Chapter 12 (2)

Only when the assistant remind Han Xu for the fifth time that it was time to go did he reluctantly let go of Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian stepped closer and kissed his tyrant billionaire father on the cheek.

“Bye dad.”

Han Xu was floating all the way back to the United States, and said sent to his circle of friends.

[My baby girl kissed me tonight!!!]

This circle of friends, he screened other people including Jiang Mian and specially screened in this circle of friends were the film emperor father and the detective father—since the Taoist father has no Weibo.

Although they don’t deal with each other, they still added each other’s WeChat and just usually don’t bother each other.

Jiang Mian naturally didn’t know what her tyrant billionaire father had done. After seeing his car leave, she went back to her suite. Only after a few steps later, her mobile phone rang. It as Qin Jingrun calling.

“Baby guess where I am?”

Her movie emperor father did not wait for Jiang Mian to answer and revealed himself.

“Quickly throw away that cold Xu home and dad is waiting for you at the door.”

Jiang Mian had a hunch when he heard Qin Jingrun’s first words and was not surprised when she heard him say he was waiting at her suite door, she immediately speed up going upstairs.

At the same time, Qin Jingrun who was wearing a mask and hat stood at the door of Jiang Mian suite. He came quietly, tomorrow his baby daughter would join the group in the mountain so naturally he would take advantage of this opportunity to come over to see the his baby daughter before she go filming.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Jingrun then stood leaning against the wall. His phone vibrated and it was a message from Lin Xi.

[The organizers were upset.]

Qin Jingrun actually slipped quietly from an event.

Qin Jingrun’s slender fingers tapped the screen and quickly replied.

[The agreement was two hours, but it was increase to three hours. I don’t think they are generous to break the contract.]

Lin Xi thought he was right, but didn’t acknowledge it, instead he replied.

[You suddenly disappear, it won’t be long before the internet go frenzy again.]

Although Qin Jingrun was at the top of the entertainment industry more so since he was popular, as long as he does something that could bring spot on him no matter how small it was it would be magnified to nth times and then it would become a headline for many netizens to comment on.

But of course it was always natural for some people to find black spot on popular people and Qin Jingrun has long been accustomed to it. He also no longer pays attention to this kind of news.

[Brother Chen keeps calling me, he must want to ask where you’ve been. What should I say back? I am already expecting his anger to burn me bald.]

Chen Xu was Qin Jingrun’s manager.

[You tell him I’ve come to see my little lover.]

He was poking at the keyboard to reply to his assistant’s message when Qin Jingrun suddenly heard a voice. He looked up and saw the door opposite to his baby daughter’s suite open and a man with a white cloth covering his eyes came out.

Qin Jingrun frowned, he remembered that this suite across has been unoccupied.

Earlier they were worried in case someone lived in that suite and they don’t know the character of the person who live in it so they wanted to buy that suite across the hall all together, but Jiang Mian was unhappy and stopped them.

They have no choice but to comply with Jiang Mian.

When did someone across move in?

He carefully surveyed the man, and then felt that he looked familiar as if he had seen him before somewhere…

“Mian Mian?”

Qi Yanshu sounded, he heard a voice outside the door and thought it was Jiang Mian who had returned, but after calling out her name and getting no response he understood that the person outside was not Jiang Mian.

The man’s brow wrinkled imperceptibly.

Qin Jigrun’s gaze fell from Qi Yanshu’s face to his right hand that was in cast, and instantly remembered that this person was in fact the one who’s his baby daughter accidentally broke his hands at the last reception.

At that time, Qi Yanshu was wearing blackout glasses and a more formal suit but now he was wearing a casual clothes and look a little different, making Qin Jingrun unable to recognize him for a while.

Hold on—

­Qin Jingrun put down his phone, looked at Qi Yanshu and then looked at the door of his baby daughter’s room behind him, then frowned.

“You and Mian Mian have known each other for a long time?”

