Chapter 38

“Hello, are you looking for Mr. Xu? Mr. Xu he is not in…”

Listening to the sweet voice on the phone, Xue Jiayue’s thought was wondering which woman was on the other side of the phone and how does she look?

Her voice is so coy, wouldn’t Xu Yanwen get tired of hearing it for a long time?

If it was her, she would choose a good-looking and capable person and speaks clearly.

Not someone who talked like she was whispering, that would make people not help by have goose bumps all over.

However men generally think differently from women, and like different things. Maybe Xu Yanwen likes such delicate and weak woman, so he could protect her and show his demeanor and charm as a man.

“Hey, are you still there? If there’s anything you want to tell me, I’ll turn and tell Mr. Xu.”

Linda on the other side did not hear Xue Jiayue’s voice, so she asked again in a delicate and soft voice.

She secretly guessed what kind of mood Xue Jiayue was in right now, knowing that she had heard from her colleagues early on that Xue Jiayue was a capricious, spiteful and petty woman who kept a close eyes on Xu Yanwen.

And as long as there was a woman around him who made her feel threatened she would immediately visit the company to check or she would quarrel with Xu Yanwen and ask him to transfer her right away.

Now that she answered the phone, she wanted to test how Xue Jiayue would react. She wanted to see what the rumored wife who was not like by Xu Yanwen actually looks like? She believes she must be more beautiful and better than Xue Jiayue.

Although Xue Jiayue has never been in love, she has seen a lot of dog blood drama like this situation where the man’s lover provoked the wife. She had seen this 8 out of 10 and the only difference was the reaction of each wife.

Some legal wife would confront their man and sometimes get into fight creating a bigger mess and in the end would not win but instead end up being beaten and scolded by the man with a black and blue face!

There were also some legal wives who would take people to settle accounts with the little lover and beat them hard and violently.

The wife would then sell the little lover to the man who was distressed seeing his lover on a sorry state, naturally the wife could get what she wanted and won the fight but loses the money and people.

There was also a legal wife that doesn’t have any feeling for the man, after the two people made an agreement, they would then enjoy their life separately, just don’t let the man’s little lover appear in front of her or get in the wife’s way so that everyone would be at peace.

Normally in this situation, the legal wife would despises the little lover. She would just need to use her strength to crush her then when she comes back, she would warn the man to take care of his little lover.

Warning him to not let disobedient things get in her way, at this time the man would give a bit of face and restrain his little lover.

Xue Jiayue thought for a moment that her relationship with Xu Yanwen was not suitable for the above situations mentioned above.

One was that she does not want to be a shrew like the original owner, finding Xu Yanwen to quarrel with him. She doesn’t care if has anyone outside.

Second, she doesn’t want to find someone to beat her lover. Xu Yanwen was not so important in her heart and she doesn’t need to.

As for the third, it seems inappropriate for her to ask Xu Yanwen to warn his little lover. In fact she was eager for Xu Yanwen and his little lover to love each other more so that she could divorce Xu Yanwen earlier and leave with the money.

As for the difficult task of cleaning up the little lover she would leave it to the heroine Han Mengxue to do later!

But according to the original plot, after Xu Yanwen and Han Mengxue were together, the latter was the only person in Xu Yanwen’s life and there was no room for other people.

All the women who have some thoughts were initiatively cleaned up by Xu Yanwen. They don’t even have the chance to come to Han Mengxue let alone tell her some things.

So how could Han Mengxue even beat some little lover?

Therefore, to put it simpler, Xu Yanwen has two different attitudes towards her and Han Mengxue!

Xue Jiayue clearly understands the position she was in, and because it was too clear what her position was, she know what she should do next.

At this point, she told Linda on the other end of the phpne.

“It’s okay.”

After saying this, she then hung up the phone.

Linda did not expect Xue Jiayue to just hang up the phone, she was stunned by her unexpected reaction.

When she saw character “Jiayue” on the screen earlier, she knew that it was Xu Yanwen’s wife’s name. She knew this because she had asked her colleagues before about his wife’s name, so she was sure that the call was from Xu Yanwen’s wife.

But after the other party heard her voice, she unexpectedly didn’t get angry like the rumor. There was no noise nor a fuss, instead she was calm as if nothing had happened which was not quite the same as she thought!

But… Linda thought to herself that she hung up the phone so fast was because she was brewing some way to fix her or it could be that she was on her way to the company.

If she comes to the company to find trouble to her; call her names and scold her she could also show her weakness and just cry telling her that she was just helping Xu Yanwen answer the phone.

After all, this was what the secretary should do, and maybe if Xu Yanwen see her being bullied he would be against his wife.

And if she plays her card well he would feel that she was wronged indiscriminately and would also pity her.

Xu Yanwen was such a good and excellent person, so he should not tolerate his shrew-like wife of his. With this thinking, Linda gripped the phone tightly.

This time it must all be under her control.



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