TMBAM 11.1

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Chapter 11 (1)

It was not a book that was popular among the masses, the style of writing was strange, and Gu Xueyi would read such book? Chen Yujin suppressed the astonishment in his heart.

“Thanks, I’ve eaten.”

Chen Yujin looked at the fruits Gu Xueyi pushed towards him and said his refusal. Madam Yan had a lot of tricks up her sleeves and he was really afraid of being accidentally involved.

At the same time, Chen Yujin had already prepared on how to deal with Gu Xueyi’s outburst.

Gu Xueyi nodded her head, without slightest change of emotion on her face.

She also took her time eating as she asked Chen Yujin while eating elegantly.

“Secretary Chen is here for the matter of Mr. Jian’s visit, is there something you want to instruct to me?”

Chen Yujin still has a smile on his face, his eyebrows were especially gentle to look making it easy for the people to accept the words that come out of his mouth.

“I hope madam will please not say anything when the time comes.”

But the words coming out of Chen Yujin’s mouth as this moment were not gentle and even seemed unforgiving to the point of coldness.

Gu Xueyi paused, her eyes shifted slightly upwards as she pondered.

In this world, she was new to everything and has a lot to learn. Chen Yujin was more professional than her, if Chen Yujin comes forward of course it would be good not to talk so as to avoid saying the wrong thing causing unnecessary trouble.


Gu Xueyi answered.

This was Chen Yujin’s turn to pause.

She was this amicable to talk?

Chen Yujin quickly gathered his emotions and smiled.


At that moment, a sound of footsteps arrived downstairs.

The maid went up to the second floor with a complicated look as she came forward to Gu Xueyi.

“Madam, Ms. Jian Rui has arrived and…. Also Mr. and Mrs. Gu.”

Gu Xueyi frowned.

Did she let Gu Xuemin and his wife in?

They could have followed the lady name Jian Rui when she came in.

Thinking of this, Gu Xueyi couldn’t help but turn her head and look at Chen Yujin.

Chen Yujin was a little puzzled by her look, and slowly blinked, while he slightly tilted his head showing a little inquiring look.

Gu Xueyi’s evaluation of this Chen Yujin, the secretary was raised to another level.

He was very clever. When he came in, he still kept Gu Xuemin out of the gate not afraid of offending him. His gentle smile seems friendly but hidden underneath was an unyielding character.

Gu Xueyi likes smart people.

“Now that they we’re in, let’s invite them downstairs for tea.”

Gu Xueyi said, she then turn to ask Chen Yujin.

“How is Jian Rui related to Jian Chagming?”

Chen Yujin was silent.

Does she really not know?

It shouldn’t be, especially since the Gu family is good at currying favor so it is impossible that they don’t know about the Jian family for a long time.

“She is Mr. Jian’s niece.”

Gu Xueyi nodded her head, and just sat there steadily not moving.

Chen Yujin thought she was ready to get up and welcome her, but now that he saw her posture he was surprise once again.

The Gu family was good at currying favor, always showing their pandering enthusiasm at untimely time. They tend to always forget that they already have a relationship with the Yan family and that means they were also part of the Yan family’s face. Fortunately Yan Chao didn’t care much about these things at all.

But no one knows better than Chen Yujin about matter of Gu Xueyi.

Early in the morning, she already learned directly from Yan Wenjia’s mouth that Jian Changming was a close friend of Yan Chao which mean they were in the same generation. Jian Rui on the other hand was Changming’s niece so she was in the junior generation, no matter what it was, it was not her turn to get up and warmly welcome her.

Normally it should be fine welcoming a guest but since the Yan family’s head was not around, and she was the wife of the head, how could she smear the prestige of the family and show short on her position first?


The maid asked Gu Xuemin and his wife to have some tea.

Gu Xueming was still a little disappointed, he wanted to meet Jian Changming first who know what that girl has been spouting without his supervision. But there was no need to mention talking to her, he couldn’t even get into the Yang’s house.

Fortunately, Jian Rui with her good manners let them inside together with her.