As soon as Qin Jingrun opened his mouth, Qi Yanshu knew who he was—at the reception, Jiang Mian explained to him that Qin Jingrun was one of her elders.

He couldn’t see with his eyes now but his hearing was especially sharp and he could hear sound to identify things so naturally he could identify people.

Qi Yanshu was just about to answer when the elevator ding open and Jiang Mian came out. She almost blurted out “Dad” but seeing the two of them she swallowed back the word.

The less people know about her having four dads, the better—that was the subconscious thought in her mind.

Qi Yanshu already knows the father-daughter relationship between her and her Taoist father, if she calls Qin Jingrun dad in front of him, it would inevitably make people suspicious.

“Mian Mian.”

In front of an outsider, Qin Jingrun called his baby daughter normally.

“Isn’t this gentleman the one who was accidentally injured by you at the reception last time, how come you didn’t tell me that he is your neighbor ah.”

Since her baby daughter knows this man, why didn’t she tell him at the party and hide it?

Suspicious, too suspicious.

Qin Jingrun looks at Qin Yanshu quietly. Last time he took Qi Yanshu as someone Jiang Mian injured, deviating his attention on his appearance but now—he has good face, good body and good temperament, as for his age it seems to be a little older.

Jiang Mian noticed Qin Jingrun’s gaze and helplessly held her forehead.

Dad, you are looking at him like he is a prisoner!

She coughed.

“At that time, I was in hurry because of Uncle Qi’s injury and did not have time to talk to you.”

“Uncle Qi?”

Qin Jingrun was instantly relieved, and he apologized.

“Mr. Qi, I’m really sorry for injuring you, because of Mian Mian’s recklessness…. How is the injury now?”

Qi Yanshu replied politely.

“It’s not Mian Mian’s fault, it’s already much better.”

Jiang Mian blinked as the two men talked in front of her as if she didn’t exist, and was about to raise her voice to let them know about her existence when the two men already ended their conversation.

Qi Yanshu’s head titled slightly to her side as if he wanted to talk to her, but immediately said nothing and turned back to his suite.

She and Qin Jingrun also entered her room, the latter said tentatively.

“Baby, do you know this Uncle Qi well?”

“Just normal.”

Jiang Mian answered as she poured water for her film emperor father and added with her obedient looking face.

“I broke someone’s hand and as an adult I must be responsible ah.”

Seeing his baby daughter’s face, Qin Jingrun was finally relieve at last.

The four dad’s have different opinion on the matter of Jiang Mian’s affair.

The tyrant billionaire father thinks that his baby daughter was so beautiful that it’s okay to have relationships or to have boyfriend, just let the boyfriend spoil her to her hearts content and spice up the life of his baby daughter and so he see that there was nothing wrong with it.

But the prerequisite, of his baby daughter’s love object—he must be obedient to his baby daughter.

When Jiang Mian was in junior high school, she has her early love with a classmate. The tyrant billionaire father not only know about this but also secretly threatened those little boy that it was okay to fall in love but if he dares to touch his baby daughter he could take each of their legs!

At the same time, this was also the reason why the original owner wanted help from his tyrant billionaire father. Let Gu Qiwen and her be together, at first her tyrant billionaire father firmly refused to allow her to be with him. He was a poor boy, has no ability, his eye were only a little above the top and he doesn’t put his baby daughter in his eyes. Even if he was with his baby daughter, could be good to her?

Her Taoist father has no say to this—the original owner does not like him and he has always been careful in front of the original owner.

If his baby daughter was in love, he would find out his birth day and calculate their compatibility well and then secretly observe.

Her detective father was very open-minded, and respect his baby daughter’s opinion, anyway with them four as her dad behind her, who would dare to bully her?

Only her film emperor father, thinks that she was a three year old child that he held in his palm full of love so how could she fall in love.

Usually the other three father’s would grabbed his baby’s attention away from him but now they allow to have another man grab her attention? How could they do that?

Furthermore, who knows what was in the mind of that other person who was in love with his baby daughter?



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