Chapter 15

It was the fourth day after the apocalypse.

The dark clouds that loomed outside had not yet disperse, and the wind and raid rushed across the room without ceasing. There was only a small flashlight in the dormitory that was lighting the room faintly.

Tang Tang guess was correct, because of the location of the room, most of the people who rush out of the dormitory on the 10th floor would pass by their room in these two days.

Inevitably, if a fight would happened it would obviously damage their room.


There was another sound coming from outside.

Near noon, Tang Tang also does not know how many people pass through their room nor how many time the door was innocently knocked.

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to keep our room door.”

She also stuck her head in the window and sighed as she stabbed the zombies.

What to do!

What else can I do!!

She looked at the window which was broken more yesterday as the big wave of cool wind and rain broke in through the hole and whistled hard in her face.

Her vision was blurred and her eyes were stinging.

“If the door can’t be saved then we’re really finished.”

Yan Zhen heard Tang Tang’s comment and said back.

“No, no, no didn’t you say before that you couldn’t be pessimistic?”

Tang Tang was very sensitive to the word ‘finished’ so when he hear her say the word he hurriedly shake his head.

“We have to think of a way, we have to hurry up and think of a way to get through this one!”

“What solution? My mind is in a mess right now, I can’t think of anything.”

Yan Zhen took the time to wipe his face and proposed.

“Why don’t we carry the three of them and rushed out? Anyway, according to the current situation if that door broke we’ll get cold then might as well go out and put up a fight and maybe we’ll survive.”

Tang Tang: “….”

“Look at me, I’m so small and weak, how can I carry any of them?”

Tang Tang’s heart was desperately crying, if she could carry them while moving then she would carry them and run.

But that’s not realistic, just by looking at her this arms and legs!

She was regretful, if she had known that she couldn’t go back she should have exercise more before the apocalypse,  then she could have use her muscle at time like this.

Yan Zhen gave her a look, then as if he acknowledge what she said he sighed.

“Yes, you’re right.”

Although his idea does not sound very realistic but Tang Tang couldn’t help but start thinking of the possibility when she looks at the glass hole that continues to grow larger and the rushing sound coming from the room door.

Although she could literary not carry a person but she could still find a way with the same concept, on how she could take the three of them away.

With this in mind, she turned her face and glance at the three people in the room.

Since the three of the were very restless and always wants to hit things with their heads and hammer things with their hands they were all tied on the table by her and Yan Zhen. At the moment, only their heads and feet were free.

Tang Tang stabbed down two more zombie in a row and took the time to wipe her face.

Then watched two zombie she stabbed fell down, as the two other zombies crawled on the same place. Seeing this Tang Tang pursed her lips.

This was no way they could continue doing like this.

It was still unknown when the three of them would come to their senses but because the window was broken, she and Yan Zhen have been so busy that they have not eaten anything the whole morning.

Plus there has been constant rain and wind sweeping into them, and now was spring when colds were common so they may not be able to wait for them to awaken their ability and even if they did awaken they would already be dead here for various other possible reasons.

Tang Tang made a great determination before stamping her foot violently.

It took Yan Zhen by surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

Yan Zhen asked.

“I’ve decided to just do as you say, let’s rush out!”


Yan Zhen’s eyes were wide open.

“Can you carry them? At most I can only carry two people!”

Tang Tang shook her head.

“No no, we don’t have to carry them. Let’s find a way to drag them away.”

“Drag them?”

Yan Zhen suddenly thought of the picture.

“Do we have to put them on the ground and drag them? Or do we have grab them by the collar like I did before? But they are too active now, I’m afraid it’s not good to drag them.”

“And there are zombies waiting outside, we can’t put both hands in and till have one free to deal with the zombies.”

Tang Tang nodded.

“I’ll tell you more about this later, let’s figure out a way to get this window covered.”

Tang Tang entrust Yan Zhen with the task of guarding the window while she runs inside the room.

She ran to bed and with a swish she pulled the quilt, revealing the wooden board underneath. And with the fruit knife she had, she removed the board little by little..

She was planning to use this board to cover the window, although the effect may not be very good, but what they need to prioritize now was to escape. If she could stop the zombie even for a while with this, then that would be enough.

Although she was able to unload the wooden board quite quickly but since the wooden board was a little heavier it took her a long time, and after trying to lift the wooden board but to no avail she gave up. She ran back to the window and exchange places with Yan Zhen.

Yan Zhen also did not say much and just quickly lift up the wooden board and covered the window.

“Let’s put the wooden board up vertically, these two wooden board should be able to block the window.”

Tang Tang calculated their width and said at this moment.

They first arrange the wooden board with the hole and then put another piece finally adjusted the position, Yan Zhen then went back to room and brought another large table.

Unfortunately the table was not high enough, Tang Tang looks at the place where the table did not reach and saw that the wooden board was being pounded under the attack of the zombie.

There were even some zombies who were very observant and stuff their hands through the gaps between the wooden boards, seeing this was frightening.

“That’s it for now here, let’s get ready to get the three of them.”

Tang Tang said, she took the lead and walked back in.

Time was very precious to them now, and not a single second could be wasted. She has just had rough idea, now there were two options but she need to ask Yan Zhen’s opinion first.

“Now there are wooded bed boards left, we can tie their whole bodies tightly and then cover them with quilts and drag them away.”

Tang Tang said as she pointed the two remaining intact beds.

“There is another option, which is to directly drag the chairs away.”

Tang Tang again pointed to the chairs where the three were sitting at the moment.

Yan Zhen admired her imagination.

But he still have to ask.

“So which one are we going to use?”

“Both have advantages and disadvantages, for example the advantage of the first option is that their whole body is tied up so they will not be disturbed if we move them around the road, but it may be inconvenient when we’re running.”

Yan Zhen nodded.

Tang Tang continued.

“With chairs it’s just the opposite.”



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