Chapter 151

These days the Jiang family has become more and more busy. Since Jiang Hengshu was going to take over the Jiang family’s business in place of Father Jiang they needed to hold a press conference for the outsiders to know that their Jiang family has now a new person in charge.

Before the conference a reporter got a tip that Jiang Hengshu had secretly married in April this year. This was a big news, so after getting this juicy information and before the press conference he wrote a sensational headline.

However when he took the report to his editor-in-chief he only got one reply.

“Don’t publish it!”

“You can’t publish it!”


He had work hard and was tired as dog just to looked for more information and wasted more energy to get such news.

But it turned out, the editor in chief refused to publish it. Naturally the little reporter was reluctant and ask the chief editor why he couldn’t publish it.

The editor in chief said that this kind of news could only be publish by paparazzi who were not afraid of causing trouble.

It’s better for them to be careful, last time Fu Jianchen close down a newspaper company. This time if they annoyed the Jiang family, they all have to pack their bags and go back home.

And ask back the reporter if the news he got was true.

The young reporter could only go back reluctantly but still did not give up the idea after all this was his hard to get big news, and one day want to have publish it.

The press conference on Jiang Hengshu’s taking over as the head of Jiang family was scheduled for June 23. After the press conference there would be a dinner party.

Fu Zhen’s stomach was too big for him to attend the dinner party, so Madam Jiang said that Jiang Hengshu would not stay at the dinner party for too long.

At the press conference, countless media were sitting on the venue. Some of them were doing financial news, some were from the entertainment news and even sports news.

This was the first time that most of the media met Jiang Hengshu, they wanted to know that made Father Jiang retired early at an age of 50 this year.

After asking some common questions and Jiang family’s next plans then it was finally the turn of the reporter who had learned about Jiang Hengshu’s marriage.

After taking the microphone, he asked Jiang Hengshu.

“We are entertainment media, and our concerns are different. I am very curious about your love life, you are 26 years old when do you plan to get married?”

This was deliberately burying a hole for Jiang Hengshu. This was actually one of the future news that many media were interested in that would cause traffic.

What this reported did not expect, however was that Jiang Hengshu did not hide this matter and he replied directly.

“I already have a lover.”

There was an exclamation immediately, before that they didn’t hear that the heir of the Jiang family in Hexi had an affair with any girl.

Moreover, the new head of the Jiang family looked very young. How could he get married so early? Could it be it was an arrange marriage?

There were only a few rich men like him who were willing to marry, otherwise even if they get married they would still spend a lot of money especially now that society was becoming more and more open and everyone was not as prejudice against single as before.

If the rich people don’t get married until they were 40 to 50 years old, they could choose DINK. After all, it’s very easy for them to have children to inherit their family.

Also the Jiang family was powerful enough that there was not need to join forces with another family, so why did Jiang Hengshu put his lifelong affairs so early? Could it be that he married early because the lady was pregnant?

Don’t mention any love to this wealthy people, they were people who have experience great hardships and have their own lots of secrets.

Love was always rare, it was even more precious and rare in rich families.

The reporter blinked, and didn’t expect that Jiang Hengshu would admit it so simply that he didn’t have any sense of achievement.

And since he was also very calm, then why was his wedding to low key?

The reporter immediately asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Can you tell us about your lover? We haven’t heard anything about it. When did you get married? How old is you wife? How did you two meet?”

Jiang Hengshu frowned slightly.

“Sorry, I don’t want to answer that.”

“Why don’t you want to mention—?”

Before the reported could finish his words, the microphone in his hand was snatched away and the expression on his face was instantly fierce.

Just when he was about to ask a question, the editor in chief next to him pinched him hard at his waist and took the microphone.

If the editor in chief hadn’t stuffed a packet of tissue into his mouth, he would have cried out now. But there must be bruises on his waist, for sure.

Overall the conference were relatively smooth, except that after it was over Jiang Hengshu immediately got someone to investigate how those reporters knew about his marriage.

After the launch, the dinner would start soon.

The dinner was held in a restaurant under the name of the Jiang family and many prominent figures in the business world were invited.

Qin Zhao, as the successor of the Qin family naturally accepted the invitation and he took Tang Wanwan with him to the dinner.

Fu Jianchen also came, but his purpose was different from that of most of the people attending the banquet. He just wanted to see Fu Zhen, but since he was now pregnant he should not appear at the banquet.

Fu Jianchen was conflicting, he hopes to see him at the banquet but he was also afraid to see him at the same time.

Fu Ting was also with him, their brows were furrowed and their mood was not good which was incompatible with the atmosphere of the whole banquet.

When Jiang Hengshu finished his business he was about to go out when Fu Jianchen stopped him and asked.

“How is Xiao Zhen doing lately?”

“He is doing fine.”

Fu Jianchen nodded, knowing that Fu Zhen was doing well that was enough for him now.

“He didn’t come today, did he?”

Fu Jianchen asked again.

“Yes, he’s upstairs.”

Fu Jianchen raised his head to look upstairs could only see the empty corridor, could only one or two waiter passing by.



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