So right now, Gu Xueming refused to do anything much less having tea.

“Is Xueyi upstairs? I’ll go meet her.”

The maid was quiet, what could she say to him?

‘Sorry Madam doesn’t want to see you.?’

The maid was momentarily speechless.

Jian Rui waited for a while, but did not wait long enough for the people downstairs to come down. She also understand how things works, they were obviously waiting for them to go up themselves.

Jian Rui glance at Gu Xueming.

Madam Gu who was following them, nodded in agreement and said.

“Yes, let’s go upstairs and see Xueyi. She must be in lot of fear lately.”

Hearing Madam Gu said this, the maid recalled what Gu Xueyi looked like.

In her opinion, it doesn’t seem to be that case…

Jian Rui stopped staring at the husband and wife, and just went straight upstairs.

The Gu family is indeed a troublesome relative.

How could a man like Mr. Yan who was a magnificent man marry such a wife?

Seeing Jian Rui going upstairs, Gu Xuemin also no longer wait for his daughter to come downstairs and directly went up. The maid downstairs couldn’t stop them, so she could only watch as people went up.

“Madam Yan.”

Jian Rui walked up the last step and turned on a corner to arrive at the drawing room.

Before coming, her mind already combined and roughly outlined Gu Xueyi’s appearance with the help of the past magazines, but when she actually saw the person Jian Rui froze.

The young woman leaning on the sofa, raised her eyebrow as she look at her after hearing her call. With that eyebrow alone she looked like a painting of an elegant and outstanding young noble lady.

“Please sit down.”

Gu Xueyi moved her lips.

“Coffee or tea?”

Jian Rui instinctively replied.

“Coffee please.”

After answering, she slowly walked to the sofa and sat down. The bottom of her heart still has a lingering shock that even her hands and feet were inexplicably feeling numb.

She was just… overwhelmed by Gu Xueyi’s aura?

Jian Rui slowly come back to her senses and only then did she notice that there was another person next to the sofa. She immediately greeted him.

“So, Mr. Chen is also here, what a coincidence. My uncle just went to the Yan’s company and said he was waiting for Mr. Chen there.”

Chen Yujin was a capable right-hand man of Yan Chao, many people in the circle showed their respect to him by calling him “General Chen” and only few people called him ‘Secretary Chen.’

“….It’s not really a coincidence.”

Chen Yujin responded.

He was already here and it was not good to get up and leave immediately. He could not give Gu Xueyi face but not in front of outsiders, otherwise it was the face of the Yan family that would be tarnished.

Seeing Chen Yujin sitting there steadily, without any intention of walking out Jian Rui’s was a bit puzzled.

This doesn’t look right.

Gu Xueyi who was observing the whole action thinks that she was not stupid and does not need Chen Yujin always guarding her.

After the conversation died down, Jian Rui wanted to say something.

She was not the type of person who was not good at socializing within her circle but when she was in front of Gu Xueyi she suddenly didn’t know what to say instead.

“Madam Yan looks good.”

Jian Rui said.

After saying this, Jian Rui realized that it sounded a bit like she was taunting her.

Gu Xueyi nodded.

“En, since I slept well and eat well.”

Hearing these words, the corner of Chen Yujin’s mouth twitched.

Jian Rui was also stunned.

Doesn’t Gu Xueyi care about Mr. Yan?

“Especially this strawberry, it taste good.”

Gu Xueyi, added and pushed the plate that has strawberries.

“Want to try?”

This was the plate that she failed to sell to Chen Yujin.

Still quite friendly?

Jian Rui froze before she took the plate.

“Thank you, I’ll try it.”

Chen Yujin looked at the peaceful atmosphere and could not help but raised his eyebrow.

At this time, Gu Xueyi turned her head to look at him.

“Secretary Chen you go out first.”

It was great that Gu Xueyi took the initiative to ask him to leave first.

Chen Yujin smiled and stood up.

“Good, then I will not accompany you.”

But Gu Xueyi also slowly stood up with her graceful figure.

And said.

“I’ll go too.”

Chen Yujin: “?”


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