Chapter 18 (3)

If in any case they only wanted her baby daughter’s good looks, flawless skin or thinks that his baby daughter was only rich—they only has these intention and not really like her baby daughter for who she really was, then what would they do if she was hurt when the time comes.

The way to put an end to all of this was to not let his baby daughter fall in love in the first place.

At least not until his baby daughter was still too old to fall in love.

Qin Jingrun was very vigilant in this regard and has been sending Jiang Mian the message that she couldn’t fall in love but he also knows Jiang Mian’s temperament. She likes to go against several of her father, the more they don’t let her do anything the more she wanted to do something.

In order to keep his baby daughter from getting angry, Qin Jingrun used various methods to educate Jiang Mian from the side about the bad aspects of falling in love.

If Jiang Mian only has one father, this move may would be very effective. However she has four fathers, each father dotes on her in a different ways. She would never listen to only one father, because if she did how could she be happy?

Qin Jingrun was worried about what was going on between his baby daughter and the neighborhood across the hall, but when he heard how Jiang Mian addressed Qi Yanshu and his attitude, he knew there was nothing between the two so of course he was happy.

But he was also slightly curious, Qi Yanshu looks younger than him not much like an uncle generation so why did his baby daughter called him uncle.

Jiang Mian had no choice but to explain to his film emperor father about her Taoist father again.

“So it’s someone from the Qi family.”

Although Qin Jingrun was a person from the entertainment circle he still knows a little about some powerful families but he doesn’t care about these, as long as they don’t steal his baby daughter from him.

After determining that Qi Yanshu was not dangerous, Qin Jingrun put his guard down. After all the purposed of his coming over was one, to see his baby daughter and second was—

He tapped out two photo on his phone asked Jiang Mian to recognize the faces.

In the picture was a young girl and Qin Jingrun’s longtime nutritionist—when going to the mountain how could she have less assistant so he wanted to find a two more but thinking of Jiang Mian’s temper and he could only find these two.

One was the assistant and and the other one was the a nutritionist. The condition in the mountain were hard, but if a nutritionist was around he would do his job and provide the best food for his baby daughter.

After listening to what her film emperor father said, Jiang Mian: “…….”

“Dad, I’m going to work on a film.”

She don’t know whether to laugh or cry as she added.

“Not to enjoy.”

Qin Jingrun frowned.

“What enjoyment is this? Dad hasn’t even prepared the one-stop service makeup artist, stylist and bodyguard for you.. you are the heroine so a nutritionist and an assistant is just the standard. You see those female star in the circle, which of them did not travel without being surrounded by a group of people?”

Including himself.

Jiang Mian unable to help herself and laugh, after all she was still an unknown junior. And the female star in the circle he mentioned, including him were all big stars.

But this was the kindness from her film emperor father, if she repeatedly refused her film emperor father would be sad so she happily accepted.

“My baby is really good.”

The purpose why Qin Jingrun came over was now completed, and knowing that Jiang Mian was going to travel tomorrow he did not stay long. Leaving time for his baby daughter to rest well and finally fondly left.

After he left, Jiang Mian was in a happy mood and began to pack her luggage—her film emperor father also wanted to call his assistant to come over and help her but she strongly refused. She was not a giant baby who couldn’t pack.

After she finished packing, she went to knocked on Qi Yanshu’s door thinking that she was going to the mountains for at least a month.

“Uncle Qi, I’m going to shoot tomorrow. When your hand goes for a checkup, I’ll let Liu Ma follow you?”

During this period of time, because she accidentally injured Qi Yanshu’s hands Jiang Mian has been personally made some food to send to him every night. From the conversation, Qi Yanshu knew that Jiang Mian was going to make on a shooting but he didn’t know when.

Hearing that Jiang Mian was leaving tomorrow he wrinkled his eyebrows. Jiang Mian thought he didn’t want Liu Ma to follow along, so she said.

