Chapter 42

Because of the quarrel between the two people, the original plan to go to brothel house was cancelled.

It was noon, and there was nothing else to do so they drove the carriage back to the Jiang’s manor.

As the carriage was on their way home, Jiang Liangchan think that it was quite a loos to just go home.

After all, she got up early in the morning to dress up and choose her good clothes and even took a long time to dressed up for the poetry club. Although at the end, she didn’t go her effort was still not wasted because she had more importance places to go to.

More importantly, she was able to let Chen Fang wear into a gorgeous outfit. So these stunning people who originally intended to go out to do something big and important ended up turning around and went home to eat.

This was like having an appointment with someone for a long time, so she decided to washed her hair thoroughly and even put on a makeup but when she was about to leave she was stood up at the end.

So even if she only needs to go outside to throw a garbage she had to flaunt her effort, otherwise her effort would go for nothing.

This was what Jiang Liangchan was feeling right now.

So before they arrived at the Jiang’s manor she temporarily asked the coachman to stop the carriage in front of a small open garden not far from the Jiang’s manor.

This garden was left by a family of old people from the former dynasty. Now that the family has long been gone, leaving this garden unattended. Gradually it has become a small scenic spot for the people nearby to go to and relax.

What Jiang Liangchan did not expect today was, destiny was playing with her.

They went out to meet Hua Shan but was unable to, instead she had an unexpected encounter with other people.

Just as they both got out of the carriage, two more horses stopped at the entrance of the garden.

A man and a woman got down from their horses and were also ready to go inside the garden.

Four people meet on the narrow road.

Jiang Liangchan actually notice the strange gaze of the two people who just came to their side but she did not think much of it.

After all, the two people she saw in the opposite side were not someone she personally knew. They were just a man and woman with light features and good temperament, that’s all.

In contrast, it was not the same for the two person.

The original Jiang Liangchan had the name of the number one beauty in the capital and although she was shy at claiming it herself, she admits that she really was beautiful.

Not to mention, Chen Fang was on her side.

As a man whose face value could shine on the whole plot, shining these two passerby was nothing.

This was a rare combination of the beautiful beings on display, so who does not look at the road when they see them? If it were up to her, she would have watch it too.

After all she believe in the saying, ordinary mind ordinary heart.1

Jiang Liangchan nodded in a friendly manner to the two dumbfounded people then stopped paying attention to them. She then turned her head back to Chen Fang.

“Go, what are you stopping for?”

Chen Fang also slightly froze, but was able to come back to his senses and reacted first. He narrowed his eyes to look at more the stunned man and then the corner of his lips hooked up without any sign of going back to his stoic face, as he responded to Jiang Liangchan.

“En, I’m coming right now.”

Across them, Chu Qing and Song Xinrui were simply stunned.

Yes, unfortunately these two people were none other than Chu Qing and Song Xinrui who had just returned from the poetry event.

Seeing Jiang Liangchan here again, Chu Qing was first a little stunned and a little displeased.

Even without him (Chen Fang), his first reaction was always like this.

Including today’s arrangement in the poetry club, after hearing that the poetry club has invited Jiang Liangchan he was not very happy hearing it.

The truth was, in his heart he doesn’t like his fiancée even though her status was higher than him.

Men has a little bit of temperament, so it was not rare for them to be a little distance with their other half and it would not be viewed by others as them being distant on the contrary they would look popular and elegant.

Besides Jiang Liangchan was tenacious, she would always stick and want to get close to him.

Though this once made him very fond of Jiang Liangchan.

His father was also a senior official of the third grade and his position was not low, however in the capital there were many high-ranking officials and relative were everywhere. He was a local official of the third grade and when he arrived here he became a senior official of the third grade.

And Chu Qing was very talented, he also has a good reputation outside poetry. Many people expected him to be the first talent of the younger generation.

In addition to that, he has great ambition and resented the fact that his talent was always held back by his status.

Fortunately the Jiang family who was connected to them through marriage contract was one of the top members in the capital and Jiang Pingxuan was still the crown prince tutor, so he couldn’t be more determined.

Later, when the crown prince ascended to the throne then the Jiang family would be on another level.

Being the son-in-law of the Jiang family, he didn’t need to worry that his official career would not be smooth.

So even though Jiang Liangchan has a reputation of being a brat he doesn’t care after all who doesn’t know that Jiang Liangchan was dead set on him?

Moreover, Jiang Liangchan was a beauty in any case a stupid beauty was still a beauty.

And this person with status and beauty was in love with him, as a man it was giving him so much face.

But after a long time, an admiration out from mosquito blood2 would naturally become dull and moldy and would never turn to cinnabar mole3.

Stupid with only beauty in the end was just stupid.

Especially after his childhood friend Song Xinrui who grew up with him also rose from the third grade all the way to the first grade officer after her father great contribution making her now on par with Jiang Liangchan, so the little regret in his heart turned into a big regret.

Song Xinrui was also a daughter of the first rank and her family has also made her as the county head second only to a princess. Although she was not as beautiful as Jiang Liangchan but she has a better and elegant temperament.

The key was that Song Xinrui was a talented girl, and if she was the one he would marry the two of them would be in harmony. They could talk about poetry and painting which was an enjoyable thing to do, compared to that beautiful but stupid fiancé of his.



ordinary mind ordinary heart.1– Chinese vocabulary, and its pinyin is píng cháng xīn, which is specifically expressed as an accurate prediction of the probability of success and failure in anything you do. Be proactive, do your best, and let nature take its course, and don’t demand perfection in everything.

mosquito blood2 and cinnabar mole3Mosquito blood means tiredness after a long time. Cinnabar moles and mosquito blood are opposites, and they also refer to the comparison between good and bad of a certain emotion in the time dimension. When the initial men, most of them are like elegant elegant white roses, the bright fragrance, like a cold mountain of snow, a lifetime worth paying the price, obtained in this cold water sink in. However, after being intoxicated and ecstatic, the man gradually became dissatisfied.

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