TVREG 55.1


Chapter 55 (1)

A car not far away from them, slowly rolled down the window revealing a handsome face with sunglasses. Lu Yunchen took down the sunglasses as the corner of his mouth lifted in an instant.

“She’s really charming.”

Lu Yunchen’s agent held back a laugh.

“En your black fan is very likeable ah.”

After he finished saying this.

“You have celebrated New Year alone for 28 years now.” (meaning he was single)


“It’s okay, it’s fine.”

If someone else acts as Lu Yunchen’s agent he may not want Lu Yunchen to find a girlfriend but Lu Yunchen’s agent was also Lu Yunchen’s friend. And the latter was the only son of the Lu family. Lu family does not dare to pressure Lu Yunchen find someone to be his girlfriend, instead they would always call his agent to ask him for any updates regarding his dating life. They always stand that they do not pay attention to what family background she has as long as Lu Yunchen like her, and has a good character.

“Help me ask, what she’s doing here.”

Said Lu Yunchen while checking his Weibo. While looking at the comment, he laughed.

“Say, her attitude can’t compare to you, you both are good at giving me bad reviews but you can’t dislike her at all ah.”

With this in mind, Lu Yunchen casually gave a black fan a like and sent another comment.

Lu Yunchen in general doesn’t really care about how many black fan he has.

Immediately after his like and comment, the fans below the comment section screamed saying that their Yunchen was really good. Afraid that the black fans would be hated, he asked his fans to be very tolerant.

With just this simple gesture, Lu Yunchen was once again at the top of the hot search.

Lu Yunchen’s agent was particularly curious on what he posted and look at his Weibo, seeing his post he draws the corner of his mouth and said.

“And you’re now helping you black fan ah.”

Soon Lu Yunchen’s agent helped him inquire about what Shen Yan and the others were doing there, after getting the information he said to Lu Yunchen

“Auditioned for a chocolate endorsement.”

After thinking about it, Lu Yunchen said.

“There was a chocolate endorsement for me a few days ago you tell them I agreed but I want to bring someone with me to endorse it.”

The agent: “….”

“What are you up to?”

“More interaction with the black fan to know why she hates me, with knowing why she hates me I can develop better ah.”

After answering his agent’s question, Lu Yunchen leaned back against the backrest and close his eyes to relax.

Shen Yan and Zheng Rou took the audition number plate and went to wait for the audition. Seeing the people inside, they did not expect that Lin Xin and Luo Ya who participated in the competition for Xianlu together also participate in this audition, last time, Zhen Rou was with Li Xin so she greeted her.


Li Xin who looks similar to Zheng Rou’s image but was very cold as well as domineering girl while Luo Ya was the sweet type.

The four people stood together and chatted casually for a few minutes, Shen Yan did not want to befriend them but once she thought of someone from the competitors Xianlu was trying eliminate her, Shen Yan chatted with them for a few minutes. Because Li Xin and Luo Ya came earlier, Li Xin was called earlier.

Luo Ya looked at Li Xin’s back and said.

“Do you know that this chocolate company seems to have relationship with Li Xin.”

After saying this, she continued.

“I wonder if this were all pleasantries.”

Zheng Rou commented after hearing this.

“Ah, if it just pleasantries I might as well sleep a little more today.”

After saying this, she hugged Shen Yan aggrievedly.

“Sister Yanyan I gained a pound so my agent won’t let me eat and now I can’t get enough sleep.”

Shen Yan stayed quiet, while Luo Ya mumbled something.

“Seems, she also has some relationship with someone from the crew.”

This sentence was said in a very small voice, before she completely and hurriedly shut up.

Shen Yan looked pensively, this Luo Ya was inadvertent or just want to reveal this information to her.

After Lin Xin went in after the audition, Li He said directly.

“This is my niece who has just receive the female number 2 in a TV series recently. If she wins the Xianlu audition draft she will play the female number one with Lu Yunchen. If she losses she can still play the female number 2.”

Chu Feng who was competing with Li He in the company, said directly

“Why are we doing audition for, let her be the endorser.”

Li He answered.

“You don’t say that, we’re playing fair competition here.”

Looking at these two, Li Xin spoke.

“If your company is relying on the relationship endorsement then I will not continue to participate in this audition.”

Hearing these words, Chu Feng did not continue to say anything.



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