Chapter 23

Xia Ningmeng couldn’t stop eating, but after seeing the little man on the table she blushed and took back the spoon that stretched out towards the egg dish.

The little man, Ye Xun also ate deliciously.

Once the rice was cooked, he took his short legs and grabbed his bowl before he getting off the table.

Originally, he wanted to reach on Ye Susu’s bowl but after thinking about it he tilt his head and walked towards Xia Ningmeng’s seat instead and stretched out his little hand as he pointed on the empty bowl where she had finished her porridge.

Xie Ningmeng froze, and was in a moment of panic with his actions.

Was he going to put away the bowl before she’s had enough?

I don’t want to give it ah!

“He wants to serve you food.”

Ye Susu thought about it for a moment before she translated what her little baby meant.

Ye Xun, her little cub usually do housework.

Before, at their old apartment the original Ye Susu was personally served by him. After all he even did the cooking.


Xia Ningmeng for a second almost fall into the enemy’s hand.

She looked down and saw the little man’s lotus root-like white hands and his baby fat chubby little face—

How can he be so sensible!

“Thank you, baby.”

She hurriedly gave him her empty bowl so that he wouldn’t strain his feet while he tiptoes.

Ye Xun’s cheeks were slightly red hearing this.

After taking the small bowl, he sheepishly turned around quickly and with a da-da-da sound he ran into the kitchen.

A short while later, with a small bowl in one hand he came back struggling to maintain his balance as he occasionally stagger.

Before he could get into his seat, he was greeted by Xia Ningmeng arms wrapped around him.

“Awls.. baby is to sensible.”

The root behind the ear of Ye Xun suddenly reddened and his small hands were completely frozen.

He could only stretch his arms out stiffly and helplessly.

“Alright, come over and eat.”

Ye Susu immediately rescued him.

Xia Ningmeng regrets and could only let go.

But after receiving the rice bowl, she was happy again, after all the egg with rice was super delicious~

“Seriously, your soup and egg are better than my senior who runs a store…”

Ye Susu narrowed her eyes as she picked up the glass of water and took a sip.

Although she could rely on the value of raising cub to cook, she has always been a cat like a salted fish at home or wandering and fighting but never tried to make money on her own.

This was really a problem she really don’t know how to solve.

The income from selling the original owner things were not enough, after paying back the money to Ye Wan there was only 10,000 left.

Next they have to pay the rent, be responsible for what they eat and drink, with that money they could only last for three months—no, it was said that human cubs also have to pay tuition fees to go to school.

Three months may not be enough.

Ye Susu frowned.

“It would be nice to win a mortal lottery.”

Xia Ningmeng who was listening, sighed.

Looking at Ye Xun who had finished eating and was obediently putting his own bowl to the kitchen, she lowered her voice.

“Susu, to be honest, in addition to work and…. Personal feelings what are you going to do with Ye Xun’s dad, are you still looking for him? If you can find him to help you raise the child, even if he only take part on the money the pressure on your life can be much smaller.”

Ye Susu however after listening, shook her head.

“Not looking.”

Look for him and steal the missions from her? Now way!

In case he take the cubs away, then how could she complete her cultivation mission?

Xia Ningmeng’s breathing stutter, she then looked at little Ye Xun who was walking back towards them. She squeezed a smile and said.

“Baby, you go up there to play I have something to talk to your mother, okay?”

Ye Xun looked at her, then at Ye Susu and nodded in silently.

When he went up to the second floor with his short legs, no one notice a flash of upright figure around the corner of the second floor.

Xia Ningmeng on the other hand grabbed Ye Susu’s arm.

“Are you still thinking about the boss of that broadcasting company, Li Yinchen? If you terminate the contract that means don’t have a job in their company then you won’t have any more contact with him, besides do you know the big boss our Evergrande center? It’s said that he is Li Yinchen’s second uncle and the future helmsman of the Li family. I once heard his assistant say that the Li family’s style is strict and marriage partners are carefully chosen.”

“They don’t want someone from the entertainment industry, two they do not want ladies with low education and three they don’t want company employees. The whole company knows this.”

Ye Susu patted her hand.

“Calm down, I’m not interested in him.”

The original owner has always wanted to marry into a wealthy family and indulging in her fantasy, to the male lead of this novel—the boss of the broadcasting was in Li Yinchen.

According to the plot the male lead however fell in love with the new anchor Su Luzhu who was under Ye Wan’s grasped, in which he saved from Ye Wan’s clutches.

Everyone thought that Su Luzhu was like Cinderella, the original Ye Susu was also jealous with this thinking. She then finally united with Ye Wan in all kinds of trouble but failed, after being tortured by Li Yinchen she finds out that Su Luzhu was an old acquaintance of the Li family. She was the low-key daughter of the Su family in the upper class circle.

Under the encouragement that Cinderella was not just a fairy tale with Su Luzhu’s circumtances she fought to steal her place but at the end it was all an illusion and her disfigured body could no longer bear it. She broke down and left Ye Xun to die.

When Ye Susu recalls the plot, her face couldn’t hide the disgust.

To a mere mortal male? What’s the point?

Xia Ningmeng nodded.

“Since you figure it out, then that’s the best. Let me help you check what reliable and stable work you can have. You should not be limited to live broadcasting and cooking, the salary of girl working at the front desk in the company I am working is 5000 or 6000.”

After saying that, she couldn’t resist drinking a mouthful of egg soup again before she quickly took a backlit sneak peek at the photo she took inside the elevator. Since it was taken against the light, they could only see the tall back figure of a man. She then decided to share this photo with Ye Susu.

“Speaking of our company, look at our family’s big boss. He has a supermodel body, and the face…. Is also handsome—an out of this world beauty! Li family’s blood line is really excellent but he seems to be following a non-marriage principle so we can only appreciate him as our phone’s cover.”

Ye Susu was not interested in mortal male and casually glance at the picture.

When she saw the stiff looking suit1, she immediately averted her eyes in disgust.

The fabric was not easy to grab and scratch—such poor evaluation.

Xia Ningmeng, who was tag as poor evaluator was holding the phone alone and appreciate the picture while drooling.

It just so happened that a company email popped up.

[Li Jun (CEO): to all the staff of Evergrande, Happy Thanksgving.]



stiff looking suit1it is really written in raw as suit, I don’t know why I thought I got it wrong and check but the raw is 西装 which mean western suit

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