Chapter 32

Sheng Qiao told Fu Ziqing about the two agencies that had contacted her earlier.

Fu Ziqing recalled the two names she mentioned and pondered.

“Heshi Media is a family business and the family is involved in mining business for several generations, it has only been involved in entertainment industry in recent two years. They’re strength is strong and is willing to spend money on their artist but their means of making a star is general that’s why they didn’t attract many aspiring artist.”

“Qian Tang is an old company and has produced several celebrities, they mainly do film and television but they have decline in the past two years. How about you consider it like this?”

Shen Qiao said.

“I don’t know, I’m so confused.”

Fu Ziqing smiled.

“It’s okay, this matter is not urgent so you can take your time to consider with this multiple comparison. I will send you the information of the three companies so you can look at it first, there should be other companies that will contact you, but since you don’t have an agent now think about it before you make a decision and talk to me if you need help.”

“En, got it.”

After hanging up the phone she finished cleaning the room and received the document from Fu Ziqing, the document not only compares the strength and current artist of the three companies but also has the list of other reliable agencies in the circle.

Shen Qiao looked at it several times and finally had some ideas. The day was getting dark after eating her dinner so she washed up and climbed into her bed, spreading her little book.

Planning her life need to be done first, she couldn’t just wait to sign up with a company and be lead by the nose by her agent.

Things like artistic talent couldn’t be forced, she was not young anymore so she could not take the route of singing and dancing just like her idol. The only thing that she could do now was through hard work through acting.

She has no way to go to several film academy now, nor could she go to college to study television and films. She could only explore by herself and watch practice acting and act more, it was also better to find a teacher to teach her and first practice her foundation.

Once her goal was set, the confusion she had earlier was half gone. She also searched ways for her to improve her academic education, she should take her entrance examination exam in a college just like what she said while on broadcast.

After two days of serious planning at home, it was already the weekend. Shen Qiao put on a light makeup and was dressed modestly to meet with the two agencies.

The locations of both appointments were very secluded, and Shen Qiao finised talking to each of them and got their customized artist project book and contract of terms for her.

The third company that Fu Ziqing mentioned also provided one, in fact the three open conditions were similar. It was not to take advantage of her and vice versa.

In the past few days, she received seven to eight phone calls one after another all about wanting to meet her and discussing on signing her over. There were some small companies that she never heard of, and among the big name agencies that was listed on Fu Ziqing’s document only one contacted her.

Zhongxia Media.

This big-name company was a powerful and has strong star making methods, producing popular artist. Today, one third of the highly popular artist active in the entertainment industry were from this agency.

But there’s a problem with Zhongxia Media’s star-making methods. They were forced to established a persona, luckily for some artist they already have a good reputation in the industry making their persona an instant win of success. But some artist were not lucky enough, and after their persona collapse they were replaced by newcomers.

There were many artists who wanted to sign with Zhongxia but the one who could really make it through were the ruthless ones. After all, if where there was a lot of opportunity there was a lot of competition as well.

Shen Qiao told Fu Ziqing about Zhongxia contacting her, and the other party was surprise.

“Zhongxia Media? This is an opportunity, just…. They are the same as Xingyao, they were unyielding and tough on their artist.”

“I’ll take another look at it again, anyway I really can’t get out of the contract until after next year.”

Two days later, it was Hou Xi’s concert.

This time, the locations was in Shanghai. Le Xiao called early in the morning and said that he wanted to go early and take a stroll, Shen Qiao looked at the Oriental Pearl Tower outside her window and said.

“I have something to do, Wei Wei just happened to have a show in Shanghai, go to her.”

In fact she arrived in Shanghai last night, sneaking on the plane and booked a hotel without telling anyone. If not for the fear of being expose, she would go to the gym and watch the rehearsal secretly.

By evening at the entrance of the concert hall, Sheng Qiao was tightly wrapped from head to toe like last time and entered the gymnasium full of people with familiar light sticks on their hands.

It was great that she was able to come around the tenth period of the concert.

The concert’s atmosphere continues to soar, Shen Qiao has long been into her fan mode with the glowing stick in her hand she flung it away enthusiastically. She didn’t even have time to look at her phone, and didn’t know that a video had been spreading fast on the internet.

It was surveillance video.

