Chapter 41

But since Hua Shan knows Chen Fang, she probably know his true identity that he does not have huge wealth.

And she knew inside Hua Shan’s heart it does not matter at all, after all she was his white moonlight. She would not mind if he was poor as long as she could be touched by his feelings.

She ran off in the morning to buy a gift just for that.

She had designed it all, after she throws a lot of money at Hunchun brothel she would definitely be allowed to go to the kitchen and then would let the chef make a few snacks to specifically wrap these bracelets and earrings and hairpins she bought today.

At dinner time, Chen Fang would let Hua Shan eat these snack and let her discover the gift inside.

Hua Shan has certainly never seen these sets.

At this time, it doesn’t matter if Hua Shan would be moved and surprise because after this move Hua Shan should be deeply moved with Chen Fang.

Even if he was a poor boy, he does not mind being poor and was still willing to spend money for her like this, then wasn’t this called true love?

Wasn’t this a good idea?

After all what should she expect from this dog man to take initiative to do anything?

The white moonlight was his predestined love, so all she could do was to help him spend some money, find gifts and help him pick up good clothes not to mention help him think for strategy.

She has helped him to this point and spent money and effort, for what?

Was not because this dog man does not know how to fight?

And now he’s mad at her?

Jiang Liangchan who crossed not so long only felt panic ever since she arrived in this world, this was the first time she felt aggravated.

She wiped the indisputable water droplets at the corner of her eyes, tossed her head to the side and didn’t want to care about Chen Fang.

Instead, it was Chen Fang spoke to her first.

He keenly grasped the words that Jiang Liangchan blurted out in anger just now and vaguely felt that he should have found the real crux of the problem.

Chen Fang asked.

“You’ve been saying that like Hua Shan right? Why?”

Jiang Liangchan did not want to talk to him and just turned her face to the carriage walls.

Chen Fang was unprecedentedly patient with her, he sighed and said patiently again.

“I do not know where exactly you get the illusion that I have feelings for Hua Shan…”

He didn’t want to tell others about himself but watching Jiang Liangchan’s face who’s back of her head was facing him, he couldn’t help saying.

“Hua Shan saved my life when I was younger, so naturally I treated her well but that’s all between me and her.”

Jiang Liangchan was annoyed and wanted to scratch the wall.

What’s going on with this male lead!

If you don’t fall in love with your white moonlight, who are you going to love?

She wanted to ignore him but she was still so angry the she couldn’t help spit a few words.

“Save your life, give your body. There is nothing wrong with that.”

Chen Fang listened to her jarring speech, instead of getting annoyed, his heart breathed a sigh of relief.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly noticed that her voice was a bit hoarse.

Is she crying?

He was a little confused.

Why was she crying for no reason?

Just because of the wrong presumption of who he likes?

Or was it because he said she had a piece of ginger as a necklace?

What should he do now?

Does he need to apologize?

Sorry, you don’t have a ginger on your neck. Is that how I should say it?

Chen Fang felt a taste of despair for the second time.

The first time was while waiting for a young girl finished shopping.

Woman your name is to make people desperate.

Probably the air of desperation from Chen Fang spread in the entire carriage that Jiang Liangchan peeked back to look.

Then her eyes fell on his shoulder in surprise.

Chen fang was quietly observing her.

Her nose was a little red, and her eyes were a little red also. She had indeed been crying.

Good thing was it seems that she stopped crying and her round eyes were just staring back at him.

Chen Fang secretly sighed with relief.

Jiang Liangchan said something vaguely, but Chen Fang couldn’t hear clearly and asked carefully.

“What did you say?”

Jiang Liangchan leaned over, her thin white finger lifted his cloak and pressed a few times on his shoulder.

Her breath was so close to his, it was already the second time today.

Chen Fang hold his breath, and uneasily pushed her away, but she already retreated.

Jiang Liangchan couldn’t believe it and pointed at his shoulder. This time her voice was raised several degree.

“You damage my brother’s clothes?”

Cen Fang: “….”

Jiang Liangchan grumbled again.

“Why do you look so worry-free?”

Chen Fang looked down at hole that was a little bigger than the tip of a needle. He doubted it was only missing a stich while it was sewed.

But he did not dare to refute Jiang Liangchan when she was angry so he could only say.

“Once we’re back I’ll ask someone to find this fabric and make him a better one. I’ve worn this one, so I can’t give it back to him again.”

Jiang Liangchan’s round eyes stared at him.

“How are you going to find this fabric? Where would you get the money?”

Chen Fang: “….”

He was not that poor, in fact he has some money.

The hole that was a little bigger than the needle was like poking Jiang Liangchan’s anger for a long time and was the release of her pent-up anger.

She started complaining with the mess again.

“I gave you the clothes, so why are you spending indiscriminately?”


“I know that you don’t have money, otherwise why would I help you buy the token of love?”

Chen Fang: “…”

He really didn’t want to hear those three words.

But at this moment he cannot refute her. Otherwise he would sound unreasonable.

Chen Fang had no choice but to endure the complaint.

Jiang Liangchan still did not stop and continued.

“I bought it for you and yet you still scold me.”

Chen Fang: “….”

Be patient.

“The jewelry in that store is so expensive, I didn’t even bother to buy for myself.”

Chen Fang: “..”

He asked tentatively.

“Did you have anything you fancy today?”

“You shut up.”

Chen Fang: “…”

“You’re just annoying.”




TL: my bad guys.. I am really bad with names wahhh ML’s name on previous chapters should Chen Fang but along the way it change to Chen Feng, I confused that with Cen Feng on ECIM’s ML, so sorry.. I’ll let the editor edit it for consistency.. my dear me!!

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