TVREG 55.2


Chapter 55 (2)

This endorsement audition was very fast, they just went in to meet some judges and answered some questions. Soon Shen Yan’s name was called.

The first question they asked Shen Yan was about the brand of Dream Chocolate, the second question was if she was their spokesperson how would Shen Yan cooperate with their product promotion and why Shen Yan wanted to be their spokesperson.

Shen Yan answered all the question in a very standard way.

After seeing many auditionee, Chu Feng only thinks that Shen Yan was the most suitable. It’s not because Shen Yan has answered something extraordinary, it was because Shen Yan’s reputation was relatively high recently.

It could be said that she was more controversial in the entertainment industry. Controversy means that she has a topic, and Shen Yan has an upcoming web drama that was now broadcasting.

With this thinking, Chu Feng said.

“I think she is good.”

With a laugh, Li He said.

“Do you have a good relationship with Shen Yan? Or seeing that she and my niece are rivals on a show, you choose her instead.”

Chu Feng slap on the table as he directly stood up.

“What are you talking about ah? I am only choosing for the good of the company, our current chocolate are net celebrity1, so we have good sales volume but which net celebrity can be a celebrity all the time? And what should we do when the sale volume is no longer good? Am I not choosing a suitable spokesperson for our company? Working together and finding ways to make us a brand!”

“What work does Shen Yan have ah, she just acted in a web drama. How can we work together with her to make our chocolate become a brand? Granted that the sales volume will go down in the future, if she became the spokesperson should we owe it to her? You are working against me.”

After that, Li He added.

“Since you are like this, then I can only let my niece endorse for the sake of our company. Everyone also vote with me, you see whether it is good to find an endorser from a web dram or to my niece who played the second female.”

Now if their company invites, first-line and second-line tier star to be their spokesperson it would cost them a lot. So they could only find a controversial star who has just become popular and has potential.

Several judges were the company’s top management. After listening to Chu Feng and Li He’s conversation, they began to discuss one after another.

Even if they discuss this, they should not discuss it directly in front of Shen Yan. This was literally not putting Shen Yan any value, but if they were facing a first-line or a second-line artist they wouldn’t dare to do this.

Seeing them minding their business as if the topic of their conversation was not in front of them, Shen Yan laughed.

“Even if your company chooses me as the spokesperson I don’t want it.”

She took a step forward and took out her resume, then turned around and went out.

Seeing her attitude, Li He said.

“Look at her, what does this mean? You don’t know what you are saying at all, as if we would sign a temperamental person like you who wasn’t even big2 yet, it would be hard to cooperate with you. Just use my niece, I promise my niece can cooperate with our company’s publicity!”

Chu Feng’s equity share was not that big, although he strongly opposed he couldn’t do anything and since Li He has more share. Plus after voting, they chose Li Xin as the spokesperson thinking that she would cooperate with them.

After the finalization, Li He smilingly said.

“You guys don’t need to worry, my niece ah will definitely boost the net celebrity and potential stocks—right, Xianlu, if there is another voting competition let us vote together ah. Once my niece won, it would also beneficially good for us, because winning means cooperating with Lu Yunchen!”

Chu Feng sighed, he thinks that Shen Yan was an artist that has a lot of potential not to mention her web drama has been airing these days.

Even if Li Xin played the second female in a drama how long would it take to air and now, Xianlu audition casting, many people were fond of Shen Yan. Just by looking at the first phase of the program, the audience votes were really high, anyone could see that so how could they blindly believe Li He.

After Shen Yan went out, it was Zheng Rou’s turn but Shen Yan directly pulled the latter out and told Zheng Rou what happened inside. Hearing what Shen Yan said Zheng Rou looked really angry.

“I am accompanying you now, let’s go and give them our piece of mind before running away or else they will belittle you. How can they do that? Li Xin is also annoying.”

Looking back at the Dream Chocolate office building, Shen Yan said lightly.

“When I buy this company later, I will ask you to be the spokesperson.”

Zheng Rou: “…”

Zheng Rou felt that Shen Yan must be very angry, otherwise she would not say anything like acquiring the company in the future and asked her as the spokesperson.

After thinking about it, Zheng Rou said.

“Yes, when you buy this company later, ask me to be the spokesperson.”

Wang Peng who saw them coming out and walking towards him, as he overhear their conversation made the corner of his mouth twitched. He wanted to pretend to believe Shen Yan but he didn’t believe any of the words they said.

Wang Peng and Zheng Rou both had nothing to do so they sent Shen Yan back together. They wanted to have dinner with Shen Yan but Shen Yan refused. On the way Wang Peng knew that this chocolate company has just bullied Shen Yan, he thought that it was also good that Shen Yan and Zheng Rou didn’t audition for this company. He even reminded Shen Yan not to trust Li Xin, and not hinder Li Xin either.

The Sweet Chocolate side had some worries, they want Lu Yunchen to be their spokesperson. After all Lu Yunchen has the top traffic in China and was very popular abroad, after several discussions they think Lu Yunchen was the most suitable spokesperson. However he has so many endorsement, he may not be able to notice them.

Since after they have invited him, Lu Yunchen has not replied.

“We must make Lu Yunche notice us ah. He is the most suitable person for our chocolate.”

“We also know that Lu Yunchen’s endorsement is the most suitable but what brand Lu Yunchen is endorsing? Our chocolate is slightly lower than the brand he usually endorse.”

“But we are Chinese chocolate.”

“That special hot chocolate from abroad has asked Lu Yunchen to endorse them, but Lu Yunchen refused so I don’t think Lu Yunchen will speak for us.”

Just as the executive were discussing, a staff member rushed over.

“Agreed, agreed, Lu Yunchen agreed to endorse us but he has a request.”

Lu Yunchen’s request must be fulfilled— was what was on their minds.

One of the executives asked.

“What is the request?”

“Lu Yunchen’s agent said that he wanted Shen Yan to endorse with him, seemingly because Lu Yunchen’s agent know Shen Yan and has a good relationship with her.”

At once everyone had one question in mind, who was Shen Yan?

They quickly looked up the information on the internet and felt that although this Shen Yan was not popular but her potential was pretty high. And since Lu Yunchen agreed to be their spokesperson, then they could treat it as the king bringing a bronze.

They immediately expressed their agreement, and let the staff to contact Shen Yan’s agent.

On the other hand, Zhou Ruo was waiting inside the nanny car for Zheng Shu to shoot the scene when her phone rang, she picked it up and then froze. She looked at the phone number again before she said.

“You are the staff from Sweet Chocolate?”



net celebrity1–  network explosive products popular merchandize on social media,

big2– popular

Hua Guo3– raw was 华国 meaning abbr. for China or Mt Hua 華山|华山 in Shaanxi; surname Hua, and country; nation; state; national; CL:個|个

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