In the video, she and Yue Shuyan were standing on the corridor of the hotel. This angle just captures their face and bodies clearly, and the video was not long. It was seen that they were only talking, after that Shen Qiao reaches out and grabs Yue Shuyan, the latter then throws her hand away and leaves the elevator angrily.

The title was [Sheng Qiao expresses her love for a young meat but her mad pursuit was rejected.]

Many people simply did not recognize the fresh meat in the video, until the marketing1 search and found out who he was. He was just a flying solo singer and dancer, an idol named Yue Shuyan. The two recorded together not long ago on the Star Games.

Sheng Qiao was considered popular now. In the video she reaches out her hand to pull Yue Shuyan but was thrown away was clearly captured so it took only a few minutes for this news to be surrounded by netizens and with the blast from the marketing the speed of the hot searched was doubled.

Gossiping netizens checked and found that Shen Qiao was seven years older than Yue Suyan.

So it turned out that she likes this kind of fresh meat?

Everyone has the right to pursue love which was actually fine but it’s still embarrassing to be dumped in person. They thought she was already exhausted by the terminating her contract but it turned out that she still has the energy to do this.

The black fans were overjoyed by this news, saying that Sheng Qia was an old cow trying to eat a young grass and all other kinds of ridicule and mockery. Some people also think that Sheng Qiao’s vision was impaired because this man named Yue Shuyan has nothing besides her youth.

Sheng Qiao’s fans of course refused to admit that Sheng Qiao in the video was proposing her love. Who know what really happened, after all what they were seeing was a video without sound. But most people have the mentality of being suspicious while eating melon and automatically ignore Sheng Qiao fan’s explanation.

Yue Shuyan’s fans: “….”

New fans of Fu Shuyan were scared to participate in the discussion and scold her, they all just think that it was natural for their idol to be proposed with love since he was too handsome!

Every melon eater enjoyed the feast making the news into the hot search, a few hours later before they disperse Yue Shuyan wrote a post.

[@Yue Shuyan: I’m not just anyone’s cup of tea.]

Melon eating netizen: ???

Young man you are bully.

His post set a fire on rumors about the video which shows his disgusting attitude and mocks Sheng Qiao’s arrogance and domineering momentum, attacking her head on.

Cha Cha in the management group directly commented: Get him dead! Get rid of this Yue Shuyan! Damn kill him ah ah ah!

Wang Zi led the anti-black fan team to quickly go out and start a large-scale anti-black fan to control evaluation.

But they couldn’t contain the gossiping enthusiasm of the netizens.

At the end of the concert, Sheng Qiao left the venue early as usual and got into a cab. She was busy looking through the photos in SLR when her phone almost exploded with messages from the management group.

It was only when she was almost home that she learned about it.

The first reaction she had was the same as Cha Cha.

Hell I’ll get this Yue Shuyan killed.

Second reaction.

Damn it I have no evidence.

She has no proof of what really happened there and the mockery and ridicule were already spread out so even if she stands out no one would believe her. Those Yue Shuyan’s fans, would they believe that their idol had said such things? They would definitely think that she slandered him, and instead rushed up to tear her.

She believed that the more you respond to some people, the more they would bite you. So she choose to ignore it since as soon as it comes so would it goes, just like how the heat melts the snow. It’s better to ignore it at the beginning, he could bark for a while but if no one answers him, he would lose interest.

Calming down, Sheng Qiao explained to the management explained that they should not give this matter more heat, and just control the comments to stop lest the black fans and marketing get more benefits.

They all agreed and was appease when Qiao Mai suddenly send a dozens of exclamations marks.

[Qiao Mai: !!!!!!!!!!! Comrades! Look at the Weibo! One of Yue Shuyan’s fan announced that she would stop being his fan!!!! She wrote a long paragraph with attached video, I have not seen it yet!!! I’ll send you the link! Let’s watch it together!]

Sheng Qiao clicked on the link Qiao Mai sent in the group, the page open to a Weibo post. It was a yellow2 V certified user with the ID of Shuyuan and YueYue.

[@Shuyuan and Yueyue: originally I wanted to stay silent to leave a last bit of dignity for other but tonight things have developed to this point and has cause damage to Miss Sheng Qiao’s reputation so I can no longer be silent.]

[I am a fan of Yue Shuyan and have been following his footsteps since he first entered the talent show. The Yue Shuyan in my mind is simple and straightforward, not too good-tempered but ridiculously warm and would always care for his fans. I always thought that was the case until they day of Star Games recording.]