“It’s okay not to let Liu Ma follow along but you must tell me the results after the checkup and call me if there are any problems.”

Only when Qi Yanshu’s hand was completely healed that her karma would be settled.

The next day, Jiang Mian met with the assistant and nutritionist assigned to her by her film emperor father. The assistant’s name was Tang Anan, twenty four years old with a baby face that make her look like a minor.

The nutritionist was a young male named Xie Siyuan, one of the three exclusive nutritionist of Qin Jingrun that he specially sent over.

The mountain where the filming took place was in city X. They were first transferred to the provincial city then they took the crew at the town closest to the mountain, next they needed to walk into the village where the filming took place within the mountain.


Tang Anan stared at the yellow slope road beneath her feet and then at Jiang Mian.

Lin Xi was her cousin, Qin Jingrun was looking for an assistant to take care of his baby daughter so naturally he went to find a reliable person, Lin Xi then recommended to him his cousin Tang Anan.

Tang Anan was previously an assistant to a female artist but that female artist was too hard to wait on. After suffering countless time, she finally couldn’t stand it anymore and quit to stay at home.

Through Lin Xin’s connection, she signed a confidentiality agreement and became Jiang Mian assistant—she didn’t know the relationship between Jiang Mian and Qin Jingrun but her cousin Lin Xi repeatedly instructed her to take good care of Jiang Mian and told her that as long as she obeyed Jiang Mian wishes she would better be served than anyone else.

She kept in in her mind, thinking that if it was really hard to serve the big deal would be to resign again from the job.

But in the past few hours she interacted with Jiang Mian, she felt that the girl was not difficult to serve so her heart relaxed a lot.

As an assistant, everything must be considered for their boss. So how could Jiang Mian, such a delicate little girl walk that far.

“There’s no car?”

Tang Anan asked the cast and crew.

The staff knew that she was the assistant of the female no.1 and politely said.

“This is a mountainous area, and later we have to go up and down the hill which the car can’t pass at all so we can only walk.”

Tang Anan still wanted to say something but Jiang Mian came over and pulled her.

“The mountains are not like the city, let’s go.”

“Mian Mian, walking this far, your feet will not be able to bear it.”

Tang Anan was worried, after all an assistant like has better physical strength than of normal person. It was already tiring enough thinking of walking to the village, not to mention a girl who has never suffered before.

Jiang Mian wanted to talk but a car stopped by, after a while Guan Xin gets out of the car. She was also accompanied by a girl who looks like an assistant. That girl was carrying a big box, they even need to work together to lift the box out of the car.

Compared with Jiang Mian’s assistant, nutritionist and the two crew members who were specially sent by Director Zhang to carry Jiang Mian’s luggage, Guan Xin looks more humbled.

Guan Xin’s assistant name Zheng Xiaoyu glanced at Jiang Mian’s side.

“Hmp, what are you proud of? Guan Guan don’t be angry, if you hadn’t told Mr. Shen that he mustn’t arrange anything special for you, then we would have more people than her.”

“Mr. Shen and I are not what you think we are.”

Guan Xin’s expression changed slightly.

“Yes, yes, yes, I know I won’t talk nonsense.”

Zheng Xiaoyu zip her mouth before she said.

“I’ll get the box,”



The mountain road was hard to walk on, but still luckily there was no rain. Because if it rain, it would be a disaster.

The group walked for more than three hours and they finally reached the village where they were filming before the sky went completely dark.

Jiang Mian and Tang Anan were arranged to live in the only brick house built in the village. The owner of the house gets the money from Jiang Mian and vacates the room which has the only bathroom in the house.

Guan Xin was assigned to live with the third female in a made of soil house. They would sleep on the same bed, while their toilet was outside.

Zheng Xiaoyu was packing their thing while talking.

“Guan Guan, really, you should have not refused Mr. Shen’s kindness. Look at how dirty the mattress you’re going to sleep on tonight, did you see where Jiang Mian is living? How about I go to the coordinator to give you a new room? What person could sleep on this bed ah.”

