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Chapter 54

Meng Yi’an holds the painting with one hand and untangled the rope tied on the scroll, he then loosened his finger a little before unfolding the scroll and looked at it up and down.

“Being stranger means you and I have nothing to do with each other and importantly since you want everything to be written off that means I can’t embarrassed you because of the past.”

Meng Yi’an voice became colder and colder as he speak.

A clatter then sounded, the scroll on Meng Yi’an hands was tore while looking at ShenbYan his movement did not stop and finally he waved his hand. Pieces of the scroll fell one after another.

Meng Yi’an then said.

“You dream!”

Shen Yan smiled a little as she slowly stood up.

“The money for this painting, President Meng can just directly send it to my card. Five million.”

After she finished speaking, she walked forward with her steps not too slow nor too fast.

Meng Yi’an smiled to himself.

“Is that the kind of person I am in your heart?”

He thought Shen Yan would take the scroll and ask to get back together with him, and didn’t expect Shen Yan to demand breaking off all their connection.

Shen Yan answered with a faint voice.

“You are.”

Meng Yi’an made things difficult for her for that woman, even Shen Yan did not continue to bound herself in the past she still once thought that Meng Yi’an was not that kind of person but because he himself told her that, that’s what he was.

After the door closed Meng Yi’an then slowly squatted down and picked up the pieces of the scroll and said to himself.

“Keep dreaming!”

Assistant Wu saw Shen Yan come out, and saw that she was not holding the painting so he thought that things were done. Shen Yan went over and told Assistant Wu about her account number then said.

“Tell your president, don’t forget.”

Assistant Wu: “….”

Assistant Wu asked in a low voice.

“I wonder if I can ask you a question?”

“Since you’re not sure, think clearly before you ask me.”

Assistant Wu did not continue asking and just looked at Shen Yan walked away, after she has walked quite far away Assistant Wu only then rushed to Meng Yi’an’s office. He knocked on the door before entering, and was stunned at the scene he just saw.

Assistant Wu stammered.

“President Meng, this painting is fake?”

Wasn’t this deliberately crashing cars then demanding for compensation? The painting was fake but she was asking for five million?

Meng Yi’an did not speak. Assistant Wu hurriedly take a closer look at the painting that was torn to pieces on the ground, while looking he also said.

“I knew it, how could Miss Shen find the painting. Old Master Meng has been looking for the painting for almost of his life but could not find it—by the way President Meng Miss Shen give me her account number and said that I must tell you not to forget the five million.”

“Call her.”

After saying this, Meng Yi’an stood up and then staggered to the sofa.

“What do you think she wants? When I have no money she wanted to break up with me but when I had money she want us to get back together and the next second she wanted to break off all connections with me and in order to do that she send this painting to me?”

Assistant Wu did not dare to speak and just continue to quickly picked up the pieces on the ground, he felt that the painting does not seem to be fake but because of Shen Yan’s conditions with President Meng did not end well this was what happened to the innocent painting— thorn to pieces.

Thinking of these Assistant Wu picked up the pieces a lot faster.

As for Meng Yi’an’s question, Assistant Wu couldn’t answer it.

The next morning, Shen Yan received a transfer of five million from Meng Yi’an at the same time she received a call from Zhou Ruo asking her to audition for an endorsement.

Zhou Ruo asked Shen Yan to audition for a chocolate endorsement, it was an inexpensive chocolate and would not be broadcasted on TV commercials but would be printed on their products and with her signature. Although it was an inexpensive chocolate it was said that this chocolate sells well on the internet.

Because Zhou Ruo was now in another city, Shen Yan could only go by herself.

There was also the fact that her previous drama was going to be aired. Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo were quite looking forward to it, especially the latter since she thinks that this web drama would make Shen Yan more popular.

As for Shen Yan, she already know that the drama would be a big heat, it’s just that her role was not included in her last life so Shen Yan does not know what kind of achievement her role would have.

The audition was in the afternoon, it was just within the City not very far from where Shen Yan lives so she decided to watch the trailer of the web drama while packing her things.

Shen Yan was the most popular cast in Chen Fei so although Shen Yan was not the female number one, the trailer has a lot footage of Shen Yan.

To Shen Yan’s surprise there were fans who were cheering her and was waiting for the web drama to be broadcasted.

The audition set for the chocolate commercial was in their office building, when Shen Yan arrives, many people were already there. Without waiting for Shen Yan to get in, Wang Peng’s nanny car stops and Zheng Rou pull the window down to say hello to Shen Yan.

Seeing Zheng Rou, Shen Yan thought that Wang Peng probably wanted to promote Zheng Rou otherwise he won’t follow her for this audition.

When Zheng Rou saw Shen Yan she recalled that she was called her close friend by her so she ran over and hugged Shen Yan directly and then said.

“Sister Yanyan you also came over to audition ah.”

It doesn’t really matter if they would be able to get the chocolate commercial after all this was not a brand that could be broadcasted on TV nationwide.

“En, I came over to audition as well.”

Inside the car, Wang Peng was probably embarrassed to get off but seeing Shen Yan he remembered his promise that day so he automatically showered Shen Yan with praises.

Shen Yan who was listening to Wang Peng’s praises had the corner of her mouth twitched.

“In my opinion you are very suitable to be the spokesperson for the dream chocolate. Especialy the appearance value just like a dream hahaha.”

After that he even added.

“That Zheng Rou ah, you accompanied Yanyan to audition ah if she auditioned successfully we will invite her to dinner.”

The people on the same entertainment as Wang Peng’s looked at him in horror and felt that he was being abnormal. Sometime ago also in the company he greeted everyone with good morning and you’ve work hard, and now he even say that Zhou Rou’s artist would surely succeed in the audition he even asked his artist to accompany her and invite her to a dinner.

If he wasn’t abnormal then what was he?

Zheng Rou was also confused, but still followed behind Shen Yan to audition.



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