[That day Yue Shuyan agreed with us on Weibo to pick him up and go to work together, so we the fans went to the hotel door early in the morning and waited for him but until the rehearsal began he did not come out. Miss Sheng Qiao let her assistant back to the hotel to tell us that Yue Shuyan has entered the gym already.]

[We missed work for that day and don’t want to miss work the next day so we continued to wait, that day was very cold but also raining, each fans are shivering with cold but no one leave. Because this is our agreement with him, later after their rehearsal Yue Shuyan still did not appear and Miss Sheng Qiao told us that he left in another car so we should go home early.]

[But we firmly believe that he will come back and insisted on waiting. Miss Sheng Qiao went in and let the hotel attendant sent us hot water, and I was particularly touched. I waited until eleven o’clock when I met the cleaning staff of the hotel after I went to the toilet, she told me that she just saw Yue Shuyan has gone up the elevator.]

[I don’t believe he would not show up knowing that we we’re waiting for him—I may have made a wrong demonstration so I’d like to apologize to you first and hope you can take me as a warning and don’t learn from me.]

[I got into the hotel elevator, I was not sure what I was doing. I was just cold and hungry, tired and could not believe that he really did not care about us so I casually pressed a floor, it may be that God pitied me because when I got out from the elevator I saw Yue Shuyan and Miss Sheng Qiao.]

[They were standing in the corridor, I heard Miss Sheng Qiao ask: Where did you come in from? Yue Shuyan said that it was thru the fire exit.]

[The next scene was the something I never thought I would expect in my life. I have never thought that Yue Shuyan who apparently regarded us as his family would say such things. I’m glad I turned on my phone and recorded the scene.]

[The following video is attached for you to hear yourself.]

[I came to my house in tears, my heart was fed to the dogs and all the good memories are fake, I will not chase any stars anymore but I am forever grateful to Miss Sheng Qiao for the kindness and warmth she bestowed on us in the cold winter.]

[Such a wonderful person should not be tarnished by a bastard like Yue Shuyan.]

[Above mentioned, goodbye.]

The attached video was not clear but combined with the surveillance video of the two people in the same clothes, they could confirm that it was Sheng Qiao and Yue Shuyan.

The video was not clear but the sound was to the maximum, and it was easy to hear it very clearly.

“Do you know that your fans are still waiting for you outside right now?”

“I did not know, I’ll go back to my room first if there is nothing else.”

“Now, go down and say hello to your fans. Tell them to go home early and be safe.”

“You’re fucking sick! My fans are none of your business, they can wait as long as they like it’s not like I made them wait.”

“Yue Shuyan, do you believe that I can have you on the hot search tomorrow? So that your fans can take a good look at your face?”

“I know, I’ll go now.”


Every word was heard clearly.

[Yue and Shuyan] was a big fan base with 50, 000 followers belonging to powerhouse figure for newbies and has great influence but as soon as her post appeared Yue Shuyan’s fans were stunned as if they were hit in the head.

This reversal turned the melon eaters speechless.

[Reacting, they punched Yue Shuyan in anger: Do you want to be that shameless? Without this video, you wanted to turn black to white?]

Yue Shuyan deleted his post earlier and didn’t came back online.

Sheng Qiao’s management group was silent, when Cha Cha broke the silence and asked: Should I sing first or hahah first?

[Qiao Mai: Wuwuwuwwu I love Sheng Qiao for life!!!!]

[Wang Zi: Sheng Qiao is the best fairy in the world!!!!]



Ten minutes later, Yue Shuyan’s powerhouse fan base announce their demolition.

Fifteen minutes later, Yue Shuyan’s group disbanded.

Twenty minutes later, Yue Shuyan has no fans left.

One group of fans turned to Sheng Qiao’s fans.

After the concert, Sheng Qiao who didn’t know how things started and ended so quickly so she just calmly ignore it and just open her gallery and began editing pictures.

Ooooohhh Hou Xi is so handsome.



marketing1– account is a specific information publisher under the name of marketing on the Internet platform in mainland China. The marketing scope of some accounts only involves general commercial advertisements, and some also involve news releases. Most of this information is processed or Fabrication and other methods are used to create false information, or steal other people’s graphics and texts to obtain benefits. 

yellow2Yellow V is the function number of Douyin, which is mainly an official identity authentication, in order to prevent some high imitation numbers from deceiving users

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