ECM 31.1


Chapter 31(1)

Probably this seven inches hit too hard, because the next scene could simply be describe by the people as ‘summersault’.

Song Yannan screamed hysterically and pounced like crazy as she pulled Xu Zhaixing’s hair!

Xu Zhaixing was 0.001 seconds slower and was instantly restrained. She really did not expect that Song Yannan who has always been known as a noble lady in school would act like a shrew and pull her hair in front of everyone.

Xu Zhaixing’s scalp hurts so much that she wanted to kill someone, curse expletively and so she pulled Song Yannan’s hair. The two began to fight amidst the screams of the people surrounding them, finally they were called out to the teacher’s office.

The class teacher of both sides looked at the two good students in front of them with disheveled hair and scary looking eyes making them almost faint.

They finally asked angrily.

“What happened?! What are you doing? Do you think the school is a food market, are you some fighter?! Who started it? I ask you who started it!”

Xu Zhaixing immediately pointed Song Yannan.


The class teacher looked at Song Yannan viciously.

“Say, why did you do it?”

Song Yannan now knows how to play soft as she started crying while saying.

“She scolded me. She scolded me and it made me angry so I wasn’t able to hold myself.”

The class teacher asked.

“Why did she scold you for?”

Song Yannan was stunned, of course she did not dare to say that it was because of Zhou Mingyu. She looked Xu Zhaixing next to her who has a smug face, so she gritted her teeth and answered in a low voice.

“She…. She scolded me for chewing people’s tongues.”

The class teacher was furious.

“Then what did you do exactly?”


“I am asking you!”

Song Yannan clenched her teeth and stomped her foot.

“I didn’t! I just told them what I knew! I just told the truth!”

Xu Zhaixing almost laugh in anger.

“What do you know? What you know is that you add fuel to the fire on things that are not clear, and your truth is to insult people’s dreams base on your malicious speculation. And without my permission—who gave you the permission to spread my story around? Was this not called chewing the cud? Do you think our excellent language teacher is teaching physical education?!”

The class languange teacher: “…….”

She coughed dryly and said seriously to the crying Song Yannan.

“That act of spreading rumors about your classmates behind her back is not right, and yet you are doing it! What kind of place do you think school is? Do you still consider yourself as a student!”

Song Yannan who was scolded sob, and finally both class teachers criticized and educated her. At the they punished Song Yannan to write a 3, 000-words review, sweep the girls toilet for a week and verbal warning.

In view that Xu Zhaixing was not the one started the fight, but got into the fight she too has to write 3,000 words review.

When the two came out of the office, the students who were gathered outside eavesdropping scattered in a flurry. Song Yannan gave her a fierce glare with her red and swollen eyes, then ran away crying. Xu Zhaixing had no inner turmoil and even wanted to whistle.

When she returned to the classroom, the class looked at her with respect and Cheng You was even secretly applauding.

She walked back to her seat and sat down, Cheng You painfully looked at the top of her head.

“Zhaixing, your scalp is okay, right? Let me see if it’s bald.”

She took out her textbook for the next class.

“It’s okay, after I am home I’ll put some medicine on it. Also it doesn’t really matter if I get bald, I can just get a hair transplant.”

Cheng You said guiltily.

“It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have told you this, otherwise you wouldn’t have fought with her. How can she be like that? She said she’s a shrew if she’ll do it— and she really is!”

Xu Zhaixing sighed sadly.

“Who would have expected her to be so deeply in love with Zhou Mingyu?”

It’s almost like she did with Cen Feng, it was little on the dot.

When it comes to Zhou Mingyu, Cheng You’s expression changed. She stammered for a moment before she could finally whisper to Xu Zhaixing.

“Zhaixing, I have something to tell you but don’t worry so much ah. It’s just that the fight between you and Song Yannan was known to the whole school and everyone says that you two are fighting over Zhou Mingyu.”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

Is he worthy???

“Zhou Mingyu is probably overjoyed this time. You wait, I reckon he’ll be coming soon to you.”

Xu Zhaixing: “…..”

Because of Cheng You’s words, Xu Zhaixing did not dare to stay for a second in the school after the school ended. Holding her school bag, she slipped away and as expected after a short while Zhou Mingyu was poking his head in the front of the classroom.

Cheng You who was packing her school bag and said annoyingly.

“Zhaixing is already gone!”

But unexpectedly he said.

“I’m here to see you.”

He asked her.

“Want to eat fried chicken?”

Half an hour later, Cheng You happily hugged the family bucket chicken while Zhou Mingyu was sitting face to face with her.

Cheng You gnawed the fried chicken while mumbling.

“Zhaixing did not fight for you, so do not make a fool of yourself.”

Zhou Mingyu did not react nor speak and just waited for Cheng You to eat and drink enough, before calmly speaking.

“After eating the family bucket fried chicken means were are a family.”

Cheng You: “?”

“A family does not say lie with each other so you tell me honestly, is there really person called Cen Feng?”

He did not do anything this semester besides looking for someone every day. Now, basically all the schools in the S city were already been searched but did not find the person who was interfering with his long lasting love.

After some rigorous speculation by his clever brain, he began to suspect that this person was in fact does not exist. It was only used as excuse by Xu Zhaixing to reject him!

He watched Cheng You burp.

Actually she was in fact a little unsure.

Because every time she asked anything related to Cen Feng, Xu Zhaixing would always shut her mouth. How they meet, how old was he, what high school did he go to, what they usually talk about—Xu Zhaixing never answers them. So even she began to doubt that Cen Feng really exist.

As soon as Zhou Mingyu looked at her, he knew he was right and excitedly slapped the table.

“I knew it! Hmph, I told you, how could anyone be more handsome than me!”

Cheng You looked at him speechlessly.

“But even without Cen Feng, she wouldn’t like you.”

Zhou Mingyu glared at her.

“What do you know? Girls are to be chased, as long as she does not have others in her heart I will have another chance, right? With my strength and conditions, would I still be worried chasing her?”

Cheng You: “…”

Then you may have misunderstand your strength.

She said seriously.

“Or don’t, she just doesn’t like you right now if you give her any more trouble she might start to hate you.”

Zhou Mingyu said angrily.

“When did I ever give her trouble?”

Cheng You looked at him straight in the eyes for a moment before she sighed and narrated one by one how Song Yannan slandered and ridiculed Xu Zhaixing. At last she also scolds him.

“If it wasn’t for you, would Song Yannan have targeted her like this? Zhaixing stay up late every night for that competition and happily won the championship back, but she said it was a pheasant and not classy competition, who wouldn’t get angry?”



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