Chapter 37

Seeing her face blooming with smile, and full of anticipation for tomorrow’s interview Xu Yanwen also smiled. As long as Xue Jiayue was happy what he did was not in vain.

On the other hand, seeing his smiling face Xue Jiayue pointed at his face and said.

“So you can smile too!”

Xu Yanwen froze, the smile on his face was also frozen.

“What do you mean?”

Xue Jiayue saw his smile was instantly restrained as he narrowed his mouth.

“I say you are a handsome person but you always keep your face straight. That sullen look looks like as scary as the teacher! Smile more, you look good after all!”


So this was the image he has in her mind?

Xu Yanwen fell into deep thought, Xue Jiayue could not say such thing before!

Xue Jiayue saw that he was not speaking so she carefully look at his face. There was no expression Xu Yanwen’s face, she thought it was over. She must have said the wrong thing again, she really wanted to hit her mouth.

When she was excited, she didn’t pay attention to the situation tending to say everything that she shouldn’t be saying at all. If Xu Yanwen got offended, she would be miserable!

At this moment, Xue Jiayue was tempted to spread oil on her feet and slip away. Smiling, she said.

“I, I’ll go….”

“To do what?”

Before Xue Jiayue could finished her words, Xu Yanwen hadl already see through her thought first.


“I asked you what are you doing.”

Xu Yan repeated again.

Xue Jiayue turned her gaze and said to him with a smile.

“I, I just want to go prepare the information for tomorrow’s interview.”

“Go, after dinner.”


“The food is getting cold, so finish eating first then go prepare your materials.”

Xu Yanwen pointed the food set on the table and said.

“Oh, oh, ok.”

Xue Jiauye hurriedly turned to the opposite chair and sat down, picking up the bowl and chopsticks and eat her food with her head down. Thinking that Xu Yanwen didn’t press her about him being a teacher, she shouldn’t be bothered by it also.

“Eat the vegetables.”

Xu Yanwen clipped with his chopsticks a vegetable into her bowl.

Xue Jiayue looked at him, and hurriedly lowered her head again. And eat the dish he gave her, but now that he was acting like this she couldn’t help thinking that he looked like the a teacher!

After eating, Xue Jiayue went to prepare the interview materials, just after she finished writing her resume there was a knocked at the door. Xue Jiayue stood up to open the door, and saw Xu Yanwen standing outside.

“Is something wrong?”

Xue Jiayue didn’t know what he was doing coming over to her at this time.

Xu Yanwen said.

“Show me the resume you made.”

Xue Jiayue blinked, wondering why he wanted to see her resume.

Xu Yanwen added.

“I will help you check it, lest other are not satisfied and sent you back home.”

Hah, can’t this guys say something nice? What good does it do to him if I will be sent back home? Really!

Xue Jiayue spat at Xu Yanwen in her mind but did not show it on the surface, she turned around and walked to the table bringing her prepared resume information to Xu Yanwen to see.

Xu Yanwen reviewed Xue Jiayue’s resume information with his standing as the president, he pointed out a few times where changes were needed and finally gave a good evaluation.

“A resume should be clear at a glance so that the other party can get the information they needed at a glance and deepen their impression of you.”

She has to say that he was truly a president of a big company, he was indeed more poisonous than ordinary people. Xue Jiayue change her resume according to what he said, the next day she brought the newly written resume with her.

X.W studio’s director took a look at her resume and said she her resume was well made. The content was clear and concise, people could easily understand and get the useful information at once.

The person in charge of X.W surnamed He, said with a smile after reading Xue Jiayue’s resume.

“In fact before reading your resume I think you are very suitable for our studio, today I called you to come not only for an interview but I also want to meet you and understand the specific situation and Miss Xue’s condition to meet the requirements of our studio. Now I welcome you to join on behalf of X.W studio.”

“Thank you, Mr. He.”

Xue Jiayue was overjoyed, although she knew that that chance of success in this interview was high but when she really heard that the interview was a success, her mood was elated. She felt that the sky was much better and her mood was as beautiful as the brilliant sunshine outside.

Mr. He asked again.

“I wonder what Miss Xue’s salary requirements are?”

Xue Jiayue thought for a while and said.

“I’m a newcomer, mainly to learn and accumulate work experience so I don’t have a high expectations for salary and treatment, just follow the studio’s rules.”

Anyway, she doesn’t badly needed money right now. What she wanted now was to learn something, it doesn’t matter how much money she has.

When Mr. He heard her say that, he said.

“What do you think about a monthly salary of 15, 000 plus other subsidies such as meal allowance, car allowance, telephone expenses, etc.?”

Xue Jiayue was shocked, wasn’t X.W Studio a newly established studio? The salary for a new assistant designer was more than 15,000 yuan? She had known this because she had work for more than a year before, she was also an assistant designer at that time but her wage was only 10, 000 yuan a month. And among her friends this was already considered high, most of her classmates only has 6,000 to 7, 000 only.

Seeing her hesitation, Mr. He thought that she was not satisfied with the salary and conditions so he said with a smile.

“If Miss Xue has other conditions, you can also mention it. Although our studio is newly established studio but we don’t lack resources, we are gradually improving. I believe that in a short time it will be better than other studios.”

This was clearly telling her that although the studio was a new studio it has background, and good resources so the condition would not be bad and would be even better in the future. So it was absolutely right to choose them.

In fact, when Xue Jiayue walked into the studio she saw that the decoration and design of the studio was grand and luxurious. It was clearly written ‘I have money and I don’t lack anything, so there was absolutely nothing wrong choosing me.’

And although the studio staff was small, they were well organized. On the front desk of the studio, the receptionist were well-trained and treat people thoughtfully and has a very professional smile.

The general staff could show all of this, indicating that this company really paid them well otherwise she would see a different scene.

Xue Jiayue was satisfied with the place so she smiled and said.

“I am satisfied with the salary packaged offered by Mr. He, and had no other conditions.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Mr. He was obviously relieved and felt as if he had accomplished a big task. Truthfully he was also really afraid that Xue Jiayue would have an opinion, and in case she didn’t agree to work here he didn’t know how to explain to the people above him.

“Mr. He I wonder when I’ll start coming to work?”

Xue Jiayue asked.

Mr. He’s attitude towards Xue Jiayue was very good.

“Today is already Wednesday, why don’t you go home first to prepare and come back to work next Monday. What do you think?”

Xue Jiayue also thought this was a good arrangement, so she happily agreed to it.

After the interview, Xue Jiayue called Xu Yanwen excitedly, just after she walked out of the X.W Studio, wanting to share her joy of success with him.

But what came from the other end of the phone was not Xu Yanwen’s voice but Lin Da’s sweet and coy voice.



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