Chapter 39

At this time Xu Yanwen walked into his office from outside with documents in his hands, and as soon as he entered he saw Linda standing next to his desk with his phone on her hand.

 Not knowing what she was doing, he immediately asked seriously.

“What are you doing with my phone?”

Seeing his serious expression, Linda hurriedly put the phone back and pretended to be calm and innocent as she explained.

“President Xu, just now your phone has been ringing. I was worried that it could be something urgent so I answered it for you. Fortunately the other party said it was nothing.”

The black eyes behind the rimless glass coldly glance at Linda as he strides over reaching for his phone. He flipped through the call log, and his gaze abruptly sink after seeing the call was from Xue Jiayue.

Linda has been apprehensively watching the changes on Xu Yanwen’s expression, and after she saw Xu Yanwen’s face sink her heart surge with both nervousness and joyful emotions.

Nervous because she don’t know what Xu Yanwen would do next, joyful was because Xu Yanwen really doesn’t like his wife.

Seeing his wife call, his face was not good then this could only mean one thing. His relationship with his wife was indeed very bad, just like the rumors!

Just when Linda was in an expectant mood, waiting for Xu Yanwen to say something. Instead she saw Xu Yanwen suddenly raised his head, and his blank face without the slightest expression looked at her with his cold gaze that even the surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees.

Linda couldn’t help but shrink a little.

“In the future, without my permission don’t answer my phone casually!”

Xu Yanwen’s icy voice was clearly saying he dislike what she did. He also negate.

“This is the most basic etiquette.”

Linda’s heart suddenly sank down, Xu Yanwen’s words were very clear and understandable. This was him saying that she does not even know the most basic etiquette and manners, and she simply do not deserve to be his secretary.

“President Xu, I, I just heard your phone keep on ringing and though it was important, so, that’s why I answered it for you…”

“How long have you been here?”

Linda tried to explain herself but Xu Yanwen didn’t give her the chance.

“One, one month and a half.”

Xu Yanwen said with a sullen face.

“I remember you took a leave of absence a few days ago?”

“Yes, I took three days off because I caught a cold.”

Linda tightened the hand hanging at her side, not understanding the meaning why Xu Yanwen asked this.

She attended the reception with Xu Yanwen and Vice President Wang that day. After attending the reception with Xu Yanwen and President Wang, she was thrown to Vice President Wang by Xu Yanwen.

Vice President Wang sent her back home making her plan that day was completely ruined. And the more she thinks about it the more she was unwilling so she sent a text message to Xu Yanwen with anger in her heart.

But Xu Yanwen has not replied to her, she did not know if Xu Yanwen sees her message and did not return the message or if he didn’t get the message.

She waited anxiously all night for his reply, and felt little regret in her heart.

She was afraid to come to work and meet Xu Yanwen, she was also afraid that Xu Yanwen would asked about this so she pretended to be sick saying that the wind was too chilly and she caught cold.

So she decided to ask the head of the secretariat for three day’s leave.

It turned out that Xu Yanwen also knew about her leave of absence.

Linda’s heart got even more nervous as she secretly look at Xu Yanwen’s expression. She couldn’t understand if Xu Yanwen didn’t care about her? Then how did he know about her leave?

If Xu Yanwen cared about her, why was he sometimes so cold and heartless to her?

Xu Yanwen did not know what thoughts were running on Linda’s mind at the moment as he said expressionlessly.

“The company’s probation period is two month, after two months a comprehensive assessment will be conducted to check whether the employees are qualified. Since you enter in the company you should work well and put your mind on your work and do not let Professor Han’s hard work down.”

 Professor Han was Linda’s uncle, he was also Xu Yanwen’ university professor. When Xu Yanwen hold lectures at his alma matter, he was also commissioned by Professor Han. And the reason Linda could work in his company was because Xu Yanwen was giving face to Professor Han.

At this moment, when Linda heard what Xu Yanwen said about the two months comprehensive assessment and live up to Professor Han’s painstaking effort, her whole person was frozen. She knows how strict the company was after being accepted, so if she couldn’t pass the assessment…

No, no, I must pass the assessment no matter what method I use, I must!

After all that should be said, Xu Yanwen helped her enter the company was simply because of Professor Han’s face. Xu Yanwen waved his hand to Linda coldly and said.

“You go out.”

Linda pursed her lips and turned away feeling aggrieved and sad.

After Linda left, Xu Yan slid open the phone to unlock his phone and clicked on the call log again, the first number he saw on the list was Xue Jiayue’s number which he called directly.

But her phone only rang for a long time, and no one answered.



TL: I don’t know.. I mean is Linda just too dumb or just tooo dumb?! I don’t even know where should I begin with how dumb her speculation is—augh!!!!

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