ECM 31.2


Chapter 31(2)

Zhou Mingyu at first also looked like he was listening to a fantasy story but after hearing the end he was already clenching his teeth.

Cheng You looked at his face and asked cautiously.

“What will you do? You’re not going to kill Song Yannan, are you?”

Zhou Mingyu coldly snorted.

“Laozi doesn’t take on women! What was the contest you mentioned, what was it called?”

Cheng You said.

“Paris Fashion Design Competition.”

So the next day.

 Early morning, in the classroom.

“Zhaixing this is not good! Zhou Mingyu and his minion are outside the school building each holding their phones and are forcing the student to watch a video of you winning the award. Those who don’t watch are not allowed to leave!”

Xu Zhaixing: ???

Ahhh Zhou Mingyu you have lost your brain! Can’t you find any beautiful girls in this school? What do you like about me so that I can change it?

Not only that Zhou Mingyu has been forcing the students to watch the video but there was also a post about her winning the international fashion design competition in their school home page and was very popular. This video contains all the cut of her competition as well as the introduction of the scale and content of the competition.

Finally, at the end of the post it says: Xu Zhaixing a rising star in the fashion industry, is the youngest talented designer who won the championship in history. Her name will be recorded in the history of our school and hung on the wall of celebrities for our generation to look forward to!

Xu Zhaixing who looked at the post with a trembling hands: “……..”

While Cheng You was still excited flipping through the comments.

“Zhaixing, the comments are all praising you! There’s also the screenshot of Fei Tian and everyone is saying that it’s a fairy’s dress and super beautiful! Saying you give our school a lot of face! There are also some people scolding Song Yannan for giving wrong information, hahaha I’m so relieved!”

Yesterday Song Yannan spread rumors about her entering in a pheasant competition, saying it was a disgrace and spread it everywhere if Cheng You didn’t hear them talking in the toilet the result today would be different and the rumors would continue to circulate.

Even if they couldn’t understand the introduction of the contest and don’t know what it means in the fashion world, they still have their eyes and could see in the pictures and comments.

Also the dress called Fei Tian was just so beautiful! So how could this dress come from a pheasant competition?

The post also posted the photos and description of the judges’ awards, all with a long list of impressive titles. Most of the students in the school came from a wealthy family and were all wearing luxurious custom-made clothes so how could they not recognize the judges such as the Scarlett, the founder of SV, they were even wearing their brand now.

The comments at the latter were basically denouncing Song Yannan, she has always been a bit arrogant in school, only playing with the rich family classmates. Many students don’t like her, so it would be a wonder if no one throw stones at her who fell down on a well1.

Cheng You said excitedly.

“Zhaixing, this time it’s all thanks to Zhou Mingyu, he finally did something good!”

“….I should thank him.”

She actually does not want to make this thing big, although she also hated Song Yannan but after all in her eyes they were only a group of children. And she was still inwardly unwilling to lower herself to fight with a child.

After her hair was pulled she decided to fight back and as a result she willingly received the punishment, and she wanted to end everything like that but as a result the annoying Zhou Mingyu… was really a headache.

Once the class was over, her classmates gathered around and asked her about the dress, some even asked if she could bring the dress to school so they could look at it up close.

It wasn’t until the class started and the homeroom teacher came into the room that everyone sat back in their seats.

The class teacher should have also watched the video, because as soon as she entered the classroom she smiled and said.

“I heard that our classmate Xu Zhaixing won an international design competition so let’s applaud and congratulate her.”

The classroom was right then erupted with applause, making Xu Zhaixing embarrassed.

After this event, Xu Zhaixing’s fame in the school has increased greatly but whenever there were some school activities, many would come to ask her if she could help put on their makeup and do their hair.

Song Yannan didn’t spread any more rumors about her, after all even if she did tell the truth no one would believe her.

The only thing that bother Xu Zhaixing was that Zhou Mingyu started to chase after her again.

She couldn’t even drive him away, making her annoyed to death. As soon as she said clearly to him that she had someone she likes he would replied back with.

“Then call him here and show me! As soon as he come, I’ll give up immediately!”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

Meet my idol? I’d rather go and join him ah!

Well in that case I will just delay and waste time and see if he could still persist.

As the summer time was approaching, Xu Zhaixing received the contact sent back by the Paris organizers during this period and Chan Juan officially established its brand in Paris headquarters.

The sponsor’s backer was Fei Lao, Fei Lao’s contacts and capital channels were all over the world’s fashion industry. As long as he was wiling Chan Juan could jump into the international fashion industry’s attention in one stroke.

After Xu Zhaixing showed Fei Lao her brand concept and the next design ideas, Fei Lao made up his mind: The high-end custom made Chan Juan should be promoted to show the Chinese style to the world.

Chan Juan was on a high luxury custom-made route, among which Fei Tian the winner was already limited in the world. Many wanted to borrow the dress to walk on the red carpet but Xu Zhaixing did not agree, she give this dress to Zhao Jinjin harboring jealousy from other female stars.

But they were not without opportunities, the brand soon announced that the designer would next produce several other sets of piece from Fei Tian series, namely Bao Pipa, Jing Hong and Chang Zang which were also limited edition worldwide.

Chan Juan was positioned and started so well that it quickly established its place in the fashion world.

While Zhao Jinjin’s fame has improved qualitatively after the competition, not only she become the darling of the fashion industry, many magazines have invited her to shoot covers and the scripts she get were no longer the third female or the fourth female but the first female and second female lead.

In one summer alone, Zhao Jinjin was on three variety shows and received four endorsements.

Xu Zhaixing’s dream of Zhao Jinjin making money for her like a hardworking bee has finally come true.

So Father Xu soon got the first dividend after investing in Xu Yan.

He has also recently done a great job in real estate projects although there was no revenue but the government has been vaguely focused on the development on the north side of the city were already out on the news, and the prospects were very good.

With this considerable dividend, he wanted to continue to invest in real estate.

One night, Xu Zhaixing asked.

“Dad, you don’t care about your company anymore? That is your heart and soul for decades.”

Father Xu was still in charge of the company, he was planning to liquidate the company’s assets after a while and take the money with a few of his friends to take down the piece of land in the west side of the city.

He said.

“Whatever it does, it’s going out of business.”

“….No, I think it can still be salvaged a little more!”



throw stones at her who fell down on a well1– to hit a person who is down

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