Coincidentally, the third female walked carrying her things and heard Zheng Xiaoyu’s words. She looked ay Guan Xin and said.

“Most of the condition in the mountains are like this, I heard from the cameraman that Jiang Mian lives in a room that she pays out of her own pocket to the owner to change her room.”

After the third female finished saying this, and regardless of what the two expressions were she put her things and walked away.

Zheng Xiaoyu was still muttering, and Guan Xin couldn’t stand it.

“Can you stop saying that?!”

Zheng Xiaoyu’s voice abruptly stopped and the two stared at each other. Guan Xin took a few steps out of the room, seeing her go Zheng Xiaoyu scolded.

“Why pretend to be a noble? You think I didn’t know how you get this role—it’s the heart that counts.”

Guan Xin did not go too far, contrary to what Zheng Xiaoyu thought. Thinking that she was far away, her voice was not small and everything she say were all heard by Guan Xin.

Guan Xin clenched her fist, even her role was now only the second female she would play the role well and crush Jiang Mian with her strength.

On the other hand, Jiang Mian was ready to walk around and familiarize herself with the environment. Tang Anan wanted to follow her but she refused.

“Didn’t you get several blisters on your feet? Don’t follow me and get some rest, I’ll go out for a walk and then come back.”

Tang Anan watched as Jiang Mian left with brisk footsteps—she the assistant was almost exhausted after walking on the mountain road for more than three hours but Jiang Mian the pampered young lady actually was not affected and even have the strength for an evening walk.

She began to wonder what her cousin had said to her.

“Mian Mian is very delicate.”

Is this what he call delicate?

The night in the mountain was very quiet without the bustle and hustle of the city. Most importantly the aura in the air in the mountain was obviously a bit more dense than in the city.

Jiang Mian took a deep breath, if she had known it was like this she should have brought the material for the spirit gathering array and set it up in the bedroom and sent one here, the effect should be good.

This time the progress of the cultivation was not as good as the last time when she went to the middle school with her Taoist father, when she go back she should ask her Taoist father again and tag along.

As soon as she remembered her Taoist father, her suddenly vibrated.

Jiang Mian couldn’t help smiling, was this the telepathic communication between father and daughter?

She picked up the phone and Zuo Xingping’s happy voice came through.

“Mian Mian, I’ll be back in a few days, I’ve earned tens of thousands this time. I saw a beautiful dress in a mall and it’s pink, I’ll buy it for you, okay?”

The reason why her Taoist father asked Jiang Mian’s opinion was because he used to buy clothes for his baby daughter but then the original owner disliked the things he give.

However he still wants to buy it for his baby daughter, so instead he would asked every time. And every time he would also get an impatient reply from the original owner.

“I won’t wear anything you bought! So no! no!”


Jiang Mian said.

“Thank you, dad.”

Jiang Mian heard a startled gasp from Zuo Xingping over the phone, she frowned and asked.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

“I, I just caught a mouse, and I accidentally let it get away.”

Zuo Xingping stammered, but his voice was a bit eager.

“Mian Mian, I’ll hang up first.”

A beeping sound came from the phone.

Jiang Mian: “…”

Zuo Xingping hurriedly put his phone in his pocket. He was a little depressed, he managed to catch the weasel who was making trouble in other people’s house but because he was so happy with his conversation with his baby daughter that he let that little thing escape.

But since he could buy the dress for his baby daughter he was in a good mood again and said good naturedly.

“Behave yourself and come out, don’t force me to be rough.”

The surroundings were empty and all that rang out was the echo of his voice.

No choice, Zou Xingping had to continue to be rough~

The next day, Jiang Mian woke up in the morning to change her clothes and put on her makeup. She was very busy and didn’t start her first scene until the afternoon.

She don’t know if it’s a coincidence or intentional but her scene was not with the male lead but with the second female.

Jiang Mian looked at the script and tsked, as she think it was a little interesting.



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