TVREG 55.3


Chapter 56(3)

Sweet Chocolate was the most popular chocolate in China, but not all first-line female celebrities could endorse it.

And now they were looking for someone other than Zheng Shu to endorse them.

Now, the most popular artist under Zhou Ruo was Zheng Shu, so if they were not asking for Zheng Shu to endorse them then who?

At once Zhou Ruo was a little excited, and after hearing her identity once again by the other side of the phone she became even more excited.

The staff from Sweet Chocolate said.

“Here’s the thing, we want to invite Shen Yan to endorse our chocolate.”

“Who do you invite to endorse on your chocolate again?”

“Shen Yan, we want her to endorse our chocolate.”

Zhou Ruo: “….”

It took a moment for Zhou Ruo to react, she wanted to ask why they want Shen Yan to endorse their chocolate. Though Shen Yan now has a name in the entertainment industry, they always choses first tier actress, who fight to get their endorsement, to endorse them.

But right now, they even take the initiative to invite Shen Yan to endorse them.

The staff from Sweet Chocolate has a very good attitude, Zhou Ruo was able to finalize the time to sign the contract. She then hurried to where Zheng Shu was and told her she needed to go back to A city.

Shen Yan on the other hand, made a hot pot in the evening and was eating when a knock on the door sounded.

“Yanyan, Sweet Chocolate was looking for you to endorse them!”

As soon as she came into the room, Zhou Ruo immediately told Shen Yan the good news. And at the same time she could also smell the hot pot brewing inside the room, she went into the dining area to have a look, seeing the hotpot her mouth uncontrollably waters.

“Sweet Chocolate is looking for me to endorse them?”

“Are you surprise? I’m also surprise. Let’s eat and talk.”

Shen Yan: “…”

Watching Zhou Ruo already eating the hot pot, Shen Yan goes to mix sesame paste for Zhou Ruo she then sits down and talks with Zhou Ruo about the endorsement.

Shen Yan felt that unless the executives of Sweet Chocolate were crazy, they wouldn’t have asked her—an artist who had just made a name for herself in the entertainment industry to endorse them.

So Shen Yan asked.

“Sister Zhou, who am I going to endorse it with?”

“I was so excited that I forgot to ask them.”

Zhou Ruo wanted to call Sweet Chocolate to ask about it but Shen Yan refuses. When she signs the contract, she would know by then.

She just wanted to know why Sweet Chocolate wanted her to endorse them.

“How was the audition for the Dream Chocolate endorsement today?”

Mentioning the endorsement of dream chocolate, Shen Yan smiled and then tells Zhou Ruo what happened.

“This is simply bullying ah!”

After saying this, Zhou Ruo thought about it and chuckled.

“What do you think will they say if they knew you are endorsing Sweet Chocolate? Especially that Li Xin.”

Shen Yan thought about it for a moment before saying.

“I don’t know.”



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