ECM 30


Chapter 30

Xu Yan came to the bookstore to pick Xu Zhaixing, she had already bought the books she needed and sat on the bench outside the bookstore giggling. With a closer look, he could see she was staring at the mechanical dog swinging in a weird way on her hand.

Looking closely at the mechanical dog it doesn’t look to smart in any way.

Xu Yan: “….”

So her aesthetic was not very good.

On the way back, she was only playing with the mechanical dog, her eyes were blooming with happiness like how flowers bloom in spring as all her previous depression were swept away.

Xu Yan although do not understand how the ugly looking and strange mechanical dog attract her, but seeing that the whole person was back to life his heart was relieved. Looking back at the dog’s eyes it was not as disgusting as before.

When they were about to get off, Xu Zhaixing asked him excitedly.

“Brother, what do you thing is a good name for it? How about Jiao Guai?”

Xu Yan: “?”

Hello, how can I help you?1


Early the next morning Xu Yan send her and her dog on a plane back to S City.

This time, after winning the grand prize, Father and Mother Xu both didn’t go to work to meet Xu Zhaixing in the airport. As soon as they met, they shower her with compliments, Mother Xu who was dressed joyful for the occasion, asked once they were inside the car.

“Where do you want to eat? Let’s celebrate at noon.”

Xu Zhaixing thought about it, and mentioned a high-end private restaurant that she used to love. The whole family went there in happy mood, they opened a bottle of champagne and ordered a cake to celebrate.

Just as they were having a good time, on the elegant hallway a waiter lead a family over—and it was Song Yannan’s family.

Either it was destiny that was working for the two family to meet or it could be that enemies just meet on a narrow road, but since the private restaurant was very suitable for young people’s palate it’s name spread widely among the rich kids.

As soon as Song Yannan saw Xu Zhaixing she was immediately displeased and lose her appetite. She pulled her father and whispered two words about something, something along the line, she wanted to change restaurant.

But a businessman was a businessman so in the end, not only did not leave but also smilingly came over to greet the Xu family.

“Mr. Xu, sister-in-law, what a coincidence you are also eating here?”

Although both sides hated in each other in private, but as businessmen they still take care of their images. So Father Xu showed his business smile as he stand up to greet Father Song back.

Father Song looked at Xu Zhaixing and said.

“This is your daughter, right? I’ve always heard Yannan mention her being pretty just like her mother! Eh there’s a champagne, are you celebrating a joyous event?”

Xu Zhaixing felt that this Father Song has bad intentions, afraid that Father Xu has something on his sleeve so he was trying to inquire something with this question.

Father Xu on the other hand was a straight forward person, and doesn’t care about this little details as he answered in a modest but actually bragging way.

“My precious little girl is the champion on an international competition so her mother and I are casually celebrating for her.”

Song Yannan’s eyes stared incredulously at Xu Zhaizing who was eating her cake quietly.

Her? Winning an international competition? A champion?

Who are you fooling?

Her father also looked surprised.

“Oh, that’s really worth celebrating. This little girl doesn’t look so powerful ah, what competition is it?”

Why do you have so many questions? Are you a paparazzi ah?

Xu Zhaixing was not happy about someone prying into their family affair so she kicked her father under the table who immediately understood her. He waved his hand and said.

“A design competition, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning!”

The man with a last name Song thought that the competition was a small contest, so he laughed a little and did not pursue the question. The two exchange pleasantries before the Song Yannan’s family went into the elegant looking room.

As soon as they left, Father Xu lowered his voice as he said.

“Why is my dazzling daughter stopping me? I am not as good as him, so is my daughter not as good as his daughter also?”

Xu Zhaixing with feigning anger said.

“Where are you inferior to him? You’re much more handsome, don’t belittle yourself dad! Be confident!”

When Father Xu heard his daughter boast his handsomeness, he was so happy and laughed cheerfully.

After dinner, Father and Mother Xu sent her home while they went to work. Xu Zhaixing packed her bags and didn’t stay idle, she opened her computer and started to organize her brand concept that she was going to create in cooperation with the Paris organizer.

She wanted to name her brand as chan juan2. Feitian was only one of the series, this brand would mainly focuses on Chinese high-end luxury custom-made dresses. This series also includes; Jing Hong3, Bao Pipa, Chang Zang as its classes.

In the future there would be four sets of these dresses that would be launched throughout the year, namely; Walking Insects4, Summer Solstice5, White Dew6, and Frost7.

She did not come up with this idea whimsically after an overnight of thinking but it was the embodiment of her design inspiration over the years in which several sets of threads of theme dresses have been on her sketch book.

She also designed a logo, in a shaped of curved moon with the word ‘Chan Juan’ written in the moon as it was arrange vertically with the sense of ebullience and indistinctness of wishing for a long life and a thousand miles together.

