Chapter 22

In the past, the black history of burning the bottom of the pot was all temporary setback for the other party to learn cooking skills. And now after all the hard work, her cooking skill have improved into the level of experts?

“Are you going to sell this dried fish?”

Xia Ningmeng’s eyes lit up.

This taste, according to her tongue that was expert with snack was absolutely marketable!

Ye Susu nodded and shook her head at the same time.

“I haven’t figured out how to make money yet.”

“By the way do you have rice for lunch? There is rice here—do you know how to use rice cooker?”

Xia Ningmeng was so excited that she wasn’t able to listen carefully, and just thought that since her friend was good in cooking in the future she does not need to go online and buy dried shrimp and have to wait for goods from time to time.

However, just as she ran behind Ye Susu she was surprise to see that the rice cooker was pushed aside.

And looking at the water inside, it was definitely more than normal.

“Sis, this doesn’t seem right?”

Ye Susu scratched her head.

“Oh then get rid of some water….. and then pour some….again?”

Originally her cooking skill was a scum, at ordinary time simple steps of cooking rice was given to Ye Xun.

Since she herself was very unskilled, and Ye Susu was influenced by the recipe of boiling porridge and was momentarily confused about the amount of water to add when cooking normal rice.

Xia Ningmeng couldn’t leave her alone and directly helped her pour out the water.

After doing it, she was dumfounded.

The ‘chef’ image in her mind just now immediately collapsed.

And not a moment later, she really saw Ye Susu open the breakfast recipe book and seriously reading the recipe for shrimp and egg recipe.

Just reading.

She was reading it word for word with a powerful voice.

After reciting it once, Ye Susu only went to get the eggs in the refrigerator and cracked them into the bowl.

“Oh… I’d better really order a takeaway, there’s a roast chicken near here and I remember it’s good.”

Ye Susu didn’t turned around and was concentrating beating the eggs quickly with chopsticks.

Her action was as skillful as if she had done it a countless times.

Without thinking she nodded her head.

“It’s okay, I haven’t learned how to cook the chicken. The green I make are also hard to eat so order for one more dish.”



One hour later the order arrive.

Ye Susu’s food was also ready.

According to the recipe, the ratio of water to rice was controlled at a precise 1:6:1, after the rice was soaked in the water beforehand, it was put into a pot and stewed on a high heat without lid and allow to evaporate inside after boiling.

In the end, it turns into perfect porridge with full, thick and smooth grains, bursting like a rice flowers.

The white porridge then was added with some fish from the can of tuna as usual.

One spoonful for each person, and the spoonful for her cub was especially full.

Once the fish was mixed, the tuna was evenly covered in the white porridge and the colors in the bowl were bright and beautiful.

Then, there was the steamed shrimp and the egg.

She place an order online, and the shrimp arrived in half an hour she was also given a 20% discount.

After washing it lightly, she marinated it slightly and put it together with the beaten egg mixture for steaming.

She then went upstairs to call on Ye Xun.

“Baby let’s eat.”

Ye Xun was more hygienic than her, before going downstairs he washed his small hands first.

After washing his hand, he looked at her with his grape like eyes.

Ye Susu blushed, and finally had no choice but to wash her hands also.

When the two came downstairs, Xia Ningmeng had already put the takeout roast chicken with dish soup on the table.

When she saw the mother and son coming, she uncovered the food and said.

“Little baby, come here sit next to auntie~”

Ye Xun’s small short legs stiffened, and his cheeks quickly become pink.

Xia Ningmeng really wanted to pounce on those pinkish cheeks but was stopped by Ye Susu with one hand.

“Eat quickly, it will get cold later. Sit by me baby.”

Her baby was in worry mood, and she hasn’t still thought of a way to solve it until now.

Xia Ningmeng took the spoon and smiled kindly at the little man.

She could also see that the boy was shy and afraid.

“Good, the rice is still not cook so I’ll try this porridge of yours first.”

As she said that she stirred the porridge with a spoon and saw the grain cooked until the grain was cooked well into soft glutinous rice evenly.

“This sells pretty well, but the taste of the porridge….” Is it edible?

She was a little skeptical.

But this negative comment could not be said out loud lest she eat what she said just like the taste of the small yellow fish so she immediately swallowed back her comment.

First she scoop a spoonful of porridge, and put it on her mouth after blowing on it and decided to taste it first.

But before she could put the porridge her mouth, the hot air rushed into her lips mixed with the fragrance of ice making her belly suddenly make a gurgling sound awakening her appetite.

Xia Ningmeng raised her eyebrows and immediately went serious as a foodie.

She took a sip water on the spot before carefully shoving the spoon into her mouth.

She was afraid of being scalded but when the porridge enters her mouth the porridge rice was already just warm.

The silky rice fragrance tasted light as it was dancing tulle caressing her tongue.

Then a burst of fresh fish fragrance rush into a layer of muslin tumbling out as she immediately secreted saliva.

And the soft hot and gluttonous rice was sipping her lips as it melted with the heat and slowly rolled down her throat all the way into her hungry stomach, warming up the entire esophagus.

“How was it?”

Ye Susu herself cherished a sip of this fish porridge and asked the question.

But there was no answer.

Xia Ningmeng only had time to nod before she impatiently scooped up another spoonful of porridge and brought it into her mouth.

She doesn’t have time to talk as her mouth wanted to feel the softness and sweetness of the porridge.

While Ye Xun across Xia Ningmeng, looked at her with his black grape like eyes for a while before he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

Thinking that he was not the only one who wouldn’t have time to talk after eating his mommy’s porridge.

If his little stomach hadn’t gotten full so quickly, he probably would have eaten twice the usual amount yesterday.

“This egg…”

Ye Susu also wanted them to try her new dish.

But before she could finished her sentence, Xia Ningmeng already went and scooped it herself.

The shrimp and eggs caught her attention as soon as they were served.

With the lid open, the surface of the smooth golden eggs was trembling like a piece of high-class jelly, shaking but did not break.

The water and the egg ratio was just right.

Xia Ningmeng was not satisfied with the small bowl of porridge.

So when she saw the egg, she couldn’t resist.

This time, she was even faster than Ye Susu as she came over and took a spoonful.

The bottom of her spoon she was able to scoop a thumb size crystal shrimp wrapped in a wobbly egg.

She opened her mouth and took a mouthful.

She paused for a moment while covering her mouth before she let out a few “ummmed” and “ahhhed”

She was almost breathless.

“Oh, Susu can I come to your house for dinner later? Wu wu wu I’ll pay….”

She said this as she ate, never stopping her hand from eating.

Ye Xun little face on the other hand was red and his black grape like eyes were excited.

He knew it, his mommy could do it!


Author has something to say: Male Lead: I am hungry, I am not hungry…


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