Chapter 18 (1)

Jiang Mian was surprise and did not expect that Jiang Xunian as a teacher would go and check the campus forum to learn about the latest campus gossip. Last time, Jiang Mian joked that Gu Qiwen beat her that’s why she give up on pursuing her was posted immediately in the forum by some people.

Some time ago, the post were all pity things that doesn’t need her attention but these days someone posted again in the forum about them. It seems that someone from nowhere get the news about Director Zhang’s play, and how Jiang Mian got to play the female lead while Guan Xin was the second female.

So all theory was formed and several post were about the two of them.

After hearing this, Jiang Mian took a few glances at Guan Xin. Some people stood for her and some stood for Guan Xin, and this drama seems to be quite a spectacle.

At this moment, facing Professor Jiang’s inquiry Jiang Mian thought for a moment and raised her eyebrows.

“Does he dare?”

At that time, Jiang Xunian looked at her carefully. This girl seems to have changed her nature during this time, her temper now was much better than before she was also much behaved.

But her reaction now was the same as before, it was only fleeting.

“Go ahead.”

Jiang Xunian smiled and waved his hand.

As soon Jiang Mian left the school gate, a low-key black car stopped right before her and slid down the window revealing the face of her billionaire tyrant father. When she saw Han Xu, Jiang Mian felt a little guilty. Did her billionaire tyrant father know that she was going to film in the mountains?

“Mian Mian, get in the car.”

When he saw his baby daughter a smile appeared on Han Xu’s face.

“Daddy, why are you here?”

After getting into the car, Jiang Mian smiled sweetly at her billionaire tyrant father.

“I miss my baby girl.”

The billionaire tyrant father was beaten by his daughter’s smile, wanting to hold her again in his arms like when she was a child.

Unfortunately, his baby daughter grew up to quickly. He sighed with regret in his heart, he then holds up Jiang Mian’s wrist first to check any injuries.

Seeing that her wrist was fine, he was completely relieved—although Jiang Mian already had shown her wrist through video call but only when he see it personally would he be relieved.

During this period of time, Han Xu was busy with matter in the mall and did not have time to personally check on Jiang Mian. After looking at his baby daughter up and down, he frowned.

“Why did you lost so much weight?”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

She found that this was almost always the same opening line of her dads when they met her.

“Something happened over on one of the branch in United States so I have to rush back there and I won’t be back for at least a month so Daddy came over to see you for a dinner.”

Han Xu said.

“May I asked this beautiful princess if she would like to give me a face?”

Jiang Mian’s stomach hurts from preventing herself to laugh out loud, and with a straight face she nodded.

“Yes, I want to eat a big meal.”

The conditions in the mountains were much less than those in the city and although she was not picky about the living conditions she would not refused to have a good meal before going to the mountains.

Midway through their conversation, she received a message from her film emperor father asking where she was. She replied back telling that she was with her billionaire tyrant father, her film emperor father then soon sent an emoji holding a bottle of vinegar. Seeing this Jiang Mian couldn’t hold back anymore and laugh out loud.

Han Xu always knew that his baby daughter valued her privacy so when Jiang Mian looked down to reply on a message he did not peek and check who it was. But when he saw his baby daughter laughing out loud, a sense of crisis arose.

“Mian Mian, with whom are you sending messages?”

Is my baby still not giving up on that guy named Gu?

“It’s daddy Qin.”

Jiang Mian moved the phone to Han Xu, the latter then saw Qin Jingrun’s jealous emoji. He was very happy thinking that his baby daughter really like him more.

Qin Jingrun next message was quickly sent over.

“He is so stingy, do not play with him. I will take you to eat more delicious food.”

He also sent several pictures of food.

Han Xu: “….”

He slandered him in his face and robbed his baby daughter, Han Xu snorted angrily and immediately took his phone to call Qin Jingrun.

“Narcissists Qin, I tell you, tonight the baby daughter is mine. Don’t be shameless!”

He then snapped and hang up the phone.

Qin Jingrun: “…”

Qin Jingrun on the other end on the call was not angry when he was hung up. According to the information he got, something has happened to the Han’s family in the United States. It would take at least a month to deal it before he could go back, Zuo Xingping would always appear and disappear unpredictably and right now he was nowhere to be seen. The man who was a criminal officer was on a mission and he doesn’t even know where he was.

That means, no one was stealing his baby daughter during this time!

He was happy for a few seconds, but remembering that Jiang Mian was going the mountain to shoot he suddenly sigh.

Although no one would grabbed his baby daughter from him, but the problem now was that his baby daughter has grew her wings and was ready to fly to the mountains. Wasn’t that mean he also could not see his baby daughter?

Jiang Mian was taken to a seven star restaurant owned by the Han’s family, for dinner. Her tyrant billionaire father directly chartered the entire restaurant as a group of waiters stood by on them, there was also a pianist who was playing an elegant and soothing music in the distance—all just to keep others from disturbing the short time of the father and daughter spending time together.

Anyway, there was no shortage of money so it should be okay to be willful!

In the original owner’s memory as long as she was with her tyrant billionaire father such scenario was ordinary, so Jiang Mian had a comfortable dinner.

Her tyrant billionaire father kept asking the waiters to lay out the food and made Jiang Mian eat more, hoping to immediately fatten up his baby daughter.

Finally Jiang Mian went home with her stomach full.

Han Xu was in a hurry so he did not send Jiang Mian upstairs but the thought of not seeing her baby daughter for a long time while Qin Jingrun could see her often made the tyrant billionaire father’s heart sour.

“Bye dad, be safe on the road.”

Jiang Mian then took the initiative to hug her tyrant billionaire father.

Han Xu’s sourness dissipated immediately. He stroke his baby daughter’s long and soft hair.

“If anyone bullies you, you call dad immediately and dad will beat him up.”


Jiang Mian nodded good-naturedly.

“You once told Narcissist Qin that dad don’t want to buy you a cruise ship, causing dad to take the blame for the second time but it’s okay, daddy is willing to take the blame.”

Han Xu took out a photo on of a luxurious cruise ship that could be seen to be worth of a lot of money with just one glance.

“So it’s yours.”

Jiang Mian was dumbfounded.

“During the weekend holiday, call a few friends to have a party on a sea. Daddy already arrange people in the cruise so you don’t have to worry about anything and just play.”

Jiang  Mian: “…”

Dad this is not the way to spoil your daughter!


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