Chapter 33

Jian Ruixi calculated everything well but unfortunately from Saturday to Sunday the internet was still calm which makes her feel a little lost.

Perhaps she was just too doubtful thinking that the two girls would not keep their promise with her so she was sure to put her cards on them.

However she was not disappointed, she would have more of this opportunities later so she really did not care much.

Sunday, she and Jayce did not make same plans like the day before because when she was lying in bed last night Jian Ruixi had a whim and asked the child what they could plan to do for the next day or what he wanted to do.

Jayce then said he was looking forward on setting up his own room properly.

The various items they personally shopped for during the day were still piled up in the guest room and had no chance to organize them, so he wanted to do it himself.

Most of the time Jayce was a child who wants nothing and was very easy to coax, after all he has everything so it was relatively rare to express his expectation clearly like this.

On the contrary, Jian Ruixi could understand his eagerness to try. For a little child like him who likes to pretend to be an adult, letting him try what he wanted he to do such as decorating his own room was a good thing.

He was not only eager to try it but it could be said that the status of this room in his heart in the future would be different—maybe she doesn’t even need to fight with her rich mother in law since the little man would ask to come himself and live here every now and then.

That’s why this was also her careful consideration to naturally meet his little wish.

She not only agreed to the child’s wishes but also said she would do it with him.

But since neither mother nor son had any experience in setting up a room with their own hands and did not understand how much work had to be done so they did not make arrangements afterwards.

So in the end they agreed that it would be good to make a temporary decision and planned to end relatively early.

However it seems that arranging was not as tedious as they imagined, before noon the work has been more than half finished.

Though what Jian Ruixi does mostly was handing something to the child and cheered him on.

“Jayce, jia you, it should be over before lunch.”

Jayce didn’t seem to think that there was anything wrong with the way his mommy’s way of helping. He had been busy for half of the morning and was now so tired that he even need to stopped moving to breath.

But his eyes were brighter than ever, it could be seen that he really like this activity.

Hearing his mommy encouragement, the child also nodded enthusiastically.


Jian Ruixi then continued to slack off without any pressure.

When she receive a call from Madam Fu’s parents.

It was only two days since she arrived in Hong Kong, Jian Ruixi didn’t return to Madam Fu’s mother’s house for the time being.

One reason was that she couldn’t spare time, the other reason was that she was ‘near the countryside timid’1.

Maybe it was fate that she looks the same with Madam Fu in this world, has the same name, and even has the same parents making her a little bit wonder.

Madam Fu’s family used to be in the middle-class family while her parent’s condition were not as good as the rich family but her family was still privilege.

Whether a woman was rich or not they reflected the same face on her memory, even their age were the same. Though Madam Fu’s mother was at least ten years younger than her mother’s appearance.

Even though Jian Ruixi was happy and had no issue seeing herself a years younger but that didn’t mean it would be the same feeling when she meet her parents, in fact she didn’t know how to face her new parents who has the same face with her old parents but were obviously different.

So Jian Ruixi has not visited her mother’s house until now.

And now that her mother was calling her, she couldn’t continue to avoid it anymore. Jian Ruixi took a deep breath and answered the phone.

“Annie, I heard that your back here in Hong Kong these days? How was your stay in the capital? How have you been?”

Jian Ruixi’s mother not only maintain herself well but also speaks softly. It was said that when she was a child, she was from a wealthy family that was fallen from its prestige.

Seeing how people change, she did not want to resign herself to fate so she pinned her hopes on the next generation, so all the money the couple earned in the first half of their lives was invested in their daughter.

Because of this, it was said on the internet that Madam Fu was a superficial gold-digging woman and they only saw President Fu as a golden turtle son in law even if they had claimed that they married because of love.

Though there was some truth on this, she trained her daughter not as a smart and powerful woman but raised as a wealthy bride.

But truth was Jian Ruixi’s mother was so kind and gentle although Jian Ruixi was not used to it and feel less pressure. She soon greet the person on the other end of the phone.

Once they started talking it was inevitable to mention Jayce, in the past two days she miss her baby grandson after she saw their picture together.

In fact, it was for him that she made this phone call.

“Before, Ethan had time to bring Jayce to sit down 2 but he didn’t come back for more than half a year and we haven’t seen Jayce for such a long time….”

Jian Ruixi’s mother did not have any accusatory words and from the beginning to end, in fact her tone was light just revealing the regret of not seeing the grandson and missing him.

Jian Ruixi felt ashamed, even President Fu would take their children to visit her mother every Spring Festival. Of course Madam Fu also wanted to take her son back to her mother’s home but she was not able to do it.

With this thinking she really must not let her family fall behind.

Jian Ruixi reflected on this and said immediately.

“I’ll go back to see you this afternoon with Jayce. Jayce what do you say?”



was ‘near the countryside timid’1– Near home timidity, Chinese idioms, Pinyin is jìn xi’ng qíng qi”, meaning to stay away from home for many years, do not pass the letter, once returned, the closer to home, the mood is less calm, afraid of what happened in the hometown unfortunate things;

sit down 2 – visit

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