not respond.

“Ms. Jian has had a long journey, why don’t you rest here first? Secretary Chen and I will go meet Mr. Jian so Wenjia will be the one to entertain you.”

Gu Xueyi lightly said—they really couldn’t see any fault at her etiquette.

Jiang Rui did not expect that Gu Xueyi would be able to arrange the situation so soon.

What else could she say?

Chen Yujin also didn’t say anything.

Who told her to let Gu Xuemin and his wife in? From the looks of it, Gu Xueyi doesn’t seem to really want to see them. And when Chen Yujin arrived earlier, he didn’t let anyone in, it shows that Chen Yujin does not welcome them either.

On the other hand even Yan Wenjia didn’t expect to be set up like this.

It was never his turn to worry about the Yan family, nor was he willing to worry about it. But now… Yan Wenjia purse his lower lip and walked to the drawing room.

When Jian Rui heard footsteps, she turned her head to look.

Jian Rui’s family has a lot dealing with the Yan family so of course she knows that Yan Wenjia was in the entertainment circle and was the second child of the Yan family.

Just seeing Yan Wenjia again, she couldn’t help but marvel.

The Yan family’s genes were just too superior.

“Second young master.”

Jian Rui greeted.

The Gu couple on the other hand froze for a second before they could also said hello.

Gu Xueyi nodded her head slightly and said.

“Well, we’ll go first.”

Chen Yujin had to go downstairs with Gu Xueyi and get into the car. Gu Xueyi was the legal spouse of Mr. Yan, to put it bluntly when Mr. Yan dies she has the right to inherit so of course she could ask about the affairs of Mr. Yan.

On the second thought, Jian Changming was supposed to come directly to the Yan family so going there with Gu Xeuyi was not a bad after all.

Gu Xuemin would like to follow but also know that Chen Yujin would not relent, so why bother discuss it in front of Jian Rui?

He and Zhang Xin looked at each other and were more shocked by Gu Xueyi’s changes.

“When was she able to get the support of the second son of the Yang’s?”

The two exchanged quick glances under their eyes.

In fact, if they were more attentive they would have found that all the servants in the Yan family had become subliminally obedient to Gu Xueyi’s commands.

On the other end, in the car.

Chen Yujin looked back at Gu Xueyi, who surprisingly took the book with her.

She wasted no time at all, at this time she was looking through the book <<Human Chair>> with her head down.

If not for the people around her, it was never clear what her hobbies were.

Chen Yujin was close to think that Gu Xueyi was deliberately pretending to be out to win his goodwill.

Chen Yujin closed his eyes.

Also it’s strange enough that Yan Wenjia would listen to her.

Yan Wenjia this person, to put it bluntly was a mongrel. He give face to no one, even the sky and the earth—he would do anything he wish. Even the Yan family could not contain him.

Chen Yujin suddenly opened his mouth.

“Some time ago, the young master and Jiang Jin of the Jiang family fought and was brought to the police station?”


“Mr. Jiang also came to the mansion?”


Gu Xueyi slowly lifted her head and flipped the page with one hand.

Chen Yujin’s eyelids twitched and looked down to see her movement, but found her movements to be gentle as she flipped through the page.

Chen Yujin moved his gaze away and then heard Gu Xueyi asked rhetorically.

“Did Jiang Er went to find you and complained?”

Chen Yujin lost the smile on his face.

“Mr. Jiang want to save his face, so even if he wants to complain it will be directed to President Yan and not me.”

Gu Xueyi nodded.

“En, isn’t that enough?”

“I don’t meant to question you, I’m just a little curious, how did you handle it?”

Gu Xueyi frowned.

She raised her hand and got close to Chen Yujin’s face.

Chen Yujin was caught off guard, his heart instantly missed a beat and had a hard time breathing.

But Gu Xueyi’s hand withdrew before it could touch him.

She raised her eyebrow and coldly asked.

“Were you afraid?”

Chen Yujin’s heart beat was like a thunder and was unable to answer.

“That’s how it was handled.”

After that, she went look down at her book, as if that action was really not worth mentioning.

Chen Yujin however was in a state of confusion.

He had so many questions, and now not only he failed to understand everything clearly he had more doubt as to why Gu Xueyi change so much.

How did she handle it?

She touched Jiang Er’s face?

She remove her heavy makeup, then change her angry, unruly and arrogant attitude—so the Gu Xueyi now was beautiful, she was indeed very beautiful that it could be said to set the majority of people’s aesthetics.

There were only very few people who could resist such beauty.

But this matter…

Chen Yujin frowned more tightly.

Fuck, this is a big fucking affair.

Isn’t this making the Yan wear green?


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‘Yuan Ge’1– yuan for former, orginal primary. While Ge is elder brother


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