Putting it simply, it was exuding with nobility.

After finishing all of these, it was already evening. She had played obediently for a while when Mother Xu and Father Xu came back from work, after dinner Xu Zhaizing brought the contract given to her by the organizer and showed it to them. Xu Yan had already talked to them on the phone and explained that the contract has no problems but the two still carefully read it from the beginning to end, confirming that their baby daughter was not being used before they happily signed the guardianship consent form.

Xu Zhaixing contacted the person in charge that night, and send the contract together with the documents she had sorted out to the organizer’s mailbox.

The next step was just to wait for the other party to return and make her copy of the contract.

Finally, she was able to realize her dream that belongs to her alone, Xu Zhaixing slept particularly well that night. The next day she did not even need the nanny to shout and wake her up as she get up by herself with full of energy.

After taking several days off, she also actually missed school.

Only after graduating from school do they realized how precious the school life they once complained about.

Xu Zhaixing went to school happily with her backpack. As soon as she arrives in the classroom, Cheng You jumped at her and said.

“Ah! I missed you so much! You’re finally back! Where is the book? Where’s my president’s petite wife?”

This one was bought by her later, and the one that was paid by her idol has been treasured by her, kept at the bottom of her box.

After missing a few days of class and not writing homework, Xu Zhaizxing spent her whole morning honestly catching up on homework. Cheng You who just went to the bathroom came back with a gossip.

“Zhaixing! Song Yannan and the others are spreading rumors about you again!”

Xu Zhaixing was not surprise and just asked calmly.

“What rumors?”

Cheng You was indignant.

“She laughed at you asking for a leave to take part in a pheasant’s competition! Saying you are vulgar and a disgrace!”

After she finished saying this, she sighed and took out her president’s petite wife book again and added as she read her book.

“But you should get used to it. Forget it, and just let them go she can’t hurt you anyway.”

Xu Zhaixing was swirling her pen as if she was thinking of a problem.


Cheng You looked up in surprise and saw her coldly saying.

“Cheng You, remember other can insult you as a person but not your dreams!”

Cheng You: “?”

Xu Zhaizxing put her pen down.

“Let’s go, let’s find her to settle accounts.”

Cheng You almost forget that she once had a ‘cat fight’ because of how astonishing that event was. Song Yannan was in class one, two classrooms away from them, when Xu Zhaizing arrived she was talking and laughing with her little minions and when they saw Xu Zhaixing everyone were stunned.

 Xu Zhaixing smiled and walked over, asking very cordially.

“What are you talking about? Tell me about it too.”

Song Yannan had provoked her several times but she never responded so she became more arrogant but this time seeing Xu Zhaixing coming over she couldn’t react.

Xu Zhaixing had already approached and was standing face to face with her. The smile on Xu Zhaixing’s face was long gone and with a cold voice she said again.

“Say it, say it in front of me.”

The surrounding voices quietened down, all looking like watching the fun. Her little minions were about to answer when Xu Zhaixing turned her head and looked at them sternly.

“None of your business! Get out of here!”

Her stern voice actually shocked the group of little minions, and none of them dared to speak.

Song Yannan shuddered, before finally reacting as she gritted her teeth and said.

“Xu Zhaixing, what do you want? Want to hit me?”

Xu Zhaixing swept her with a contemptuous glance.

“Beat you? I’m afraid of getting my hands dirty.”

Song Yannan’s face turned white with anger.


She hooked her lips and moved slightly closer, asking in a voice that everyone could hear.

“Song Yannan, do you know why Zhou Mingyu doesn’t like you?”

Song Yannan’s body trembled.

When hitting a snake it should be seven inches away, where the heart was located. Xu Zhaixing clicked her tongue twice before straightening her body and said with a light smile.

“Because the way you chew people’s tongues behind their back is really too ugly.”



Hello, how can I help you?1– hello was written in English, and in the raw Xu Yan was really asking how can I help you (叫乖乖怎么样)

chan juan2a beautiful woman; graceful and elegant posture; moon

Jing Hong3 graceful (esp. of female posture); lithe

Walking Insects4– Jingzhe, otherwise known as the Waking of Insects, is the third of China’s 24 solar terms and usually starts around March 5. As the name indicates, this term sees hibernating insects begin to wake and marks the start of mid-spring

Summer Solstice5Summer Solstice, (Chinese: 夏至), the 10th solar term of the year, begins on June 21 this year and ends on July 5

White Dew6– is the fifteenth of the twenty-four solar terms. Every year in mid-August (September 7 or 8 in the Western calendar), when the sun reaches 165 degrees of yellow longitude, it is a white dew 

Frost7– every year from October 22 to 24 of the Gregorian calendar, the sun reaches 210 degrees of the yellow longitude as a frost

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