Chapter 6.1

Chacha pulled open the closet, which was full of clothes whose tags had not been removed.

She selected a few clothes and changed into it then put on some light makeup making sure everything was presentable. Seeing that it was almost time, Chacha head off the Brilliant hotel.

And when she passed by a shopping mall, she stopped to buy a gift.

Arriving at the hotel, Chacha was taken by the staff to the hall where the banquet was held.

A red carpet, buffet-style dining, flowers and people raising their glasses filled the wide hall. Everyone was dressed appropriately and with smiles on their faces, they were gathered in twos and threes to chat.

Most of the people who gathered here were rich, but not too rich.

Although the Chen family has developed well but their roots were not well off (not from a noble lineage family meaning not rich from the start), they were more like just on top of the lower class but do not belong to the upper circle in short they were in the middle. The people invited here were similar to the Chen family, they were not poor but not too rich either.

Chacha thought she came quite early and didn’t expect that she came late.

No one here knows Chacha has arrived, including her family in this word.

Therefore, instead of actively seeking out anyone to talk, she grabbed a glass of wine and casually walked into the crowd.

And she coincidentally walk in front of a family of three, the man look like he was in his early 50’s with a proud beer belly—through the whole venue no one has bigger belly than his.

The woman was very young, she looked like she was on the top of her 30 years of age, she was well maintained and born with a pitiful look awakening everyone’s protective instinct not to mention she act young.

The child who was with them was about 10 years old, he was wearing a suit looking like a small adult, his lips was red and has a white teeth making him look very likeable.

“Good evening sister.”

The child smiled at Chacha.

“I’m so happy that I came.”

Seeing them Chacha understood that these three people in front of her was her family now.

She reached out to touch his forehead and felt him duck for a moment before he quickly stand still again but his smile were a little stiff.

“Jiamu, happy birthday.”

Chacha smiled and handed him the bag in her hand, as she added.

“Sorry, I just went to buy a present for you so I’m a little late.”

“Thank you, thank you….”

Chen Jiamu took the gift, his young face has a little doubt and inquiry but he soon smiled out again.

“Thank you sister!”

Chen Guoshen originally wanted to scold her for coming late, but hearing her reason why she was late he swallowed back the words.

Wang Qihui smiled as she said.

“We are all in the same family so there is no need to nitpick, important is you’re here. Xiao Cha you’re really considerate.”

But in her mind.

If you really want to give a gift why not prepare it in advance instead of deliberately picking today to buy it.

“No thanks needed.”

Chacha shook her head and added.

“As long as you received my gift, I’m already happy.”

At this point a woman intervened and patted Chacha on the shoulder and said.

“Chacha is really fond of Jiamu and is very sensible.”

Chacha looked at the woman, and guessed that this woman was Chacha’s own mother Wei Siyun.

Wang Qihui smiled and did not say anything, since she did not know whether to agree with what she said or not.

Chen Guosheng on the other hand smiled brightly and said.

“Good child, family members should be like this.”

Chacha just smiled.

This conversation doesn’t sound like something a real family would say. If a family really have a good relationship why do they need to focus on these small things?

After a few more pleasantries, Wang Qihui took Chen Jiamu to eat while Wei Siyun ran off to chat with her sisters. Chen Guosheng and a few business people also chatted and left leaving Chacha standing in place, alone.

She went for a little drink and ate some food.

No one was looking for her to talk to her but there were many people looking for Chen Jiamu to be acquainted to him, as if Chen Jiamu was the child born out of the Chen family’s legal marriage.

While she the real legal daughter was deliberately ignored.

But Chacha does not care about this, instead she was looking for an excuse to chat with Chen Guosheng and wanted ask for spending money after giving him a good impression earlier.

After about ten minutes or so, Chen Guosheng walked to Chacha’s direction.


Chacha called.


Chen Guosheng’s smiled stiffened and with a bit of authoritative voice he asked.

“How are you doing at school?”

“Very good.”

Chacha answered with a smile.

Chen Guosheng nodded, and thought for a moment before he said.

“You can go abroad and study at a university, it’s good for young people to see the world more.”


Chacha shook her head and said.

“No, foreign food is not as good as our own. I’m also not used to eating their food.”

Chen Guosheng suggested this was not for the good of Chacha at all.

Basically, people who go abroad have a little money at home. Most of them were from upstart family and few were from elite families, after most of them go abroad they would learn how to mix and learn bad things from those foreign people especially since their culture was more reserve than the from the foreign country.

This was what Chen Guosheng was aiming for and nothing more, especially for Chacha’s needle like IQ that was suited for learning bad things, it should not be difficult for her.

Chen Guosheng deliberately want Chacha to learn bad things and waste her life.



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  1. Thank you so much for picking this up. I’ve been waiting for the update since last year. Keep up the good work 😊🙏

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  2. Tatyana Rodriguez Avatar
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    So many bad parents, I feel like these novels are teaching me right from wrong, and common sense.


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