Chapter 34

When Jian Ruixi answered the phone, Jayce was also sitting next to her and this this time also he very cleverly answered.

“Once were done we’ll go see father in law and mother in law.”

In Hong Kong, grandparents on the mother side were also called father in law and mother in law. At first Jian Ruixi felt a little awkward by this but everyone didn’t care—Jian Ruixi’s mother just laugh very gently and said.

“Jayce what are you doing?”

As Jayce was asked, the little man holds the phone and excitedly talked about the fruit of his labor today while Jian Ruixi looked at him with a smile on her face.

By lunchtime, the decorations and layout of the room has been completed, the original simple room immediately became warm and full of children’s interest what needs to be done next were for the maids to clean up then Jayce could move in which he really work forward to.

They then had the time to visit Jiang Ruixi’s parents. When his grandmother asked him to stay at their house to sleep for one night, the child who has been good at talking was in dilemma as he hesitantly explained that he had a date with his mommy and other reasons he could think of.

Grandmother Jian hugged her grandson and said gently and with a hint of disappointment.

“I thinks it’s rare for your grandparents to go abroad and play, it seems that they won’t be back until tomorrow. You can stay at your father in law and mother in law for one night…”

Jayce didn’t know what to say at this point, and casted a pleading look across the room at Jian Ruixi.

Jian Ruixi raised an eyebrow and did not expect that the little man would use her as a shield and now directly asking for help. Should she thank him for his trust?

Seeing her son asking for her help, she couldn’t stand and do nothing so she smiled and said.

“Mom, let’s do it some other time. I’ll bring Jayce back to stay with you for two day, how about that?”

Jian Ruixi’s words were very convincing, and Jian Ruixi’s mother believes that was all for her to agree.

After all, she just seen the interaction between mother and son not to mention the dependence of her little grandson to her mother. Mother Jian didn’t say anything but she was very pleased with this scene.

She smiled and touched her grandson’s head and said.

“So we have a deal?”

Jayce nodded his head pleasantly this time.

Mother Jian also smiled more happily. She looked at Jian Ruixi as she put down Jayce and asked softly.

“Your father in law is going to go fishing nearby, does Jayce want to go together?”

Fishing was an activity that Jian’s father has been recently obsessed with. The reason why she used the words “obsessed” to describe was because according to her mother that as long as he has time and when it was not raining he would soak himself by the lake to the point that he was tanned.

Today, because Jian Ruixi and Jayce visits them, he stayed at home but his mind has been flying outside.

Knowing this, Jian Ruixi felt closed because her father also likes fishing. Originally she felt that Father Jian was all intellectual and elegant and felt strange but with this in common the distance between them became closer.

She take out a fishing rod and said.

“It’s a fun activity I want to go too.”

Hearing her say this, Father Jiang smiled spiritedly and said.

“Then let’s go together.”

Father Jian’s hobby was not supported by his wife but it was nice to have the support of his daughter and grandson.

Mother Jian glared at Jian Ruixi.

“Although it’s already four o’clock there is still some time before the sun goes down so if you sunbathed for two hours what will happen to your face?”

As soon as she heard it, she gave up the idea and took out her sunscreen from the bag to protect her from the sun. Hong Kong was sunnier than the capital, she knew this because Lisa reminded her out of habit.

She squeezed the sunscreen and put some on the child’s face while reminding him.

“You should wear your hat well. If you get suntanned mommy will be embarrassed to take you out.”

Jayce cooperated and lift his little face. Children in Hongkong today were very delicate but they don’t wear makeup, though his mother was putting something on him he doesn’t think it was sissy at all.

Instead he enjoys his mommy’s service but since he was afraid of his father in law leaving without him, his little eyes couldn’t help but glance every so often.

“Fther in law wait for me for a moment okay?”

Father Jian naturally nodded with a smile, seeing his grandson and his daughter close up he was relieved so how could he be so impatient to walk away first.

After the sunscreen was successfully applied, Jayce walked out of the house holding his father in law’s hand and never forget to look back and said.

“Grandma, mommy wait for us to come back from fishing the let’s have a fish soup.”

Jian Ruixi smiled and waved her hand.

“That’s only if you can catch a big fish.”

Father Jian’s fishing lake was not far from the home as he advocate a simple life, he usually takes the subway or rides on bicycle. He seldom uses the car at home, today he makes no exception for his grandson and walked hand in hand.

While Mother Jian and Jian Ruixi were standing at the door of their house looking at the small and large figure slowly disappearing from their sight.

Then they came back inside the house, Mother Jian patted the sofa motioning for her to sit down. It seemed that they were going to have a long talk.

Jian Ruixi understood this and smiled. Her own mother was also like this, she always finds an excuse to get her father away in advance to have their “girl talk.”

Compared with her mother, this elegant and fashionable Mother Jian doesn’t seems much different except that she looks younger than her mother.

While her facing this younger version of her mother she thought wasn’t it also like going back to time when she was still 18 years old?

Then this was what she earned!

Jian Ruixi suddenly brightened up and didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore, she sat close to her mother and said.

“Mom, what do you want to talk to me about?”



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